Republicans Surrender to MSM

It is already clear that the bulk of the Congressional Republican Establishment intends to fold its tent and run away from the fight with Obama.   When the current smoke of battle clears we shall see that the Red in the White House has not given an inch of ground. Why should he, when he knew from the start that his sponsors in the Mainstream Media (MSM) would work to divide the Republicans, isolate those with a backbone, promote the members of the Party’s Fifth Column and report each retreat as a prelude to the next. 

    Cruz, Lee and their handful of patriotic comrades have not lacked in courage but they never once revealed any awareness that their real enemy was the MSM, that they were taking on a powerful revolutionary Ruling Class and that they were, in effect, engaged in counter-revolution. How did they propose to ensure that their message reached beyond the limited audience of Talk Radio and Fox News and how did they intend to shore up their own ranks once the MSM enticed the Fifth Column into the Media spotlight. It was surely obvious that those aging time-servers like John McCain could not wait to drag themselves before a hot camera for a short but welcome bask in the warmth of Media approval and favorable publicity. And it must have been obvious that there were, festering in the ranks, Party rivals like Rep Pete King (NY) and Sen. Bob Corker (TN), achingly jealous of any newcomers showing the fight for which they have no appetite. And then there are those – and we will never know how many – who have indulged their appetites in the fleshpots of Washington, concealed the skeletons in the cupboard and live in constant fear of Media revelations should they be foolhardy enough to show some backbone. 

    On this website we are reluctant to criticize the likes of Cruz and Lee, for we do not doubt their honesty and their patriotic motives, but failure to understand the enemy and the big picture of his power, is fatal to the cause. The big picture is that Obama represents the legislative face of a new Ruling Class, the first in American history, and it has an absolutely revolutionary agenda. ‘Revolutionary agenda’, you may ask? Well, here in California, where the cutting edge of the revolution can be witnessed, January 2014 will see the end of separate bathrooms in public schools and the end of the old divide of male and female, for from that day on children will be able to select their own gender. We call that Revolutionary! Same-sex marriage, transvestites indulging their fantasies in the Military, pension rights for the sexual partners of sodomites, full civil rights for illegal aliens and no checks on voters’ identification at the polling booths – are these not revolutionary? A President who has discarded the Constitution he swore to uphold yet is never reprimanded or checked and who uses the DOJ and every other Government branch to shred the Constitution and this is not a revolutionary era? It is patently clear that there is no end in sight to the revolutionary road we are travelling and that it is leading to the disarming of the people, the complete surveillance of the population, the ending of free speech, the proscription of the Christian religion, the removal of parental influence and ultimately a new totalitarianism. 

    The counter-revolution can only be led with any chance of success by those who realize that the old days of party politics are over. The contemporary Democrat Party is a new, purged, extremist, revolutionary party and has absolutely no intention of abiding by the old rules of the game. Its revolutionary moral policies are dictated by Hollywood’s billionaires and the Nation’s rich perverts. Its totalitarian Socialist policies of redistribution and micro-economic control are dictated by the extreme Leftists of Academia and imposed by the burgeoning unionized Government bureaucracy. 

    This modern Democrat Party and its leader in the White House have no intention of allowing one iota of power to trickle down to the counter-revolutionaries. America’s unique and time-tested system of separation of powers, government within the Constitution, negotiations between the parties, cross party co-operation, concessions and checks and balances, have no place in the thinking of the new Ruling Class. For Obama, the Stalinists of the Democrat Party leadership and the rich and all-powerful forces behind them, the only choice for the Republicans is surrender, surrender, surrender, for the politics of the past have been swept away by Revolution. 

    The belief of Cruz that any item on the revolutionary agenda, including the first steps to Government-run healthcare, could be halted through Constitutional means is like Don Quixote tilting at windmills, for the Obama Government has long discarded the Constitution. It may be that when the Republicans in Congress failed to walk out in protest the very first time the Constitution was ignored, they lost the fight within the old system. I suppose it is theoretically possible that the next election could still be won in 2014 but surely now the counter-revolutionary forces must take their struggle to the States and as the Vets did this week in Washington, to the streets. If the ordinary, normal, working people of America cannot be mobilized, the disunited maneuvering in Congress will yield nothing but crushing failure. 

    Last Friday evening I saw the ordinary people of America’s small towns and hinterland and they await mobilization. I was at a motor-cycle speedway meeting in Auburn, California. The crowd of White, poorly-dressed, rough amiable people were as one when the National Anthem commenced. 

    All stood to attention, silence reigned except for the lone singer, hats were removed and hands placed on hearts. No-one did this for effect or to impress but out of a simple patriotism and National pride and when the singer ended there was a mighty outburst of cheering. The Academics of Yale and Harvard would have been sickened and filled with contempt. 

    So would the queens of the Castro and the rich perverts of Hollywood. And the Red in the White House and his side-kicks in the Democrat leadership would have witnessed confirmation that these people with their guns, Bibles and love for country must be quickly silenced. As Obama leaves Washington and plays to the mobs of the inner cities, patriotic leaders must leave Washington and reach the ordinary people of the suburbs, the small towns, the mountains and the heartland. These people cannot be reached with a patriotic message through a MSM that is the propaganda arm of the new Ruling Class. 

    Weather – Middle California is experiencing what the English call an ‘Indian summer’ i.e. pleasant warm and dry and not at all like global warming. The UK is ‘enjoying’ the usual mix of rain, cold, mild and dry. Meanwhile the American mid west has experienced unusually heavy snow with 4ft in the Dakotas. This extreme cold has received little mention from the MSM, despite huge losses of cattle, as this conflicts with the UN warning of catastrophic heat in the very near future. 

    Music Choice – In 1955, Frank Sinatra’s career took an upward turn with his appearance in the movie ‘The Tender Trap’. The theme tune was written by the wonderful team of Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn. It is a masterpiece and timeless but far too grownup, romantic and heterosexual for today’s revolutionary culture of lunacy and perversion. Listen to the words that fit a sly tune and are expertly sung by a real master. Too grown-up for Rush, Hannity et al!

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