Republicans Will Fight an Uphill Battle

Anyone who reads this website regularly will have detected that we are political and cultural pessimists. What else can we be when we claim that power has been won by a new Ruling Class that not only is Super Rich, is a social magnet for those who have made colossal fortunes in Business, has the active support of all the Western World’s rich perverts and controls the News and Entertainment Media that saturates the masses with propaganda. Each day I listen to the ABC News bulletins. Every one has an Obama feature, always extremely favorable to him and neatly packaged and followed by a misleading clip about his opponents. Name a major, or even a minor, newspaper that is not relentlessly pushing the Democrat Party’s Leftist cause! Count on one hand the popular celebrities who say something conservative. All the rest are actively anti-conservative and they are adored by the Nation’s culturally and pathetically educated young and not-so-young who feed on the TV and Movie entertainment that is “dope for the masses” (to misquote Karl Marx).

Add to this the huge sums of money that are being openly given to Democrats by the rich and famous and then add in the even larger sums being pumped into Leftist causes indirectly through Front organizations. Leading the latter is one of the world’s richest men, who is dedicated to advancing all the most amoral Leftist causes and who is hell-bent on corrupting the democratic process by packing the Nation’s Courts with Leftists. Human Rights Watch reports that George Soros, the Hungarian Jew who is reportedly worth $13 billion dollars net has been pumping $100m into a secret campaign to do just that and it is only a fraction of the vast amounts he spends to fund other such causes. There are many more billionaires who share Soros’ agenda and willingness to spend, spend, spend!

Republicans and especially conservatives are anticipating victory in November as they view the opinion poll numbers, but we have yet to learn of a conservative politician or activist who understands the new power structure in the US and similar countries where the Media Class has assumed power. That Class is ruling through the political parties it has taken over and achieving countless legal victories through the Courts it has packed. In the next two months the Media Class and its wealthy Leftist allies will concentrate on destroying its political enemies by every dirty trick and lie they can manufacture. They will have no problem finding a Fifth column on the Right, for Ruling Classes never have a problem rewarding or intimidating those who defect. The tide of history is running against those who value truth, decency, family, patriotic and other conservative values for the opposing values are held by the rich and powerful as never before.

The temperature here in Central California has once again dived down from the 80’s to the low 70’s. It looks as though this very cool summer may have come to an early end. Have records been broken? If so, do not expect to be told by the Mainstream Media (MSM). Did you know that the reticence of Pastor Terry Jones did not deter Muslims led by Anjem Choudary, burning the American flag in London on 9/11/10 in celebration of the twin tower attacks and mass murder of nine years ago? Do not expect to learn this from the MSM either! You can see images of this on the Demotix website 1.
1. Demotix – Muslims Against the Crusades commemorate 9/11

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