Red Mobs Get Preferential Treatment

Politically-inspired violence has long been the prerogative of the Left and we should never be surprised by this. The Left has long argued that ‘the ends justify the means’ and since Leftists believe that they are on the side of history and progress, are on the side of the downtrodden and possess the blueprint for Utopia, they never doubt that they should have a monopoly of power. This rationale has allowed Leftists to be more than comfortable with the suppression of opponents, vote-rigging, and violence. In the aftermath of the First World War, Leftists across Europe used violence and terror to crush opposition. In Russia, Hungary, Spain, and Germany, Leftists snatched power by force and began to murder the opposition. In Germany the triumph of the Left was short-lived but by the late 1920’s, Red Mobs again controlled the streets of all major cities and a new factor made an appearance. It was that the police forces of cities such as Berlin and Hamburg were now also controlled by the Reds and so the Red Mobs were encouraged and facilitated by the forces of ‘Law and Order’. Red Mobs routinely broke up the meetings of political opponents, with the police acting as benevolent spectators. It was in Munich and Berlin that Hitler, at that time more Nationalist than Socialist, learned his lessons about taking control of the streets. Mimicking the Leftists, Hitler and the homosexual Ernst Roehm organized their own mobs and dressed them in Brown Shirts. In the end, Roehm’s military training and tactics enabled the Brown Shirts to win the battle of the streets and Hitler was able to hold public meetings and marches. Hitler of course also believed that he was on the side of history and progress (Darwinism) and the German people, and had a blueprint for Utopia.

I refer back to this time in European history merely to remind website visitors that Leftist violence has deep roots and only a very thorough reading of the history books will reveal the truth, for the history books are almost always written by Leftist academics. In their versions of history, the Leftist violence is both downplayed and recorded with more than a little approval. It will be much the same when future American generations (assuming that they are allowed to choose their own books rather than learn their history from Hollywood films) read about our current era of Health Care politics. What they will read is that Democrat politicians were spat upon, intimidated by reactionary and crazed Tea Party mobs, subjected to racial insults and homophobia and terrorized by mobs breaking their office windows. Future British generations will be taught that the BNP and other White racists stalked the streets of British cities intimidating people of color. Only the brave Leftists of ‘Unite Against Fascism’ prevented the forces of reaction from gaining control of the political process, or so the history books will record.

The truth is, of course, that in the US, UK, Canada and elsewhere in the Western World, the Left is marching, screaming, spitting and punching its opponents without respite and without police restraint. In the UK the Red Mobs have controlled by violence the education campuses for the last 40 or more years. In the last decade or two the Reds have also prevented Nationalists from holding public meetings and have largely succeeded in preventing Nationalists from campaigning on the streets at election times. Just as in Berlin in the late 1920’s, UK policemen now stand by as Red Mobs do their work and the Courts restrict their punishments for those who resist the Reds. American conservatives and Christians who are now experiencing the violence of Red Mobs should carefully note that the forces of Law and Order are frequently no longer neutral here.

Here are some current examples:

Last weekend, Roy Beck of an American organization called ‘Numbers USA’ was in Washington with a film crew to record the mass march by those who are demanding the legalization of all illegal immigrants. Beck is known by the proponents of illegal immigrant rights as an opponent and is therefore a constant target of intimidation. The Leftist demonstrators adopted a title for their protest that was as far from the truth as are all Leftist slogans – ‘March for America’. George Orwell was remarkably prescient when he wrote about ‘Nu-Speak’ for he understood the mindset of Leftists and their ability to pervert the meanings of words. In Washington, Beck and his crew of watchdogs were surrounded by thugs of the Red Union SEIU and its Leftist lawyers and not only prevented from filming the ‘March for America’, but pushed, spat upon shouted down and punched. Ominously, not only did the Reds succeed in preventing Beck from lawfully recording the march but one of them later allegedly complained to the police that she had been assaulted by a Beck worker. This allegation, made long after the alleged event, and without any evidence, led to the immediate arrest of the Beck worker. Beck should talk to Nick Griffin of the UK’s BNP, for it is a common experience for BNP members to be the victims of violent Red attacks and then subsequently to be accused by their attackers of assault and for this to lead to an amazingly speedy police response and Court appearance. It is as if the police are waiting in the wings for their cue.

In Canada last Tuesday evening, the conservative Ann Coulter was due to speak to an invited crowd of University students on the campus of the University of Ottawa. I will not detail here the hostility of the University towards Coulter that preceded the event for Coulter has very effectively written it up on her website. In Canada, where, as in Europe, free speech has long been abandoned in favor of speech that has the approval of the Left, speech is restricted to that which is deemed not to be ‘promoting hatred against any identifiable group’. This vague and widely-cast net enables the new Ruling Class to decide arbitrarily who has offended, and since Leftists now have established in law that ‘truth is no defense’, and since the Ruling Class has unlimited taxpayer funds for prosecution, dissenters risk ruin and prison. More importantly for this article, a violent Red Mob of 2000 was assembled to prevent Coulter from speaking. Unrestrained by the University security staff the Red Mob enjoyed themselves heroically suppressing racism, homosexual bigotry and other reactionary viewpoints.

In Bolton, England last week, a march was organized by Whites protesting the Islamification of the UK. This march had nothing to do with the BNP which, knowing how the Media uses every opportunity to present the Party as the cause of violence, bars its members from taking part in any marches. A Red Mob, reinforced by Muslims, assembled and attacked the White marchers and cleared them from the streets. Still spoiling for more violence the Mob turned on the police, apparently not realizing that they are all on the same side in the New Britain of tolerance and diversity.

Last June, BNP leader Nick Griffin and Andrew Bron, both newly elected to the European Parliament, attempted to hold a Press Conference on London’s College Green (outside the Houses of Parliament). A Unite Against Fascism Red Mob was assembled and quickly and violently brought the News Conference to an end. The police appeared helpless to intervene. BNP supporters filmed the violence, which included darts being thrown at Griffin and other BNP members. The BNP subsequently submitted the film to the Crown Prosecution Service. No-one should be surprised that the CPS has decided that there are no grounds for any prosecutions of the Reds!

On the website WorldNetDaily ( of 24th March, 2010 there is an article about an event that took place on June 23rd 2007 in New York State’s Elmira’s Wisner Park. The City was promoting a homosexual Festival in the Park which as a public park was open to all. A group of Christians decided to attend and offer help to any homosexuals who might consider repentance. The Christians were warned by a police sergeant not to enter the Park, walk through or talk to anyone about religion. Julian Raven and six others entered the Park and prayed. They were immediately arrested on the pretext that the homosexuals might react with hostility. The Christians spent 9 days in prison and 4 were convicted of disorderly conduct and ‘taking part in an act that served no legitimate purpose’. Raven has appealed and the case is now going through the Courts. I include this case in this article to show that Christians, like Nationalists and conservatives, are being denied free speech, are not to be protected from Red Mob violence and receive speedy ‘justice’ at the hands of the police and the Courts. These are examples from the US, the UK and Canada.

I invite our website visitors to ponder the underlying lessons. First, unlike the massive and unquestioning publicity now being allocated by the Media to the uncorroborated accusations of Leftist politicians against Health Care protestors, the Red Mobs receive favorable publicity for their demonstrations and their violence is unreported. Their victims are cast by the Media in the role of causing provocation by their mere presence. The Media regularly provides the information that will enable the Reds to assemble in numbers and at the ‘right’ place. The Red Mobs are never subjected to Media investigation and scrutiny. Their spokespersons are allowed ample opportunity to crow over their successes and afforded anonymity. They have no reason to fear the police and judiciary as long as their targets are conservatives, Christians and Nationalists.

I have listened to and read many reported comments by the Red Mob leaders. They make no secret of their intent to deny free speech to opponents, confident in the approval of all Media people, academics and Leftist politicians. They are confident that their breaking of laws will go unpunished. All this can only be explained by the fact that they are acting in collusion with a Ruling Class and that their violence is necessary because we are in a period of revolutionary struggle. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘Culture War’ but here on this website we contend that we are experiencing the revolution that occurs whenever a new Class takes power. That Class is the Media Class and it considers us as counter-revolutionaries.

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