Redistribution of Health

The news that a Texas health worker who treated the late Liberian Ebola victim Thomas Duncan, has now tested positive for the disease, is surely proof that President Obama’s policies are working. The news about the victim is sketchy and so we do not know if it is a male or female, nurse or ancillary health worker or how sick is the unfortunate health worker- turned- patient. The official pronouncement is that the health worker has requested anonymity. Maybe and maybe not, for so far the official policy on Ebola is that there is no risk to the American public, and absolutely no need for alarm, let alone panic. The public is surely wise to assume that officialdom is playing down all news and that the victim has been ‘advised’ to stay out of sight.

When considering all ‘news’ concerning Ebola it is worth remembering that the threat of this West African epidemic to Americans became a Government issue from the start, for only the US Government has the power to impose an embargo on travelers from foreign countries. Texas, like all other States, has no legal machinery for keeping its residents safe from infected travelers. Not imposing an embargo on travelers was an Obama decision and one that has now resulted in an actual victim. There may be more and conceivably many more. Obama’s spokesman and expert is Dr. Tom Frieden of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and he has been very busy telling an uncritical Mainstream Media (MSM) that Ebola is impossible to contract if well-known precautions are taken. In response to the news that a carer of Duncan has now tested positive, Dr. Frieden asserted that there must have been a failure at the Dallas Hospital to follow proper procedures. Dr. Frieden insisted this despite having no evidence that this was so. Today, Sunday October 12, he has publicly stated that there may soon be additional cases, implying that proper procedures were not followed by more than one health worker.

MSM pictures of health workers dealing with Ebola victims remind one of space travelers and suggest that this disease is terrifyingly contagious as well as deadly. Given the time lag between infection and first symptoms-perhaps 10 days or more-the chances of those infected with Ebola passing it on to many others seem pretty high. If Thomas Duncan transmitted his Ebola to a health worker or workers who knew he was sick with the disease, we should be greatly alarmed. Even if some small part of the procedure was ignored it is certain that the hospital workers around him were being extremely careful. Even the man in the street is alert to the dangers of this disease.

Michael Savage, the Californian Talk Show host who is knowledgeable about epidemics, has been outspoken in his condemnation of Obama for not imposing from the beginning an embargo on travelers from West Africa. The MSM will not take up his criticism and lay blame at Obama’s door. Instead, we can see from the latest Freiden press conference that blame is going to be laid at the door of the Dallas Hospital staff for ‘breaching’ the control measures.

Meanwhile, the MSM is ensuring that a politically correct narrative is established. In the weekend’s WSJ a half-page article By Dan Frosch, Ana Campoy and Nathan Koppel, under the heading “Liberian’s Day’s in Dallas: Joy, Then Sorrow”, is intended to focus readers on the anguish of Duncan and his Liberian compatriots, who all appear to be American citizens. There seem to be many of them in the Dallas area. Surely Liberia was supposed to be a place in Africa where Blacks could escape from White America’s oppression and build a Black Nation that would be free and prosperous. Now we learn that Black Liberians have been immigrating to racist Texas in large numbers for decades. Isn’t this contrary to all we have been fed by Leftists and the MSM? Duncan, it seems, was able to get on a plane and travel to Texas without evidence of medical insurance and where he was going to re-unite with a girlfriend who he had not seen for at least 14 years. She is, it is claimed, the mother of his child. Did immigration officials not question him closely to see if he was coming with the intention of staying? Travelers from the (Ebola free) UK are often rigorously questioned about their intentions in order to prevent illegal immigrants from entering.

It would not be surprising if, under the Obama/Holder regime, immigration officials have been told to admit without question anyone from Africa, whilst choking off any influx of White Europeans. This policy would be in accord with the aim of ending the hideous ‘Whiteness’ that so offends Leftists and the Obama inner circle. The refusal to close America to the West African Ebola Nations is surely rooted in this reverse racism, but perhaps Obama also sees here an additional opportunity to spread Third World diseases more fairly. Why should America escape Ebola when there is an opportunity for the redistribution of health? Never let a crisis go to waste! America’s Blacks should wake up, for such policies put them at equal risk.

NBC News today is full of the woes of the Myers family in St Louis and the late Michael Brown’s family in Ferguson. The MSM is determined to keep alive the deaths of Vonderrit Myers (the 18 year old Black criminal shot dead by a police officer) and the similar death of Michael Brown (now part of American folklore for being ‘unarmed’ and a ‘gentle giant’). Trayvon Martin is also not going to go away if the MSM can help it. All other Black youths shot dead (by members of their own ‘communities’) never get a mention and their families remain anonymous.

Still it is nice to know that the MSM quickly forget White victims of Black violence as quickly as those young Blacks shot dead in Chicago are ignored and forgotten. It is doubtful that any website visitor will recognize the names Colleen Hufford and Traci Johnson. Does the name Alton Nolen ring a bell? What about Jah’Keem Yisrael? No? Not surprising, for the MSM is determined that all these names should be deposited firmly in the dustbin of history. There have been no marches about the death of poor 54 year old Colleen Hufford and certainly no riots and looting. Nor have there been any reports on the medical progress of Traci Johnson, aged 43. On this website we do not intend that their names should sink into obscurity.

The lack of MSM coverage about them says much about the Media Class agenda, for the facts of their suffering do not serve that agenda. We refer you to this website’s article of September 27th, “Beheading in Oklahoma”. Both ladies were White and industrious citizens who probably had little time for political posturing, being more concerned with working for a living. It was at their place of work where Colleen was cruelly beheaded by Alton Nolan, a Black Muslim convert with a criminal history who had taken the name Jah’Keem Yisrael. Nolen also stabbed Traci many times before a White manager shot him, thus saving her life and that of others in the workplace.

This event is surely hugely newsworthy and deserving of frequent ongoing media coverage. Is Traci Johnson recovering and what about the trauma for the families of both women? What about Media investigation into Nolen’s past and his Mosque attendances? From the MSM, nada!

Last Friday brought some good news from the UK. The Clacton by-election was a devastating humiliation for Conservative Party Prime Minister Dave ‘Hug-a-hoodie’ Cameron and his odious Liberal Democrat Party partners. The Clacton voters, many of them genuine conservatives, deserted them in droves. The result was as follows;

——————— UKIP 21,113 (59.75%)

——— Conservative Party 8709 (24.6%)

—- Labour Party 3957 (11.20%)

– Green Party 688 (1.95%)

X Liberal Democrat Party 483 (1.37%).

There will soon be another by-election resulting from another defection by a Tory MP and we can only hope that the result is even more humiliating for Cameron, the LibDems and Labour. UKIP’s hostility to the EU is a major factor in all this but maybe Cameron’s sucking up to the homosexual crowd in the Media Class has also alienated many rank-and file Tories. Perhaps a few more Tory MP’s will find enough courage to follow in Carswell’s footsteps. Meanwhile in little Maryport in the UK’s northwest, Dawn Charlton, a steadfast member of the BNP was found ‘not guilty’ on two more trumped-up charges. American conservatives need to know that in the UK the police forces have been wholly politicized, especially in those areas where the Socialists have an iron grip on power. Cameron would like to have the same power to persecute any opponents on the Right, so his humiliation is to be greatly welcomed.

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