Revolutionary Times

The people of the USA, whether they know it or not (and most do not!), are living in revolutionary times.   So too are the citizens of the UK and the native citizens of several other Western Nations where a Media Class has developed and taken control of the machinery of Government and taken control of the minds of most of their people. In the USA, once the home of ‘government by the people’ there now exists ‘government of the people’, for who can deny that the Federal Government and the Judiciary now make and impose new laws on a daily basis, having effectively set the Constitution to one side. In the UK, the birthplace of common law, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and a non-political police force have all been lost. 

    The problem with writing for our counter-revolutionary website twice a week is that the calamitous, catalogue of revolutionary victories is overwhelming. The daily radical decrees (laws by any other name) being issued by unelected officials on behalf of the Federal Government; the Nation-wide radical rulings by Federal Judges that set aside the will of the people of the States; the nakedly partisan and unceasing activities of the giant Department of Justice; the brazen corruption of the voting system by the Left and the total indoctrination of the young in schools and colleges are inevitably demoralizing for those of us who would resist. 

    If unrestrained Federal Government power, a lawless judiciary, fraudulent voting and the brainwashing of the young were not enough, we counter-revolutionaries now have to cope with the defection to the Media Class of Big Business and the hugely wealthy whose power to finance our enemies and enforce their agenda in the workplace must inevitably stamp out all but underground resistance. 

    This week we learn that the Obama Government, working on behalf of the Media Class and its revolutionary agenda, through the officials of the Census Bureau, fiddled the employment statistics to benefit Obama’s re-election. This outrageous violation of the neutrality of public employees follows on from the revelations that the IRS used its powers to hamper, intimidate and ultimately silence grass roots conservative organizations. The Obama regime continues to hide the past of the President, effectively preventing anyone from investigating whether he is a lawful President or the Manchurian candidate of a perverted and Leftist Media Class. We still do not know – and most likely never will – where our President was on the night of the Benghazi attack and who gave orders. No member of the regime will be exposed and held accountable as the author of the false information that was fed to the public about Benghazi. 

    As the list of outrageous and unlawful Government misdeeds lengthens, the chilling fact is that this regime can no longer be held accountable on anything. This will be true of the deficiencies and disasters of the Obamacare legislation. This legislation relentlessly will advance in its mission, not to improve health care, but to forever destroy citizen choice and redistribute income to those the regime favors. 

    If all this did not prove that we live in revolutionary times, we need only step back and reflect on the bizarre and grotesque same-sex marriage band wagon, the official discarding of gender definitions in schools, and the new language that we shall soon all be forced to use, lest we be denounced, denied work and sent to re-education camps. Our Mainstream Media (MSM) – and soon this will be a stable of all written materials in every walk of life – now refers to a woman’s female sex partner as ‘her husband’ and to a male’s partner in the disgusting practice of sodomy as ‘his wife’, and promotes new words and phrases such as ‘Agender’ and ‘non binary identification’. We would have to go back to the shocking, nightmarish and ultimately blood thirsty times of the French Revolution to find a parallel replacement of sanity by the unleashed ideology of sick minds. 

    In this article I want to express some sympathy for three individuals who will not be getting much any where else. First, for the elderly American who was driven to distraction by his neighbor’s dog and then shot the dog and the neighbor dead before shooting himself dead. Another neighbor, commenting afterwards on his rampage, voiced no sympathy for him saying, “Everybody around here has dogs.” No doubt they have and no doubt the poor man got no peace. 

    May he get some now! I understand his frustration, having myself to listen to non-stop barking on all sides and pick my way between mounds of dog crap on the childless sidewalks. 

    Next some sympathy for Theodore Wafer, a 54 year old Michigan man who was awakened by Ms. Renisha Mc Bride at 4 am on November 2nd. It is reported that Ms. Mc Bride had driven her car into a parked car some few blocks away and somehow wound up on Wafer’s doorstep where she was allegedly shouting and banging on his front door. 19 year old Ms. McBride was Black and Wafer is, I think, White. He cares for his invalid mother who is in her 80’s. Wafer shot the unfortunate Ms. Mc Bride in the face and she staggered away and died soon after from her wound. She was well over the legal limit for alcohol and was also on marijuana and this no doubt contributed to both her car accident and to her unexplained and noisy arrival on Wafer’s doorstep at 4am. From what I can discover, the district is not the safest one in Michigan and it is a State where Black on Black violence and Black on White violence and home invasions are now commonplace in America’s post-racial society. 

    Mr. Wafer is in deep trouble and faces at the least felony charges. Poor Ms. Mc Bride is in the morgue. It is likely that she meant Wafer no harm and was a relatively innocent victim of the race war that is now taking place in many American cities as a result of the Obama/Holder policies. Wafer may not have seen that Ms. McBride was Black and simply panicked fearing for the life of himself and his mother. He may be a timid man and too fearful to pause and investigate when someone hammers on his door at 4am. It is all hard luck on the late Ms. Mc Bride for if she had chosen another house she might have encountered someone more confident. 

    Wafer would be best advised to claim that he was not aware of Ms. McBride’s skin color (even if that was a contributing and rational factor) or he will be condemned as a racist and bigot and will be tried by the MSM before he ever gets to court. Even if Jackson, Sharpton and Holder do not get on his case, he will be lucky to escape prison time. In any case he now has to live with the trauma of the event, the responsibility for killing someone and the upheaval and anxiety of the legal aftermath. This has changed his life and probably ruined it and this brings me to George Zimmerman. 

    His latest dispute with a girlfriend that led to an arrest after she accused him of threatening her with a gun will have many of his supporters losing patience with him. Why, they will ask is he still in Florida and getting involved with women. For the race hustlers, Leftists, Holder and the MSM jackalls it is music to the ears for they do not intend that Zimmerman should escape revolutionary justice. 

    Zimmerman’s life was seemingly on an even keel until the night when a belligerent Trayvon Martin decided to flex his muscles. Since that night, few would want to be in Zimmerman’s shoes. Not only was he seriously physically attacked – few of us experience this as adults – but he was close to death, painfully injured and traumatized. He then had all the anxiety and unexpected disruption to his life that a police investigation causes and this was followed by being declared Public Enemy Number One by the MSM, the rest of the political Left, the President and Holder and the Black Panthers. Loss of job, loss of wife and for a time, loss of liberty followed by a nerve-wracking trial and never-ending death threats would have unbalanced most men but Zimmerman remains, despite being found ‘not guilty’, condemned – more or less officially – and will never be allowed to return to normal life. All this for doing a civic duty! 

    Any woman he picks up with will likely be dysfunctional, immature and looking for street celebrity. She will know that any accusation of violence will be taken up with enthusiasm by the authorities and that an accusation will be sufficient. Zimmerman would be well advised to return to Peru, if that is possible, but where in the USA would he find anonymity, a job and the friendship of decent people? His best chance to make a life would be to join a good Church and throw himself on the mercies of the Pastor and Congregation, but I doubt he will realize that. I doubt that he now has the capacity to think straight. On this website we will continue to wish him luck! 

    There was a report from California of a 16 year old Black youth setting fire to the clothing of an 18 year old White youth on a bus. The victim suffered serious burns. On this website we have always maintained that arson and cruelty to a victim should be punished by death but a 16 year old is too young for capital punishment. It transpires that the White victim was dressed in woman’s clothing and that the perpetrator set fire to his skirt. I have seen website photos of the victim in drag and his parents are quoted as being very happy that he has chosen non-binary identification. They are obviously very ‘liberal’ parents and I think live in Berkeley, the moral extremity of San Francisco. They express forgiveness to the perpetrator. 

    What is there to be said about these parents other than that they should be feeling great guilt for allowing – seemingly encouraging – their son to develop into a shameless freak and pervert and the target of other young kids. Any caring father would tell his son to keep his perverted appetites hidden from the unsympathetic world. A caring father would also be outraged and unforgiving of a young pitiless thug who has inflicted great pain and permanent scarring on his son. As one radio commentator often says “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. 

    Bill Clinton’s intervention in the Obamacare scandal and his advice to the President to make good on a promise, should not be taken at face value. We can be sure that the Clinton’s have never forgiven Obama and his comrades for depriving Hillary and Bill another term in the White House. The Clintons are not forgiving people and that Hillary has subsequently had to drink from the poisoned chalice of Foreign Affairs in order to earn another chance must have stoked them even more. Now, the President appears wounded and vulnerable within the Party and Bill sees his chance to settle scores whilst appearing to be the supportive elder statesman. He is distancing Hillary from the President for 2016 and signaling to their many followers within the Democrat Party ranks that it is time to settle old scores. It is nice to see the agents of our Ruling Class turn on each other, but the Hollywood Kingmakers will not be pleased for Obama is still their man and can deliver much more for them in the next 2+ years. 

    Weather – Here in middle California rain has at last arrived. Hooray! It is cool and November appears to be much like every other November. It is official from the experts that the seas will not uniformly rise around the world. Perhaps Starcross in England will be drowned but neighboring Dawlish will remain unaffected by rising sea levels.

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