Red Bernie Sanders Gets Dose of Own Medicine

It is gratifying to read that Jane Sanders, wife of Red Bernie, is being investigated for some kind of financial crime. Some reports suggest that Red Bernie himself might also be under investigation.

Not much detail has yet emerged, and predictably the Mainstream Media (MSM) is showing no interest in this big news story, lest it distract public attention from Trump’s myriad financial and traitorous crimes. But it seems that Jane Sanders just happened to land a cushy job as President of Burlington College, Vermont, in 2004. We can be sure this plum job had nothing to do with Red Bernie’s influence.

As President and a dedicated Socialist, Jane began spending ‘other people’s money’ in pursuit of the infrastructure growth that is dear to the Far-Left, and a panacea for all of society’s ills. Unfortunately, she miscalculated its returns and the college became burdened with debt. By 2011, according to reports, Jane bailed out of the job on a golden parachute, leaving a successor to rescue the college.

A rescue proved impossible, so Burlington College ceased to exist. I have yet to find what happened to the unfortunate students and whether some people were left with unpaid bills, but Red Bernie and Jane have since acquired expensive (for Vermont) property, and Red Bernie is still propagating pure Socialism.

Ultimately, the investigation and perhaps a criminal trial will reveal if Jane – and perhaps Red Bernie – had fingers in the jar, or whether Jane just made bad financial decisions. Either way we can be glad that Red Bernie and Jane did not become President and First Lady respectively in the White House, handling the nation’s budget and infrastructure.

I suspect that Red Bernie and his lovely wife are not criminal and that she simply made foolish decisions, but we shall see! My guess is that there are disgruntled lenders who lost money on Burlington’s expansion and who have now raised concerns, knowing the AG and FBI are in honest hands at last.

Since Red Bernie has been loudly accusing Trump of crimes without any evidence, it is satisfying that he is now being forced to take a few large doses of his own medicine.

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  1. About 30 years ago, a Marxist couple who ran a restaurant in Mendocino County got into some serious debt. They took all the money they had and fled to France, leaving their creditors high and dry. NEVER trust your money to a lefty.

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