Republican National Committee Bows to Media Class

The Mainstream Media headlines are full of it – joyfully full of it! Triumphantly full of it!  The ‘task force’ created by Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus to ‘dig into the Party’s woes’ has reported, and lo and behold its conclusions are that the Party needs to become more inclusive and reach out to minorities. Regular visitors to this website will know that we always point out that in the Orwellian Newspeak of this Revolutionary era there are ‘code words’ that are intended to mask real meanings, for the real meanings are still not popular enough to risk exposure to the ordinary citizens. 

    ‘Inclusive’ is one such word, perhaps the most-used code word of the Mainstream Media (MSM). It nestles with others like ‘diversity’, ‘welcoming’ and phrases like ‘human rights’ and ‘diverse family structures’. The other side of the same MSM code contains words like ‘exclusionary’, ‘bigoted’ and ‘hateful’. All these are the code words of that rich and powerful Homosexual constituency that largely finances the Revolutionary Movement that has captured the Democrat Party and Government. 

    Context is everything in understanding the revolutionary politics and cultural battles of our time and unless we grasp the context we have no chance of effective resistance to the morally corrupt and intolerant forces that are marching us to disaster. 

    The new Media Class that has emerged from the technological advances of the 1970’s and which is composed of the Movie Industry (foremost is Hollywood), the Television Industry, the News Industry, the Advertizing Industry, the Fashion Industry and Pro-Sports has formed an alliance with the Public Service Unions and Government employees and the Leftists of Academia, and has been able to purge the Democrat Party of social conservatives and create a Party of totalitarianism. The alliance, with the MSM providing constant propaganda through News and Entertainment, Academia’s Leftists indoctrinating the young, and the Public Service Unions providing ground troops and thugs for elections and intimidation, has put Obama in the White House. From there he is using the Government’s full powers – ignoring the Constitution – to pursue the Revolutionary agenda that will impose a new morality on the Nation (thus pleasing the Media Class by creating a society in its own image and pleasing the Leftists by creating a new economic order). He has been able to employ near-dictatorial and unconstitutional powers, pursue economic and financial policies that are creating massive Government dependency and advance the homosexual revolution simply because the MSM conceals real news from the people and pours out continuous propaganda through both News and Entertainment. To underpin all this he has been bankrolled by the Nation’s richest people and can offer access to the Ruling Class whilst the MSM has the power to discredit and destroy all his enemies. 

    The Republican leadership did not need to look far for the reasons for Romney’s shock defeat. The power of the MSM to daily smear all Obama’s emerging opponents, ignoring their speeches; cherry-picking and misrepresenting their utterances plucked out of context whilst constantly praising Obama; hiding his policy failures and concealing his real agenda, worked. The Republican primaries presented the MSM with the opportunity to portray the Party as one engaged in an unprincipled civil war and Romney emerged as a severely wounded victor. It says much for Romney and Obama’s unpopular policies that it seemingly took not only an MSM campaigning for a President as never before and a war chest unequalled in political history but massive voter fraud in the Leftist strongholds, in order for Romney to be defeated. Priebus never intended to face the facts for to do so would bring him and the Washington Republicans into direct conflict with a Media Class that can close the doors to Washington’s inner corridors and celebrity life (the least of its powers) and if necessary destroy its opponents with the kind of scandals that only hurt those on the (moral) Right. 

    Who can spend time in Washington’s social life and not have skeletons in cupboards? Who can spend a life ruthlessly pursuing a political career and not have a family life that is strewn with casualties? Who can have a private life that is wholly devoid of financial or moral missteps? The answer is ‘Not Many!’ and so most Republican politicians (like Rob Portman) and conservative judges are vulnerable to a MSM that can and does hunt through records, search out personal enemies or ‘friends’ easily bought, and then lay them before the people suitably and richly packaged. And so the members of the Priebus ‘working Party’, probably selected for their known ‘leanings’, accepted the false premise that the Republican Party was in need of ‘modernizing’ (another code word for abandoning moral and patriotic principles) and knew beforehand what kind of modernizing would be acceptable to the Media Class and its MSM. 

    The plain truth is that most ambitious and aspiring politicians are dependent on MSM friendship or neutrality and these are now only bestowed on those who whole heartedly support homosexual advancement, the abandonment of National borders and the unchecked growth of Government and its powers. The Revolution that has brought a new Class to power in the USA (uniquely in the world the USA has been the only Nation without a Ruling Class), has created the conditions where all political opponents can be destroyed by ridicule or scandal and have no means of resistance. This however is not enough for our new Rulers who now wish to purge the general population of opposition. 

    As we have pointed out innumerable times on this website, the issue of same-sex marriage is not primarily about marriage but about crushing the traditional Christian Churches, the Conservative Right and Nationalists and criminalizing free speech. The Libertines of the Ruling Media Class and the Leftists of their alliance share a fear and hatred of free speech, for free speech encourages free thinking and a search for truth. It is no accident that in those Nations that have been captured by either the Media Class or the Left, the new Laws are specific that ‘truth is no defense’ in their Courts. 

    Any genuine student of history will know that the Left, for whom the Ten Commandments are nauseating, regards truth as relative to the times and to be defined by those who are on the side of ‘progress’. In the UK, once the home of free speech and free ideas, the Socialists of the Blair era passed many laws that curtailed free speech and removed ‘truth’ as a defense against Leftist laws intended to silence opposition to mass immigration. This curtailment of free speech and the defense of truth in a Court have now been extended to homosexual issues. 

    David Cameron, when he won the leadership of the Tory Party made it clear that he would pursue the support – or at least the neutrality – of the UK’s Media Class by abandoning the Nation’s Christian culture and furthering homosexual ‘rights’. He correctly calculated that he would gain the friendship of the MSM and the Nation’s rich libertines if he promoted a new moral order. Previously, the Media Class support (primarily the BBC and commercial TV stations) and then increasingly ‘Big Business’ financial contributions, were flowing to the morally ‘progressive’ ‘New Labour’ Party and the LibDems. 

    Cameron is currently fulfilling his part of the deal with the Media Class as, in the midst of a British economic and financial crisis, he has forced same-sex marriage legislation through Parliament with the support of the Left and at the cost of dividing his own Tory Party. This is the power of the Media Class and its alliance with the Left. Now, in the UK, the Churches have been driven from Child care services, small business owners cannot refuse to pander to homosexual demands and those who challenge mass immigration, the spread of Islamic Imperialism or who wish to fly the Union flag all find themselves in Court or in jail – and truth is no longer a defense for views expressed, and traditional beliefs are viewed as evidence of guilt. 

    The UK is not alone in the Western World for Canada has already gone further down the road to totalitarianism. Ecuador, now a Socialist State, also now has laws that prohibit any utterance or printed word that might offend a sodomite. Who can argue that the USA is being taken down the same route and same-sex marriage is the next step and certainly not the last. We expect SCJ John Roberts to abandon his conservative beliefs for a second time and legitimize same-sex marriage for he is surely a man who has been investigated by the MSM and found wanting. (See a previous article). 

    Rush Limbaugh, on Monday morning 18th March, finally recognized what we have always maintained, which is that the ‘seemingly’ fringe topic of same-sex marriage is actually at the top of the agenda of our new Ruling Class. I quote Rush, “This issue has now catapulted to the top seemingly of everybody’s list. Its stunning the way this has happened.” Sorry, Rush, but if you had been reading our website for several years, it would have been anything but stunning! As Rush commented, the homosexual agenda is being promoted “under the umbrella of freedom” but as Rush said “freedom does not mean hedonism”. He quoted from a book unknown to me, “A Free People’s Suicide” by Os Guiness. Guiness has written that freedom without virtue is not freedom, neither is law without customs. It is our prediction that in openly opposing the homosexual agenda, Limbaugh’s days behind the golden microphone will shortly come to an end. 

    Along with homosexual promotion we are now required to also accept the promotion of ‘transgenderism’. Just as homosexuals wish to have sexual access to young children, so the libertines of Hollywood’s Fairy Land and their Utopian Leftist allies wish to be able to deny the physiological and natural differences between the sexes. Young children, from the cradle onwards are to be given the opportunity to select their gender. This of course is nonsense but since the MSM is bestowing its blessings it cannot be challenged. The MSM not only bestows its blessing but also conceals the advance of such nonsense from the public at large – at least until it is too late to ‘turn the clock back’. In Massachusetts the Board of Education is imposing transgender rights in schools. I refer our website visitors to an article headed “Will ‘transgender rights’ drive Catholics out of public schools?” by Mary Hasson. This was brought to our attention on the excellent Free Republic website of March 16th 1 2. The original article can be found on both the Catholic News Agency and Catholic Stand 3

    If anyone should doubt our contention that the Left detests free speech and free ideas I recommend another article that has been flagged on Free Republic, this post by Kaslin on March 19th 4. The original is from and is by Todd Starnes and headed “Philly Mayor Wants Mag Punished Over Race Relations Story” 5

    It seems that the Philadelphia Magazine published an article entitled “Being White in Philly” and written by Bob Huber. Huber allowed a number of White Philly residents to express their experiences of life there. They were not flattering about the Black community and no doubt gave vent to many of those angry truths about daily life in a Democrat-controlled city with a large Black population. They were probably the truths that Leftist politicians suppress and Republicans avoid mentioning. Those quoted were able to be honest because they were allowed to be anonymous. No doubt Mr. Huber sought out those with an axe to grind and whose complaints created a theme he sought. It is what Leftist MSM reporters do all the time, in fact much of our MSM ‘news’ is created in this way and sometimes one wonders how Leftist reporters manage to find an informant who must have been like a tree on the prairie. I doubt Mr. Huber had such a problem. But then he was approaching this from a politically incorrect starting point. Still, surely White citizens of Philly deserve a hearing? 

    Not so, for Philly is ruled by Democrats. Mayor Michael Nutter (you cannot invent these names!) called on the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission to investigate the Magazine and its Editor and writer, saying “the First Amendment, like other Constitutional rights, is not an unfettered right”. You bet it isn’t where Leftists have influence or power. Mayor Nutter sneered at the citizens hiding behind anonymity! He called on the Commission (his comrades-in-arms) posing under a different official title, “to consider rebuking both the Philadelphia Magazine and writer Bob Huber.” Apparently, it has (eagerly) launched an investigation at Nutter’s request. 

    Now, once you think about it, there is nothing to investigate, since the article is written and the writer and editor known. The word ‘investigate’ must have another meaning. I suggest that it is meant to be intimidating. It might entail the Commission members (paid for from taxes) digging around in the personal lives of both men and it might entail frightening off advertisers and even encouraging racial attack. It might also entail finding out the identities of the anonymous contributors and finding ways to punish them. Revealing identities would lay them open to physical attack as well as job losses. This is what happens to BNP members in the UK. 

    Tim McGrath, the magazine editor is “Very concerned that the Government is investigating his publication.” So he should be and so should we all, for here is the true face of the Left with power to stifle free speech and terrorize those with whom it disagrees. We should also note that Human Relations Commissions, like so many public government entities, have no legitimate function but exist to further Leftist totalitarianism. 

    The Republican Party Establishment would have been better employed finding ways to expose and tackle this road to serfdom rather than driving out Christians, traditionalists and Constitutionalists from its ranks and thereby aiding the enemy. Does anyone believe that the Republican Party can win elections without its moralists and does anyone believe that it can outbid the amoral Democrats on the Left? 

    Weather – Here in mid-California, one warm day gave way to a continuation of cool days and cold nights. In the UK I am told that extreme cold weather has continued. The MMGW has yet to provide any relief. 

    Music – Una Winifred Atwell was born in 1910 or 1914 in Trinidad. Her parents were pharmacists with their own business and she trained as a pharmacist but early on developed a talent for the piano. After gaining a place at the Royal Academy of Music in London as an expert Classical pianist she discovered boogie-woogie and ragtime and in the postwar years began performing in clubs and bars where she was spotted by an impresario and launched on a career of popular entertainment. Her skills and happy and exciting music quickly took her to the top of the hit parades of the UK and Australia and for many years she enjoyed both fame and fortune. She composed many of the tunes she recorded including the hit Black and White Rag. 

    This recording was later used to introduce the very popular BBC snooker program, Pot Black. Winifred was happily married and a devout Catholic and gave to many charities. Modest and shy, she was hugely popular and sold over 20 million records over her career. She retired to Australia and died of a heart attack in 1983. She was the first Black artist to reach the top of the British Hit Parade and is still the only female instrumentalist to have a Number One hit in the UK. 

    Enjoy ‘Black and White Rag’ and also ‘Cross Hands Boogie’, both exciting, foot tapping examples of postwar entertainment in the UK when musical skill and adult tastes dominated popular culture. 

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