Republican Election Inquests! All Missing The Point!

It was predictable that Republican defeat in this most important election of 2008 would trigger an accusatory inquest on the Right. The old struggle between factions was bound to re-emerge with greater ferocity for the Right is increasingly on the defensive and losing ground with each passing month. As the Media Class gains ever more power and wealth and the culture war it has unleashed gains momentum, so the mystified losers seek an explanation. It is always said that major political Parties in a two-Party system are composed of uncomfortable coalitions. On the face of it this appears to be so obvious as to be beyond dispute and it is often gleefully reported by people like Rush Limbaugh that the Democrat Party is a warring coalition. I am not so sure. Certainly, the Democrats were an awkward coalition in the days when Eastern Liberals and Southern segregationists were partners in an unholy alliance. But when the modern culture war erupted with the rise of the Media Class in the 1960’s that coalition became redundant. Today I see little to suggest that the various groups that make up the Democrat Party are so divided in substance that they need to be regarded as a coalition. Here I am not talking about voters but about the activists and financers who enable the Party to function, and the Media Class which pulls its strings. Feminists (who are largely lesbian motivated) have abortion and affirmative action as litmus tests. Homosexuals are also affirmative-action supporters because they have chosen to portray their campaign for recognition as another chapter in the (previously Black) emancipation struggle. Homosexuals care nothing about abortion other than it is anti-Christian. Feminists are also anti-Christian. The Unions, dominated by the Public Service sector, are for massive Government expansion. Feminists and homosexuals see expanded and ever more powerful Government as the means to legislate the imposition of their unpopular demands. Socialists of all persuasions are for Government expansion. The Media Class is unabashedly anti-Christian and anti-moral and inevitably so given its roots in Leftist ideology and Hollywood sexual freedom. Blacks also opt for increased Government and judicial power and Jews are anti-Christian. These are generalizations, of course. We could argue that Jews have no need to fear Christians and every reason to fear Socialists but the reality is as it is. Similarly we could argue that Blacks would be better off to look to themselves rather than to the Government, but it is as it is. I see no reason for conflict between these groups who make up the Left and the Democrat Party and no reason to see them as a fractious and disunited coalition.

The Republican Party is said to be a strained alliance between economic libertarians and social conservatives. Certainly this is truer than that the Democrat Party has any fundamental fissures. At the present time, in the aftermath of electoral defeat, some of the economic libertarians of the Republican Party are seeking to lay the blame for defeat on the social conservatives. Since many of the economic libertarians live on the urbanized Left and Right coasts and move in the same social circles as the Media Class, we should not be surprised that they believe that social conservatism (and the Christian and Nationalist sentiments of the heartland of the USA) is an outdated embarrassment. But as we have said before on this website, for those who truly wish to see the role of the Government and public spending greatly reduced, social conservatism is crucial. A socially conservative society would not have been burdened with the AIDS bill. Nor would it have a huge prison and crime bill. There would be no Black ghettoes populated by unwed and feckless mothers of ignorant children and feral youths. The African American people were not always this way, despite the scars of slavery. Abortion-on-demand has not reduced illegitimacy.

The ‘economic conservatives’ who now wish to water down the social conservatism of the Republican Party are not conservatives at all but the elitists who once ran the Party when it played the ‘alternative team’ game of earlier politics. The culture war that has been unleashed on America has destroyed the patriotic and moral consensus that once underpinned the two Parties. The Democrat Party has abandoned its roots in traditional Christianity and has been taken over by the Media Class and turned into a revolutionary Party. That this process has been mostly below the radar screen does not mean it hasn’t happened. There has been a steady stream of old Democrats who in the last few years have said “I didn’t leave the Party! The Party left me!” Not surprisingly, the Media has swept such statements under the carpet for it has progressed by stealth.

My point is that although the Republican Party is being encouraged by a small but well-reported minority to ‘modernize’ itself, its recent defeats are not due to conservatism becoming out of date. Whatever the shortcomings of John McCain, yes, Sarah Palin too, and the mistakes of their campaign, the essential facts point us to a different explanation. Supposing a soccer team had to play its opponent up a steep slope for both halves of the match, against the wind and as an added handicap, the referee and the two linesmen were both completely partisan for the opponents. There would be little point in analyzing the tactics of the losing team in order to explain defeat.

We on the Right should be more than skeptical of anything that is appearing in the MSM. Some columnists, like the windy, emotional Peggy Noonan owe their continued employment to their willingness to sow seeds of dissension. (For those who wonder why this former Reagan speechwriter has turned, I recommend a November 11th Free Republic article entitled “Understanding Peggy Noonan” by someone using the name Irish Rose 1. Great writing (and painstakingly documented). Then there are the intellectually dishonest writers like Thomas Frank who project onto the social conservatives all the sins that his Leftist revolutionary pals are themselves committing. Frank incidentally understands what the culture war is all about but can’t wait for the old culture to be eradicated.

Once again, Radical and Right tell conservatives, Christians and Nationalists to recognize the revolutionary culture war that is now being waged against them by the new ruling Class, for to know your enemy is the first step of a successful resistance.

If you think that ‘revolutionary’ is a strong term, just look at the street violence and intimidation now being directed at Christians because of the recent pro-marriage election victories. The homosexual wing of the Media Class is in the forefront of the revolution and determined to smash opposition. In its campaign of violence, the homosexual vanguard will have the backing of the Hollywood rich, the Democrat lawmakers and the police in Leftist dominated cities. Most importantly, the Media Class will make sure the people of America are kept uninformed.

There hasn’t been much good news this Fall/Autumn so I am ecstatic to learn that the UK’s lone Nationalist Party has just one the by-election for a seat on Boston Borough Council. The result is; David Owens BNP. 279; IND. 141; CONS.119; LAB. 64; UKIP. 24; LIBDEM. 23.

As far as I know the BNP has never stood a candidate before in this ward. The Party is constantly savaged by the whole Media, harassed by the police, and physically attacked by Union and Socialist thugs. When ordinary people ignore those in power and vote for the lone Nationalist and traditional Christian candidate it means we still have hope.

1. Free Republic Forum – Understanding Peggy Noonan by Irish Rose

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