Retreat from Common Sense in North Carolina

Last year, as Barack Obama’s Revolutionary Presidency was preparing the transition of power to Hillary Clinton, the Republican Congress of North Carolina responded to the Obama-promoted rules that permitted men to use women’s bathrooms. House Bill 2 required males to use male-only bathrooms and females to use female-only bathrooms. That such a Bill was required to reinforce a practice that had existed ever since public restrooms became a symbol of the advancement of civilization, revealed the level of Revolutionary degeneracy that Obama had promoted.

On this website we have long argued that America (and many other Western Nations) is experiencing a Revolution, which is the consequence of the rise to political power of a Media Class that is infested with perverts and libertines. It is also a Class that owes much of its power to the creation of fantasy. Like all new Ruling Classes in history, the Media Class seeks to remake the conquered society in its own image.

The Media Class is steeped in both sexual perversion and fantasy, Hollywood being the clearest, though not at all the only example of this dangerous combination. Perversion and fantasy always march together. As it happens, the Media Class has achieved political power through a comfortable alliance with the Revolutionary Far Left, and the Far Left also is rooted in fantasy – the fantasy that human nature can and must be changed to achieve a perfect society.

It is not hard to see that both the Media Class and its Far-Left ally – both Revolutionary in intent – when in power, discard uncomfortable facts (for them), and the common sense of thousands of years of human history, and embark on remaking human nature.

No doubt there have always been effeminate males (cruelly referred to as pansy boys) and masculine females (Tom boys), just as there have always human beings with other unfortunate – and in many cases undesirable – characteristics. Their numbers will have been swollen by other factors. In the case of effeminate males, flawed parenting, can produce the same unfortunate outcome.

A healthy and humane society will neither encourage nor cruelly persecute those who harmlessly deviate from the norm.

It is the wisdom of thousands of years of experience that has required the division of society into male and female at birth. More recently science has confirmed the common sense.

It is common sense that has created protection for females of all ages, including (enforced by law) privacy in bathrooms and other places. The common sense is so obvious that we do not need to argue it here.

But we have had 8 years of a Revolutionary government, reinforced by its Mainstream Media, that has deliberately dismissed common sense and pursued and imposed fantasy on us. Same-sex marriage, males referring to their ‘husbands’, females referring to their ‘wives’, couples of the same sex referring to ‘their’ children, followed by an assault on language and the denial of two genders, and we have slipped into a new Revolutionary world of fantasy and cultivated perversion.

In North Carolina, Republican legislators courageously rejected Obama’s edict and insisted that common sense be revived. House Bill 2 was a Counter-Revolutionary act, indeed!

It is a reminder of the power of a Ruling Class alliance and its MSM, that this common-sense decision was met with a storm of condemnation. The number of transvestites in North Carolina must be infinitesimally small, and it is hardly a hardship for a pansy-boy or a Tom boy to use a public bathroom that conforms to gender. Indeed, few are likely to invade the wrong rest-room except to draw attention. It is more likely that male sexual predators will invade female privacy, using Obama’s order as a cover.

What was more educational was the organized response of Big Business and the NCAA. Levi Strauss, Dow Chemical, PayPal Holdings Inc and many others rushed to impose punishment on North Carolina, heedless of economic costs. Either the CEO’s and Boards of American companies are full of cross-dressers, or the Ruling Class is extremely powerful.

The threats of ostracism, magnified and probably invented by the MSM, frightened too many voters, and a Democrat Governor willing to promote fantasy, was elected in November 2016.

For a brief time, I thought the election of Donald Trump would signal the end of such nonsense, even though I knew Trump was ‘soft’ on moral issues. I did not expect a man who grew up among New York’s materialists, and waded into the sewer of TV entertainment, to see the connection between rescuing a Nation from Globalism and rescuing it from the moral degeneracy that rots a Nation from within.

North Carolina’s abject retreat this week from common sense, and its surrender to insanity, was another reminder of the continuing awesome power of the Ruling Class alliance and its MSM, even though it has lost control of the White House and Congress.

The NC Senate voted 32-16 to undo the bathroom law. The House later backed the Senate 70-48, and the Democrat Governor was mightily pleased. Predictably, the perverts of the LGBT are not satisfied, but there is no law that could make them feel normal.

There are those foolish comrades on the Nationalist Broad Right who believe that moral judgments and Christian wisdom can be set aside without harming the Nation and its people. They are absolutely wrong! Any Nation which is willing to set aside common sense and replace it with fantasy and moral degeneracy, is doomed to quickly become extinct.

It is appalling that when North Carolina chose common sense, no Republican Congress, State or National, gave robust support. When Big Business and Pro-sport attacked with a boycott, the NC was left isolated.

The massive, baseless and un-resisted attacks on President Trump, and the intimidation of NC, are reminders that the Ruling Class alliance is still in power.

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  1. Unfortunately, Trump has not been a good leader on the subject of transgender perversion. And North Carolina is heavily influenced by an influx of northern liberals and academics.

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