Reid Delivers Knock-Out!

This last week has been notable for another success for the Revolutionary forces in America.  I refer of course to the Senate vote that will allow Obama and the Revolutionary Democrat Party to pack the Government’s Administration and – more importantly – the Federal Courts with extreme Leftists and perverted activists. 

    But first a comment on the new African American game of Knock-Out which is sweeping the Nation’s urban centers of multi-cultural excellence. Our website visitors will know to what I am referring because the Mainstream Media (MSM) has suddenly begun covering the phenomenon, even in some cases with headlines. Well, not quite fully covering it, for those who get their propaganda from the MSM will not be aware that Knock-Out is an inter-racial game. Missing from MSM reports is the small – but significant – fact that Black youths deliver the knock-outs and Asians and Whites take the count. 

    For those who have entirely missed news of this exciting sport, here are the facts. Black youths, sometimes including Black females, find a lone White or Asian person on a relatively quiet street not too far from their ghetto home territory and innocently descend on him or her and then one delivers a blow to the head designed to knock the unsuspecting victim to the ground. Sometimes, more blows are delivered whilst the victim is on the ground and confused. The attacker or attackers then flee from the field and retire to the locker room having won the game. 

    We on this website have been mentioning the new sport for some time and Free Republic’s contributors have long been reporting this African American game from all around the Nation, sometimes with pictures of the victims and local news clips. The FR’s always-alert contributors have supplied the crucial racial aspect of the sport because even at local level the reporters have chosen to omit it. Seasoned counter-revolutionaries will be aware that no reporter, neither at local or national level, mentions skin color in a report unless it is favorable to the Black community. This is the stated policy of both the MSM’s editors and the reporters’ unions and helps further the agenda of the Ruling Media Class. 

    All local news reports predictably have striven to conceal that this is a Black on White ‘sport’. Some victims have died as a result of their injuries but since the Media agenda demands that Blacks must always appear to be victims of White violence the reporting has only mentioned that ‘youths’ were responsible. Even when the reporters state that police are searching for the attackers and information is being sought from the public, skin color is ignored. Some website counter-revolutionary sources attribute the MSM’s sudden interest in Knock-Out to the fact that two Bronx Jews have recently been amongst the victims and so the Jewish dominated MSM have become alarmed. If this information is correct, the sudden concern is understandable for urban Black youths have long nursed a resentment of the Jewish prosperity that confronts them in big cities. That resentment of success is the reason why Asians are also being chosen for knock-out inclusion in the new game. 

    On this website we regard knock-out as just one more example of the increasing racially-motivated attacks perpetrated by young urban Blacks. We assert that Black youths are responding to Obama’s blatant encouragement of Black resentment that amounts to incitement and Holder’s racially partisan policies at the DOJ. Flash Mobs are another example and we suspect that Black on White home invasions are also on the increase and would be even more frequent if not for citizen gun ownership. 

    As always, the MSM has gone into overdrive in misrepresenting Knock-Out so that Whites and Asians are not properly informed. Most low attention citizens will assume from the reporting that youths of all colors are ‘playing the game’ and victims are of all colors. So far, I have not seen one single report of a White perpetrator of Knock-Out and if one White youth does imitate his Black contemporaries he will find himself speedily elevated to the headlines and his ‘whiteness’ magnified a thousand times. 

    The standard MSM reporting stresses the words ‘game’, ‘isolated’ and ‘random’, all of which are blatantly and deliberately misleading. The NYT, which along with the Washington Post peddles nothing but propaganda, has gone so far as to suggest that KO is nothing more than a “myth”. One Police Chief, who surely must owe his rank to his willingness to pursue the Ruling Class agenda, has asserted that “young men have made sport of trying to knock people out for decades”. Really? This is the first we have heard of it! Nevertheless, Xfinity reports that “the Knock-Out game has police on High Alert” and also reports that we are experiencing “a disturbing rash of assaults” though “sucker punching” has been around for “decades”. Whilst Xfinity seeks to normalize and trivialize these racist attacks it sought to offset the damage to its ‘White Guilt Agenda’ by headlining on 23rd November that “Neighborhood wakes to KKK propaganda” and “Neighborhood wakes to racist propaganda”. It is a well-used ploy of the MSM to cancel out a news story it prefers to bury by inflating or inventing one that restores the agenda. 

    The truth is that young urban Blacks are organizing on their taxpayer-supplied cell phones to select unsuspecting White and Asian victims on the streets for brutal mob attacks. They continue to organize and carry out mob raids on stores and on this website we believe that Black youth violence will continue to grow as a spin-off of the Revolution that we are living through. 

    This brings us to Harry Reid’s success in altering the long-standing procedural rules of the Senate. These rules have been a part of the Constitution’s intent to ensure that no one part of Government has unlimited power and that a minority Party in Congress can exert brakes on Government extremism. The Republicans in the Senate can no longer delay or block the Obama revolutionary agenda. Not only can Obama appoint any and every extremist to powerful Administrative positions and rule by executive orders but the way is now open to overwhelmingly pack every Federal Court. Federal Courts will no longer even pretend to restrict the Government to the Constitution but will rubber stamp every illegal Government action and make Leftist policy when required. The Republicans in both Houses should have walked out in protest the very first time that Obama behaved un-Constitutionally, refusing to return until he surrendered. It needed a crisis of Government to halt his bold advance, but the Republicans (Lions led by Donkeys?) failed to recognize the revolutionary nature of Obama’s Presidency and of his Democrat Party. The result, after one un-Constitutional action followed yet another, is that the Republicans in the Senate have now been rendered impotent. 

    We maintain that this Government, on behalf of its masters in the Media Class, intends to remake the USA before 2016. It does not intend that the old 2 Party game should resume or that any part of its revolutionary successes will be reversed. The Obamacare legislation will proceed, destroying the Insurance companies and clearing the way for nationalized health care. When we enter the run-up to the next Presidential election the MSM will go into overdrive to destroy conservative candidates. The billionaire perverts and libertines of the Media Class will pour staggering sums of money into the campaign and America will sleepwalk into camouflaged totalitarianism. 

    Those who think this is fanciful should ponder a small event that last week took place in the UK – where a ruling Media Class is also advancing its agenda. Such small events as this one are straws in the wind and reveal how the UK has advanced further down the road of totalitarianism. Its citizens have lost freedom of speech and the police and judiciary are now agents of Government, exercising arbitrary power. Its petty bureaucrats (in this instance a school principal) work daily to advance the revolution and remake the country. 

    Littleton Green Community School in Staffordshire is the equivalent of an elementary school in the US. The word ‘Community’ in its title should alert all conservatives for the word is invariably there to state the intention of pandering to minority interests and advancing the multi-racial agenda. The school’s 8 year olds were to be taken on a ‘field trip’ (another Orwellian nu-speak word suited to our revolutionary times) to Staffordshire University (like all Universities a center of Leftist indoctrination) to attend a ‘workshop’ (yet another Orwellian word) on Islam. Lynn Small, the Principal, later justified this trip “As part of the National Religious Education curriculum together with the multi-cultural community in which we live”. She also claimed, probably correctly, “It is a statutory requirement for primary school-aged children to experience and learn about different cultures”. 

    All this Orwellian talk, designed to lull the native people into passivity, masks an education agenda that is expelling anything Christian from the children’s experience and replacing it with a mish-mash of foreign religions and/or the promotion of Islam. In this case the University was going to promote Islam. Some parents awoke from their slumbers or took time off from watching soccer on TV and protested, threatening to withdraw their children from the trip. They received a letter from Ms. Small threatening that any absences on the day “will be investigated for their credibility” and if deemed unacceptable “a racial discrimination note put on the child’s record where it will remain throughout the child’s school career”. (See below a full copy of her warning to parents)1. Ms. Small must have felt confident that her superiors approved her action. 

    Unfortunately for Ms. Small and her superiors she moved a little too openly and quickly and was forced to back down and apologize, for the story got on the Internet causing Education bureaucrats and local politicians to run for cover when popular anger erupted. In this instance the native people were aroused and unintended daylight was temporarily shed on the official agenda – but the agenda will relentlessly continue and Ms. Small will eventually be rewarded for her commitment to the multi-cultural indoctrination of children. 

    American parents should take note for it will not be long before their 8 year olds will be going on field trips to be introduced not only to different cultures but to different sexual practices. Any parent who objects will not only be pilloried in the Media, given a pink slip at work, investigated by the DOJ and denounced by the Southern Law Poverty Group, but the child will have a note put on his record recording bigotry. Further down the road of this revolution children will forever be removed from the care of their bigoted parents. Anyone thinking I am being alarmist is failing to take note of all those straws in the wind. 

    Here are some news items that the MSM are hiding. 

    Crystal Mangum, the exotic African American dancer who falsely accused the Duke University Lacrosse players of rape was never held accountable for her perjury and the ruination of the young men’s lives. The 80+ extreme Left Faculty members who rushed to judgment have yet to pay for their crime. Ms. Mangum, whose word was believed simply because she was Black (and the accused were White) actually had a criminal history and since the episode has continued to offend. Last week, the 34 year old Mangum was sentenced to 14 to 18 years for stabbing her boyfriend to death. The MSM which constantly records and inflates every misdemeanor of George Zimmerman – still described in reports as a man who “identifies himself as Hispanic” – has no interest in Ms. Mangum. 

    Last Friday two Black men (identified as Black by a video camera) entered a nail salon in Miami/Dade County, Florida in what must have been an attempted robbery. They shot and wounded the owner Hai Vu and shot dead his 10 year old son Aaron. This dreadful and outrageous crime will get less Media coverage than George Zimmerman getting a parking ticket. As we repeatedly warn our visitors the MSM does not deal in news but in propaganda. 

    Three cheers for the UK’s British National Party. Although we do not agree with its National Socialist economic policies and we think Nick Griffin’s leadership is greatly flawed, we have to admire his and the Party’s daily protests outside the Old Bailey Court in London. Two Muslims are being tried for the Islamic-motivated and cruel and bloody murder of soldier Lee Rigby on an English street in broad daylight. Islamic Imperialists do not stop short at Knock-Out. The BNP is determined to draw public attention to poor Lee’s horrific death whilst the Government and the MSM would prefer that the trial should be as low-profile as possible. After all there is a multi-cultural community to be nurtured and appeased and a White Leftist movement working to rid the Nation of its Whiteness and remnants of Christianity. The police must be aching to arrest all the demonstrators and Government lawyers are probably at this very moment seeking to find grounds for them to do so. Obama’s packed Federal Courts of the future will be energetic in finding grounds for the complete outlawing of free speech and will be inspired by the UK’s decent into Leftist oppression. 

    This is the last post until next weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to our website visitors – even to the perverts (Pink Panthers?) who send us abuse! 

Littleton Green Community School Parents Letter

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