Republicans Civil War Intensifies

The results from Michigan and Arizona, which leave Romney and Santorum locked in a desperate fight for supremacy, are bad news for the Republican Party. There is no reason to expect any resolution from ‘Super Tuesday’ either. This dirty war of attrition will go on and the Media Class and its tool in the White House must be salivating at the civil war that has been unleashed in the Republican Party as a consequence of the Primary debates being held largely under the auspices of the Party’s deadly enemy.

On this website we have always maintained that unless Conservatives, Nationalists and Christians recognize that:

(1) A Media Class has emerged in the USA and has developed the power to dominate politics.

(2) The Media Class has a revolutionary agenda that is mainly immoral/anti-social.

(3) The Media Class has captured and purged the Democrat Party and holds sway over the Union bureaucracy.

(4) The Media Class, which has Leftist roots, has forged a coalition with Leftists in the Public Services and Academia that provides it with ground troops in elections, street thugs and widespread intimidation.

(5) It has, with the election of Obama to the White House and the election to power of Democrat politicians all over the USA, captured the political high ground.

(6) It is now imposing a moral and economic revolution on the American people which, to successfully implement, requires shredding the US Constitution, employing illegal and authoritarian power, stifling dissent, politicizing the Judiciary and conferring voting power on non-US citizens.

(7) Its most powerful weapons are lies and incessant propaganda through the News Media and Entertainment.

(8) It is using the economic power of its Government and the denunciatory power of its Media to silence and recruit Big Business leaders.

(9) It is now the richest Class in Western history.

By putting its Primary process in the hands of the enemy, the Republican Party has paved the way for defeat in November. It was always going to be hard to defeat Obama, for he has all the advantages of Media power, street power from the Unions and the deep pockets of the rich, but the Republican candidates have turned on each other in the most public way. Equally regrettably, conservative commentators and activists in the Media and on the Internet have indulged in the most despicable attacks on the candidates and on each other. This fratricidal and suicidal war, amplified by a delighted Obama-promoting Media, has surely put this Nation’s deadliest threat back into the White House.

It is beyond our understanding that the candidates and their supporters would resort to such denunciations of each other. We would cast a November vote for Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry, Palin, Christie, yes, even Ron Paul, in order to put the Red out of the White House. The surviving candidates, having showed their lack of judgment and principle by stooping to such low attacks on Republican brothers, all seem unworthy, yet set against Obama and his lawless regime, any are worth a vote. We hope that no clear victor emerges and that a new and cleaner candidate will arise at the last moment – one who the Media will not have anticipated and whose reputation will be difficult to destroy in only weeks.

It is too much to expect that we will get a candidate who recognizes the real enemy, its agenda and the means it intends to employ. The unpopular, unnatural and immoral revolutionary agenda of our new Ruling Class requires that its Government must seek totalitarian powers, and that all counter-revolutionary forces (Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists) be purged from American Society. Some on the Right, like Pat Buchanan, recognize that there is a cultural revolution taking place but fail to fully understand its source or its destination. Failure to recognize a deadly enemy and his power is a recipe for defeat and the counter-revolutionary forces are heading for defeat. The Republican primary candidates, in allowing the Mainstream Media (MSM) to host and dominate their debates and in conducting their contest on enemy territory, have pitched the Right into a catastrophic civil war.

In our previous article we pointed out that President Obama and his Democrat Party comrades are extremists but that their Media Class masters, who own the MSM and now have all the wealth and executive power of a Ruling Class, are able to turn reality upside down. Thus, a politician who has promoted the killing of newborn babies is able to hide from his record and those who attempt to resurrect that record are cast as ‘extremist’.

Those who have been visiting this website for the last few years will be aware that we have always maintained that Pro-Sports and Pro-Sportsman were long ago absorbed into the Ruling Media Class. Pro Sports are now wholly financially dependent on the Mainstream Media. Pro Sportsmen/women have been turned into Showbiz personalities by the MSM and so command huge salaries thus joining the Nation’s elite. The price that they pay is that they must toe the PC line on all things. There are many examples of well-known and popular Sports personalities revealing in an unguarded moment a non-PC opinion and finding themselves overnight jobless and erased from the records. Just as prominent Conservative figures have found when targeted by the MSM, no amount of groveling suffices to earn remission. Our new Ruling Class is ruthless in making examples of those who think that Media-orchestrated popularity and fame is anything other than bestowed and conditional. What is Media-given can be taken away in a blink. Not surprisingly today’s Sports Stars are PC to a man and woman and are increasingly aware of their membership of a political and economic Class. Last week, leading Sports personalities in LA gathered for a fundraiser for Obama. The entrance fee was a mere $35,000. Today it is a rare Pro-Sports person who deviates from the Revolutionary moral and social agenda of the Media Class to which he belongs and to which he owes his wealth and fame. All must identify in public with its extremism. Last week singer Anita Bryant passed away. Anita who? I read that she was once a successful popular singer but she and her husband played a public role in opposing homosexuality. This brought a speedy end to her musical career.

Music Choice – Bandleader of the wartime years, Glenn Miller, was immensely popular both in the UK and the USA. His music generally soon became dated and was always looked down upon by jazz musicians in the postwar years. This is a pity since his bands were stuffed with top musicians; his arrangements were thoughtful, melodic and interesting and his bands had an inner dynamism. His best work still sounds good. I recommend “A String of Pearls” and “Moonlight Serenade” for atmosphere and “American Patrol” as a stirring patriotic reminder of a time when America was united and governed by patriots.

Weather – Here in California some rain has interrupted the drought, but not enough. The cold weather continues day after day, surely making this an unusually cold winter.

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