Recess Picks Unconstitutional

First, some good news in these increasingly bad times! A three judge Federal Appeals Court for the District of Columbia has ruled that Obama violated the Constitution in filling three labor board vacancies.   The headline in the WSJ on Saturday, January 26 was “Court Throws Out Recess Picks”. This was an accurate lead but as our website visitors will know, the WSJ is stuffed with Leftist propagandists, including Jess Bravin, who was one of the three contributors to this article. The sub-heading and what followed was typical Bravin/WSJ slanted reporting.”Long Tradition of Presidential Appointments During Senate Breaks Faces Constitutional Challenge”. A trip to the center page editorial will quickly clarify that Obama has not been waiting for Senate breaks and that is what the Court ruled unconstitutional. The Bravin article is Obama propaganda from start to finish and totally misleading. Bravin often covers capital punishment issues where he does everything possible to push the Leftist agenda. 

    Still, the Appeals Court decision is good news and will throw the Union leaders and activists into a frightful tizzy. Obama has been packing the labor board with Leftists in order to enable Unions to short-circuit the procedures that require time and debate before a workforce is plunged into Union servitude. Obama and his comrades will be getting the long knives ready and the Mainstream Media (MSM) will be working overtime to make this Court decision sound outrageous. We will be told constantly that these three judges were Republican appointments and their judgment poisoned by racial bias. Their judgment has however opened the door to appeals on most of Obama’s other recess appointments which have also been arrogantly unconstitutional. This President has never yet been denied his imperial powers and will not lightly back down one inch. He is likely to employ even more unconstitutional means simply to satisfy his ego rather than retreat even temporarily. Still if his actions end up in the Supreme Court we can be sure that John Roberts is bought and paid for and that the Revolutionary Left now has a majority there. Hopefully, the three Appeals Court judges have no skeletons in cupboards but the MSM will be digging up their pasts, as will this Government’s agencies and the Soros Front Groups. 

    Another piece of good news this past week was the death of Dolours Price at the age of 62. On this website we mostly refrain from gloating over deaths, even the execution of convicted killers – always mindful that the deceased is someone’s child or sibling. Price and her sister, Marian, were convicted of the bombing of the UK’s Old Bailey Court in London in 1973. The Price sisters were members of the terrorist organization known as the Irish Republican Army and no doubt took part in many terrorist attacks in Belfast and across Ulster before they and some comrades planted several car bombs in London. Some of the car bombs did not explode otherwise the death and injury toll would have been higher and no doubt Price was disappointed that the death toll was not in double or treble figures. 

    Anyone who plants bombs or sets fires is beyond the pale as far as this website is concerned for he or she cares nothing for innocent suffering. As we have always maintained on this website, the IRA was and is a disgusting criminal organization and the British Government should have mobilized every resource to eliminate its members. Instead, fearing the IRA-friendly MSM of not just the UK but the US and Western Europe, the British Government surrendered and now the IRA leader Gerry Adams has a major voice in Government. Price was sentenced to life imprisonment (capital punishment having been deemed inhuman in the UK and thus giving great pleasure to Jess Bravin and his ilk) which in the UK does not mean anything like ‘life’. After 8 years Price was quietly released on the grounds that she was suffering from an eating disorder. She moved to Dublin, where she died. Interestingly, Price fell out with Adams, perhaps because he was too much of an opportunist, but she made clear that he gave the instructions for the Old Bailey bombing. Adams has always denied he was a member of the IRA and one is reminded of Lance Armstrong’s years of denials about drug taking. At least Armstrong came clean at last and perhaps on his death-bed Adams will admit to being the commander of the IRA. 

    It is interesting to compare the kid-glove treatment of Price back in 1982 to the ruthless treatment now being given to Tommy Robinson. Of course times have changed in the UK which no longer allows free speech, indeed treats it as one of the great crimes if it involves immigration or homosexuality. I know nothing of Tommy Robinson except that he is a leader of the English Defence League. The EDL is a Nationalist organization that believes the native English people are being turned into second-class citizens and are oppressed. The EDL has organized a number of street protests though none of them violent as far as I know. It is always the Leftist anti-Nationalists who bring the violence to any UK protest. In Cameron’s UK the old traditions of free speech are unacceptable for he is entirely obedient to the BBC-led MSM, especially on matters of immigration and sodomy. Tommy Robinson, as I understand it, was arrested for a passport violation, which would seem to be a minor and technical matter. He is however kept in solitary confinement and not because he has requested it. I suggest that all our website visitors do an internet search on Robinson and the EDL, starting with the BNP website. The BNP is not sympathetic to Robinson’s politics but has recorded his cruel punishment which is reminiscent of the old Soviet Union. I am sure the Obama regime and the Media Class Rulers who sponsor it, intend to transform the US into a copy of Cameron’s UK and then on to something much worse. 

    Today, we are told by the AP, thousands marched in Washington demanding gun control. We will not read or hear from the MSM that half a million marched protesting abortion. Robinson’s outrageous treatment is not reported in the UK’s MSM and so the British people are kept in ignorance. America’s people will similarly not be aware that so many people oppose abortion. This is the power of the MSM and the ruling Media Class. This week I heard Rush Limbaugh, for the first time, refer to America’s “Ruling Class”. Has he been visiting our website for we have long claimed that America now has a “Ruling Class”? Until now Rush has always talked about the “elites” though rarely attempting to define who composes the ‘elites’ and how they wield so much power. I suppose it is progress that he has at last perceived that America now has a Ruling Class but we can explain how and when this Class evolved, what are its component parts, why it has a Revolutionary agenda, why it has a working alliance with the Unions and what its agenda consists of. 

    This leads me to the White House decision this week that women soldiers will now take part in front-line fighting. This ridiculous decision will mystify most normal people. It can hardly be claimed that women have been taking to our streets to demand foxholes in Afghanistan and I doubt that the celebrities of the evening news are eager to get out of Manhattan and into a hot cramped tank. A soldier who took part in the invasion of Iraq wrote a stunning piece in the WSJ about the mechanics of defecation in a crowded vehicle on its way to Baghdad. Any self-respecting normal women who read this piece would not volunteer and would go on hunger strike to avoid it. So what is the decision all about? 

    On this website we are qualified to answer this because we understand the Ruling Class and its allies. We have a Ruling Class that owes its power to Hollywood fantasy. It is a Class that spews out movies that rewrite history, invents history, invents facts and dismisses the real ones. It is a Class that believes its own propaganda for its members are befuddled by drink, drugs and sex. We now have a population that believes if you want to know about the last World War you watch a Hollywood box-office hit by someone like Steven Spielberg. Combine this attachment to fantasy with the Leftist ideology that the World and its people can be totally remade by a cadre of activists who really understand the future and then throw in the anti-patriotic Leftist view that if the US military is totally demoralized, that is a good thing for the World, and we are almost there. Just add the desire to satisfy a small but powerful clique of bitter, privileged but unhappy Feminazis and we have such a decision as women sharing the foxholes. Finally, throw in the subterranean channels of ideological Leftism and perversion that wish to re-educate all of us that gender differences between man and woman are a reactionary leftover from our pre-revolutionary past, and you have the decision. We are being told by the MSM and the College Leftists that boys might really be girls and girls might be boys or something in between, that anal intercourse is equal to, or better than what Nature equipped us for and that a dog is more worthy of love than a child – I could go on – and we have this decision. We are in an Alice-in-Wonderland World where warfare is whatever is portrayed in movies -sanitized just like homosexual sex – and the moviemakers are our Ruling Class. 

    The MSM persecution of the White Latino George Zimmerman has been in abeyance now for some months. We have heard little about Trayvon Martin (the son Obama never had) and his martyrdom. Martin’s death has served its purpose for the Black vote turned out 100% for Obama and against Romney and his KKK. In fact the Black vote turned out well over 100% in many places. Yet the Zimmerman trial is due and it must be soon. We are watching closely! 

    This week, a website visitor sent us a picture of charred and mutilated dead bodies lying in lines. There must have been many hundred of them. In the serene and lush background stand some spectators who might include a Catholic Priest. The place is claimed to be Nigeria and the dead are the Christian victims of Muslim cleansing. I sent this picture and its accompanying narrative to the Pastor of my Church, who is, I believe, a liberal and product of modern California. He never mentions on Sundays the world-wide killing of Christians and others by Muslim Imperialists and I doubt many Pastors in California bring this subject up. Few mention abortion either and I think all will surrender to same sex marriage once the Government insists. All these Pastors are good men and their Christianity is no threat to anyone’s independence but the Christian Church is marching to destruction either by Leftist or Muslim totalitarianism. I am beginning to understand the 1930’s and why the West looked away as Europe’s Jews were marched to their deaths. I will ask Mr. Radical to post the picture on this website since we are committed to the truths that the MSM will suppress. If any visitor can confirm or refute the validity of the picture we will say so. 

    Weather – The cold and damp continues but warmer weather here in California seems to be on the way. Most of the Northern Hemisphere is still freezing and a website visitor in Wyoming is enjoying his ski vacation with plenty of snow. 

    Music Choice – There have been many great jazz guitarists and amongst the modernists were Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Kenny Burrell and Les Paul. Over the years I have come to discover more and more of the work of Grant Green. Green only lived for 48 years but in that time played and recorded with almost every Blue Note soloist and his work is both understated and full of gems. In 1963 he recorded with a quality line-up – Joe Henderson (ten), Bobby Hutcherson(vibes), Duke Pearson (p), Bob Cranshaw (b) and Al Harewood (d) to produce the album “Idle Moments”. The album is full of thoughtful playing and Green’s solos are outstanding. Green was not a guitarist who strutted around the stage, sticking his backside out and swiveling his hips. Nor did he imitate masturbation or need to turn up the volume to cover a lack of ideas. Instead he shut his eyes and improvised endless melody. One of the tracks is his own composition and I recommend “Jean De Fleur”. For those who listen to the whiny fake-proletarian Bob Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan), Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) or any of the other morons of modern popular entertainment, this music is not for you.

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