Red Mob Attacks Peaceful BNP Members in Greater Manchester

We have many times reported on this website the activities of the violent Red Mobs that now seem to control the streets of some UK cities. A national network of Leftists, composed of Communists, Trotskyists, Anarchists, Labour Party activists and Trade Union thugs, all paid for by rich Socialists and Union bosses, have been attempting, through intimidation and outright violence, to prevent the British National Party from carrying out lawful political campaigning. The network attempts to discover venues that the BNP has reserved for meetings dinners and fundraisers and then publicizes the events and threatens violent demonstrations outside them. The BNP is mostly prevented from hiring publicly owned meeting places by the mainstream Parties that control the Councils and so have to hold events in pubs and similar places where there are rooms that can be hired. Pub owners who have agreed to let their facilities to the BNP, are subsequently terrorized into cancelling events because of the threat of Red Mob violence.

The Red Mobs are able to act with impunity because the police in most areas have become highly politicized and turn a blind eye to Leftist criminal activities. This police collusion with violent Red Mobs indicates a worse threat to free speech and political freedom, and that is the Blue threat to freedom posed by the loss of the old-fashioned police neutrality. (Needless to say, the Media also colludes by looking the other way). These twin threats of Red Mob and Blue Fascism were on display in Greater Manchester on Friday night.

A BNP fundraiser was due to take place at the Pure Nightclub in Leigh, a suburb of Manchester in Lancashire. This fundraiser was one of a series taking place all over England and they consist of speeches, a pageant and singing (all celebrating aspects of the once-thriving English culture) and an address by the BNP leader Nick Griffin. Many of the attendees are elderly people, who dress in suits and ties and the events are ultra-respectable and probably quite old-fashioned. They have been raising significant amounts of money that will enable the BNP to fight the EU elections in June. The BNP relies on such small donations for it is shunned by the wealthy and detested by the rich Media entertainers who fund Leftist causes. The well-funded Leftist network that only exists to silence the BNP discovered the venue for the Leigh event some days ago and began its process of intimidation. The BNP and the owners of the nightclub agreed to cancel the event and it was rearranged at another place which the Red thugs failed to discover. As it happens the event went off without disruption and a couple of thousand pounds was raised.

That is not the end of the story however. The Greater Manchester Police visited the owner of the nightclub and threatened that his (liquor) license would be withdrawn if he allowed the BNP to use his facility. This was an illegal police action and one that should greatly alarm every UK citizen who values freedom. The BNP says that it intends to take legal action against the Police Authority. We hope so though legal action is a costly and time-consuming business and the BNP is hardly equipped to undertake it. Sadly, the judicial system is now almost as politically biased as the police forces and from the same Home Office sources and there is no guarantee that justice will be served.

The fundraisers have also been accompanied by a visit to the area of a BNP truck specially constructed to display an eye-catching political message. This truck visited the vicinity of the Leigh nightclub on Friday and I suspect the purpose was to convince the Red Mob that the original venue was being used and thus preserve the safety of the new venue. The Mob was waiting and duly attacked the truck and its driver and assistant with hammers and other weapons. The driver, Tony Ward was struck with a hammer by a Black assailant from the multi-racial Mob and a picture of his bleeding head can be seen on the BNP website. He required immediate hospital treatment and had several stitches inserted. When the police arrived on the scene, the truck had been smashed and overturned and the Red Mob was gone.

I find it hard to believe that the police were not aware of the Mob’s presence and intentions since their intelligence gathering operations seemed to be able to identify the nightclub and justify an intimidating visit. Arriving after the Mob had departed smacks of collusion. Mr. Ward’s serious injury has however embarrassed the Manchester Police and they cannot avoid some kind of response. I understand a man has been detained for questioning. Mr. Ward is lucky that it is not him for I have no doubt that the Greater Manchester Police would sooner be taking him before a Court.

The BBC has reported the attack, though, as always with a disdain for the facts for in this case the facts would throw a lot of light on the Mob and the police, and the BBC is not anxious to let the public know too much. According to the BBC report, the “Protestors arrived at a campaign event”. The dishonesty starts here for “protestors” are people who stand around with banners in a peaceful manner and do not interfere with others who are going about their lawful business. People who arrive with hammers and other weapons are not ‘protestors’ but a Mob in search of victims and intent on violent lawbreaking. The BBC report continues “Violence broke out as 30 people surrounded a BNP vehicle”. This should read “The 30 members of a Red Mob attacked the BNP vehicle”. One-sided violence, as this was, does not “break out” for it is intended from the start. “Tony Ward was hit with a hammer” reduces the incident to one action, but Mr. Ward was attacked and struck many times. “Officers arrived to discover the BNP’s vehicle had been overturned” is again the kind of passive description that the BBC reserves for when it does not want to point a finger. ‘The Red Mob overturned and smashed the vehicle’ would be accurate reporting, and a reporter might have questioned the police as to why they arrived not only too late to stop the attack but too late to restrain any attackers. Finally, the BBC reporter writes “A BNP fundraising event had been due to take place at Pure nightclub, but it was cancelled at the last minute”. No mention as to why it had been cancelled (and not at the last minute!) and no mention of the illegal police threats against the owner of the nightclub. The BBC has no interest in digging for facts unless it is in pursuit of the Media Class agenda. You can be sure that if this incident had been about a mob of Christians attacking an offensive and disgusting Homosexual parade, the BBC would have investigative reporters swarming all over the place and hunting down and revealing every last ‘protestor’.

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