Republican Primaries – Anyone but Obama!

As the Republican Primaries roll on without a clear-cut winner emerging, many, including the contributors to this website, are beginning to feel battle fatigue. Santorum, Gingrich and Romney are all less than perfect when judged by their past records. But this would be true of any candidate, including a resurrected Ronald Reagan or a George Washington. More to the point, today’s new Ruling Class (the Media Class), which controls the Mass Media and all popular Entertainment, and has the power to feed at will propaganda to the people, is busy magnifying every little weakness of anyone who might challenge their man in the White House in November. Many perfectly good (conservative) Republican candidates have already been eliminated by the MSM including Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain and Rick Perry. All of the aforementioned – and especially Palin – were far, far superior in character, intellect and achievement to the Media’s incumbent in the White House. Our Leftist new Ruling Class, unhampered by the truthfulness, objectivity and decency that are the hall-marks of Judeo/Christian values, and liberated by the Leftist, secular belief that ‘the ends justify the means’ have been able to lie, distort and – most effectively through its ‘comedians’ – ridicule perfectly decent men and women and drive them from the playing field. Running parallel to this lying and ridicule of possible conservative challengers has been the MSM’s cruel scandal-mongering of their families, a sure way to deter many good folk.

The three remaining candidates (and we exclude the Libertarian Ron Paul, for he is not a conservative) have shown tenacity and an appetite for victory. The campaign up to now has sharpened their wits, improved their delivery, refined their policies and probably left no genuine skeleton confined to a cupboard. Their search for support among grass roots Republicans has moved them to the economic and moral Right where such movement was needed. This has all been good.

The down side has surely greatly surpassed the upside. The three survivors have increasingly stooped to character attacks on each other. These (relentlessly amplified by a hostile Media) have soured the unattached apolitical US Voters and will be trotted out ad nauseum by the MSM in October. The televised debates, inexplicably (to radical and right) placed in the hands of the hostile MSM, have consequently been steered away from Obama’s failings in the White House and diverted to topics designed to mire the Republicans in division. Huge amounts of money that could have been well used on campaign staff all across the USA, have been gifted to the enemy MSM. All the while the Republicans have been squandering scarce resources, Obama, funded by the richest Ruling Class in US history, has been using taxpayer money and facilities to quietly tour the business and fleshpot cities on both coasts where America’s elites have been stuffing his October war chest.

We on this website hope that the Republicans will soon elevate one of the three to a clear victory and that the losers – and their supporters – will then wholeheartedly rally behind him. It is dispiriting to read the conservative websites where accusations of the wildest kind are leveled by supporters claiming that either Santorum Gingrich or Romney is a phony conservative, a liar, in league with Big Business and a secret supporter of nationalized healthcare or illegal immigration.

There are around 10 litmus test issues that any conservative should have to pass and beyond them any one is welcome to the Presidency. Here are our suggestions!

(1) An absolute commitment to uphold the US Constitution to the letter.

(2) An absolute commitment to dismantle all the Government institutions and policies that are unconstitutional.

(3) A commitment to appoint only judges who will be strictly Constitutionalist.

(4) An absolute commitment to the traditional family and no surrender to homosexual or other anti-family lobbies.

(5) A commitment to end late term abortions.

(6) A full commitment to set the market free.

(7) A commitment to closed borders.

(8) A commitment to a sound currency.

(9) No new Taxes and a plan to radically shrink public spending.

As far as I am aware, all three candidates are committed to the above, though each may need to have his respective feet held to the fire once elected. There is never a guarantee that Washington and the Media Class will fail to influence an elected Republican but conservatives must face the fact that resisting the revolutionaries is now a never-ending struggle.

One thing is certain, any of the three Republican candidates will be a thousand times better than Obama.

Weather – Heavy and persistent rain has arrived in California. 2011/2012 winter temperatures and rainfall will ultimately not be record breaking and any attempts by the MSM to claim that Global Warming is causing abnormal weather on the West Coast will be b.s. propaganda.

Music Choice – March 13th marked the 55th anniversary of the untimely death of the genius Charlie Parker. By 1950, Parker had physically deteriorated yet he continued to play the greatest music as soon as the saxophone was in his hands. The 1950 live session from New York’s Birdland where he was accompanied by ‘Fats’ Navarro on trumpet, Bud Powell on piano, Tommy Potter on bass and Art Blakey on drums is a terrible recording, full of background noise. It is however, for those who value great art above recording quality, a priceless gem. For once, Parker is surrounded by the greatest musicians and Navarro, only a few months away from a very early death, actually matches Parker’s genius with solos that are perfect on “Ornithology” and “Cool Blues”. Powell and Blakey also play like giants. This is not music for the fainthearted but it is beyond comparison with anything since.

In every future article I hope to mention a few great tune titles from the 20th Century. Most will be unknown to those who have been unlucky enough to have tuned in to culture after the rise of the Media Class, the Feminazis and the Left. Most are love songs (ballads) from the 1930’s and 1940’s and all have great tunes. Most also have worthy lyrics. Here are three! “Darn That Dream”, “I’lI Remember April” and “Everything Happens to Me”.

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