Return of the Radical Son

Last week, my wife, young son and I spent a vacation on Coronado Island, the small seaside town that faces across the bay to San Diego. The bay is home to the US Pacific Fleet and San Diego is about as much a naval town as you are likely to find in these de-militarized times. I suppose the nearest thing in the UK is Portsmouth, though SD is also the nicest holiday town on America’s West Coast. Just a few miles from the Mexican border, the temperature in SD never strays far from the low 70’s to the low 80’s throughout the year. SD has an excellent zoo, complete with pandas and is only about 30 miles south of Legoland, so it is a perfect place for kids. This leads me to the weather here in California and I report it fairly regularly because I believe that the Mainstream Media (MSM) cannot be trusted to report honestly, even on this seemingly non-political, non-cultural topic.

We have been to Coronado before, even in November, and bathed in the warm surf that rolls in on its lovely beach. This year the Pacific is extremely cold in August and about the same temperature as the English Channel at Dawlish in April, which is to say nearly numbing. The land temperature is also colder than previous Augusts and locals say this has been the coldest year in memory. Now land temperatures can be affected locally by local factors but the Pacific has to be the same over large areas, and just as I do not understand how Starcross, England can remain above water if the sea levels are rising, so I do not understand how the Pacific Ocean off California’s coast can be colder than normal if the seas are getting dangerously warmer. When we got back to our home in central California, my neighbor who had been watching over my garden, told me that only on one day had the temperature reached 90F and every other day had been in the low 70’s. We are now into the last week of August and still pleasantly cool. Normally the heat is fierce here in July, August and September, so sure, something is happening to the weather but is it anything to get worried about? The MSM is full of reports of high temperatures anywhere in the world and there is nothing wrong in reporting them but an honest MSM would surely also report the record breaking cool temperatures too. The explanation for the dishonest reporting is of course that the MSM is peddling a Leftist agenda of crisis in order to pave the way for extending Government control over the people. The HINI flu epidemic that never was, has been quietly buried and this was another panic pedaled by the Leftists and their Media masters in order to advance Nationalized Health Care. Now the oil spill panic is almost exhausted and so we await the next Big Scare.

In the meantime, the things that should really scare the people of the West, are ignored, played down, or denounced by the MSM. Mass immigration from the Third World which is overwhelming Western civilization with terrorism, crime, over population and the depletion of resources, is grossly under-reported by the MSM. Those who warn against it are denounced, mis-reported and accused of bigotry. In San Diego the local newspaper (like all newspapers) is clearly on the side of illegal immigration, especially from Mexico. Yet it is clear to any careful scrutineer of the news that much of the serious local crime is being committed by illegals from across the border. Worse still, just across the border, the police forces are fighting a deadly and losing battle against powerful criminal gangs. Years ago Frank Sinatra could sing romantically about “South of the Border” and Latinos and White Americans lived happily side by side. I suppose the borders in those days were controlled. Now they are wide open as the Leftists and Big Business work to swamp the Western civilizations and the result is that hostility between races grows by the day.

This brings me to ‘the Mosque’ near Ground Zero. I think there is much in Islam to be admired. Years ago I was in Tunisia during Ramadan and greatly impressed by the piety of its people. It is a tragedy that the world’s two largest religions are now so divided, just when religious morality and the family are under a deadly attack from Leftists and the newly dominant Media Class. Many Muslims claim that the creation of Israel lit the fire of a resurgent Islam and this may or may not be true. Certainly the Palestinians (including Christian Arabs) got a raw deal as Western Governments sought to solve the problem of Eastern Europe’s persecuted Jews. Zionism, a late nineteenth century invention of Russian Jewry, laid claim to a long-lost homeland that was largely peopled by Arabs. Unfortunately, in some instances the clock cannot be turned back, and the 6 million Jews who now occupy the small slice of land that is again called Israel, are a fact of life. Many have been driven out of Arab lands where they had always lived. I am skeptical that the foundation of Israel is the cause of Islamic militancy though it may have been the fuse. More likely the causes of Islamic Imperialism (for that is what is now mobilizing hundreds of millions of Muslims) are related to the de-stabilizing effects of oil riches pouring in to the coffers of Muslim rulers who preside over a backward people and who subscribe to a religion that cannot keep up with the World. We, the people of the West, are in the middle of a great crisis. I think of soldiers who find themselves caught up in a battle. They are no longer in a position to debate the rights and wrongs of the war they are caught up in. They must fight or be killed. We now have to side with Israel and we have to recognize Islamic Imperialism as a deadly force intent on destroying us. We might not like the Hollywood morality that so offends the Imams of the world but we have no choice but to defend the West, with all its faults. After 9/11, Muslims around the world, in their millions, danced in the streets. If there is another 9/11, here or in the UK, tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of Muslims will celebrate in the streets. The dye is cast! If this giant Mosque (which is surely meant to express triumphalism) is built anywhere in the vicinity of the 9/11 site, Muslims around the world will celebrate a second victory and be convinced that they have occupied our citadel.

The Left is playing a dangerous game and the Media Class is colluding in it. Pretending to be late converts to the twin causes of freedom of religion and freedom of speech, their real motivation is not love of Islam but an emotional hatred of Christianity. Obama himself may well be a closet Muslim or Muslim Fellow Traveler and he and his comrades have decided to face down the native people and support the Islamic Imperialists in their quest for a symbol of victory. The Media Class cannot afford for their man in the White House to suffer public defeat on any issue and so their reporters will strain every nerve to praise his ‘principled stand’ and to smear those who instinctively know that the proposed Mosque is intended to strengthen our enemies.

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