Republican Presidential Candidates – 2012

The next Presidential election may be 18 months away but for the Ruling Media Class it is never too early to begin taking out the most threatening Republican candidates. As far as the US Media Class is concerned there are two types who are ‘threatening’. The most dangerous Republican candidates to the Media Class are the ‘Social Conservatives’ for they might possibly reverse the historic and revolutionary gains that have recently been achieved and are accelerating with Obama in the White House. Foremost of these are the huge gains made advancing the homosexual agenda. For those in the Media Class – so many of them homosexual or bi-sexual – removing all stigma from homosexuality (most importantly sodomy) is a vital first step to be quickly followed by a positive indoctrination of the whole population driven by Government regulation and an active Judiciary.

The other ‘threatening’ candidates are those who are relatively passive on Social issues but would rein in Government spending and Government powers in general. It is the opinion of Mr. Radical and Mr. Right that the Ruling Media Class generally has little interest in the Leftist’s economic agenda such as the redistribution of wealth, increasing Union power and a centrally controlled economy. It does however need to maintain the alliance with the economic Leftists in order to win elections with Union and racial minority votes and it has an overwhelming interest in increasing the power of Government and handpicking the Judiciary. For it is through the use of the oppressive powers of a Government unrestrained by the Constitution that the whole of society can be morally reeducated. For example, an all-powerful central Education Department, backed by a collusive Judiciary and the President, can and will insist that all children be indoctrinated with the homosexual agenda. Religious and Private schools will be forced to co-operate or be denied accreditation (just as Christian Adoption and Fostering Societies have been driven from their field of activity – and with hardly a ripple of protest) and home-schooled children will not be allowed to escape the net.

Sarah Palin has been the first target of the Media Class for she was at one time clearly a threat to an Obama second term unless personally and politically destroyed. The recent trawl through her emails when Governor of Alaska was instigated by two leading US Newspapers (the Media Class), not by political opponents. Here we saw the Media Class brazenly embarking on a Class vendetta against a perceived enemy. The Newspapers were quite shameless in their motive, which was to find some item that could be used by the Media as a destructive propaganda tool. Since the last Presidential election, when the Media Class finally placed its puppet in the White House, that Class has rarely bothered to hide its dominating role in US politics. Many keen observers might have considered Mrs. Palin to have long been fatally wounded by the Media but such is her fighting spirit and potential appeal that the Media Class, always aware that its social agenda is not yet popular enough amongst the masses and that its White House puppet is an incompetent President, is determined to drive a stake through her heart. Thus we have the spectacle of some 25,000 emails being raked over by an army of Media Class recruits in order to find just one item that can be inflated in every Newspaper and on every TV and Radio broadcast.

If Michelle Bachmann (a Social Conservative and Christian) looks to be getting ahead of the financial reformer Mitt Romney, she will discover that the Media persecution she has suffered so far will be as nothing compared to what is to come. Make no mistake, Bachmann’s seemingly Christian pedigree – mother of 5 happy children, long marriage and a foster parent to some 25 teenage kids over 10 years – will be turned against her by every dirty trick known to man. The truth, in this present revolutionary era, is that the more wholesome, normal, appealing and able such a candidate is, the more vital it is to the Ruling Media Class that she be destroyed. I can personally vouch for the fact that anyone who fosters teenagers for 10 years is a very special person but in today’s world we can say that anyone who raises 5 happy children on a limited income is also pretty special. We predict here that the Media Class – probably aided by the Soros Fifth Column and the Tim Gill billionaire organization – will rake over every one-time Bachmann foster child in an effort to find one discontented and vulnerable person to exploit.

For the time being, Romney can expect a relatively easy ride from the Media Class, just as John McCain had in the early days of his campaign. This will quickly change however if Romney emerges as The Candidate for he, like all the other serious Republican candidates, stands head and shoulders above Obama in intellect and character. For what it is worth in the prediction stakes, we think that Rick Perry will hit the Republican front as soon as he declares for he has many advantages, including not yet having greatly exposed himself to the Media Class outside of Texas. Perry is reported to be a social conservative and little known in Washington and New York inside circles. This might mean that the Media Class has as yet no dirt on him. All those politicians who stay around NY and Washington for any length of time are surely compromised in their private lives. I was reminded of this in the efforts of Mayor Bloomberg of New York to strong arm the Democrat and Republican hold-outs in his effort to impose same-sex marriage on New York State. One after another, House and Senate members who have previously gone on the record as being opposed to the grotesque notion of same-sex marriage, have, after a private meeting with Bloomberg, capitulated. No doubt, some are offered future rewards for becoming socially ‘progressive’ and others are promised political and financial support at the next election but I’ll bet that some are shown photos or confronted with potential scandals. The prospect of revelations about one’s personal life, at a time when Leftist Anthony Wiener was being thrown to the Media Dogs, was surely enough to change some minds. After all, those who can wield the power of not only great wealth (almost all of it in Leftist and homosexual hands these days) but also arrange Media denouement, have all the cards.

Last week I forecast that Anthony Wiener, the Jewish Democrat Congressman from Queens, New York, would most likely be thrown to his former allies, the Media Wolves. Once it was clear that Wiener’s ongoing problems would be damaging to Obama and his comrades, I forecast that he would become expendable, not because those on the Left and in the Media regard perverted behavior as a bar to Office but purely on tactical, non-moral grounds. In the beginning when the luckless Wiener’s kinky behavior saw daylight on the Internet, the wealthy Dem leader Pelosi was at pains to be supportive of his lies and coolly non-judgmental.

Later when Wiener’s lies unraveled in the face of emerging facts, Pelosi grew distant, and Obama himself felt compelled to offer the advice to go, the game was up, for the Media Class got the green light to give Wiener the treatment normally reserved for Christians and Conservatives. Wiener must now wait whilst the Media Class gives him the ‘Cindy Sheahan’ treatment – which is to say he suddenly disappears from the Media’s reporting as if he never existed. Unlike Cindy, Wiener will be glad of the break and unlike Cindy he will eventually be rewarded for his past work as a shameless Leftist attack dog. Expect him to get a well-rewarded Government or Academic post out of the limelight followed by a high profile TV job in two years time. Wiener, unlike poor Cindy, is an insider and probably has a lot of insider knowledge, including scandalous stuff that will be his insurance policy.

Whilst on the subject of the now-forgotten Wiener, I was surprised when a UK website visitor revealed that Wiener’s scandal had barely scratched the surface in the UK Media. I suppose I should not have been surprised for the Media Class shares its agenda across the Atlantic. For the record, Wiener was an up and coming 40-something Leftist Democrat who sat in the House in Washington DC but represented the Leftist and predominantly Jewish Borough of Queens in New York City. He was highly regarded by his comrades for the nastiness of his attacks on Republicans and his socially and economically progressive views. He was said by the Media gossips to be very eligible for marriage in Washington, though some like me thought he looked the typical chinless wonder made even less appealing when matched with a large nose. Last year this very eligible bachelor and man-about-town married a beautiful Iranian American woman in her mid-30’s. It so happened that this woman also worked intimately with the current Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton and was very ‘high-level’ and ‘inside’ the Dem world. The stage was set for Wiener to become the next Mayor of New York.

Wiener, it is now clear, had a ‘thing’ about his wiener and this ‘thing’ seems to have got bigger as his power and influence grew. Some people think that power and influence have aphrodisiac qualities and so it might have been stimulating Wiener and his ‘thing’, for he discovered Facebook and the Leftist College girls or Facebook groupies who, it seems, infest it. He began twitting (I hope I am employing the correct terminology here) with several dozen young and attractive Leftist females some of whom claimed to be fascinated with him and his politics. His twitters became more sexually explicit and he began to send suggestive pics via Facebook. I think in less sophisticated circles they are called ‘crotch shots’, though the first ones to come to light featured his excited wiener hiding within underpants or below a towel.

Wiener, perhaps in an excited state, and whilst his new wife was in Africa doing important things with Mrs. Clinton, pressed a wrong tab on his computer and sent these exciting and excited pics to several thousand Facebook members. They were picked up by a conservative Facebook visitor and subsequently appeared on an Internet website not popular with Wiener. The Mainstream Media (MSM), united by Class interests, ignored the breaking scandal for he was one of their politicians but the Internet could not be silenced. Wiener, with the confidence that goes with being a politician normally protected by the Media Class, with a brazenness that often oozes from the politically shallow, and with the self-assurance that comes from mixing with the degenerates of Washington and hence not knowing much about traditional morality, held a Press Conference and shot off his mouth rather than his wiener. He confidently denied the pics were of HIS wiener and accused unidentified conservatives of raiding his email and falsely imposing lewd pics. Dem Comrades came to his defense and the MSM began to cover him and the wiener sympathetically. Then it emerged that his accusers had many more pics, some of which were both more explicit and more identifiable. After more evasive gabbling and more brazen lies in front of MSM cameras – and after Wiener’s wiener began to dominate the news and embarrass his colleagues – Wiener admitted he had been lying but refused to consider resignation from the House. It was leaked that his wife, who had not been receiving pics of the now-famous wiener, was pregnant. I think this was hoped to take the headlines, garner sympathy for the whole family and put Wiener out of the headlights. As more pics appeared and Wiener’s compulsive exhibitionism became ever more on display he claimed he was going to take time out to seek treatment (in the Hollywood style). The poor man was now seen not only as a liar (since Dem Presidents lie through their teeth this was hardly a reason for his resignation) but as a figure of fun. In the end Obama proffered advice re resignation and so the MSM had one final feast of the kind normally reserved for Christians and Republicans. Now Wiener is almost gone both from the House and the headlines.

Last week the weather here in middle California suddenly experienced two or three days of 90F before returning to slightly cool (for mid June) but pleasant warm and dry weather. The news about an unprecedented heat wave in the East has suddenly gone quiet. In the UK Media talk about drought has been washed away by plenty of rain. I read in the MSM that the sea will rise by some 30 feet by the end of the century thanks to melting glaciers – according to experts. When I read further I discovered that this prediction was coming from the Cuban Government, so it must be true. The report added that due to tides, winds and currents this rise in sea levels will not be seen everywhere. Still, I don’t know how Starcross will survive into next year.

Today’s WSJ has an Opinion piece demanding that we all pay more taxes to find an AIDS vaccine. The same newspaper also wants more US money spent on attacking Tripoli. Sometimes I feel that I am in the world of Alice in Wonderland.

Music Choice – Some years ago the tenor saxophonist Stan Getz died of lung cancer. Getz was a phenomenal technician from the word go. He came to fame with the Woody Herman Band. When bop and Parker came along Getz was able to play the new music but not well. Then in 1962, he visited Brazil and discovered Latin rhythms and particularly Bossa Nova, a kind of slow samba. On his return to the US he recorded an album of Bossa music and took not only the jazz world by storm but the Hit Parade of the time, too. ‘Desifinado’ and ‘Girl From Ipanema’ were both big hits and remain popular even today amongst musical grown-ups. The Getz style was extremely well-suited to Bossa Nova, soft, very musical, a little unpredictable, rhythmic and containing the occasional flash of fiery playing. I recommend the album ‘Stan Getz: Bossa Nova Jazz Masters 53. I think it was recorded in 1962/63 and contains a whole crowd of great jazz musicians including Gary Burton, Kenny Burrell, George Duvivier, Dave Bailey, Charlie Byrd, Keter Betts and of course Astrud Gilberto, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. For my money the best number is Samba de Uma Nota (The One Note Samba). This tune, composed largely on one note, lets Getz show how he can wring so many marvelous phrases from such a restricted melody. Timeless music!

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