Racism Cuts All Ways

The news that a gang of Latinos from the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens district of Los Angeles has been targeting African-American residents in an attempt to ‘cleanse’ the neighborhood should surprise no-one who has a realistic view of racism. What is surprising is that this story has not only surfaced in the Mainstream Media (since it is based on a major Court case in LA it could hardly be avoided) but that it has been given some prominence nationally. The Leftist Mainstream Media (MSM) of the US Media Class demands that Latinos and Blacks be bracketed together as fellow victims of discrimination and united in their victimization at the hands of Whites. In many quarters of the MSM this supposed alliance of victims is often extended to include other races (usually unspecified but by implication Chinese, Vietnamese, and other Oriental Americans), all women and homosexuals. It is, of course, nothing but dishonest propaganda and anyone who has any real contact with Latinos soon discovers their animosity towards Blacks, who they regard as lazy and dangerous. My more limited anecdotal evidence is that African-Americans are resentful of the intrusion of Latinos en masse into the US and tend to treat them as inferior when employing them for domestic work. In areas where Blacks have greatly outnumbered Latinos, Blacks have often preyed on them as they do on Orientals.

The prominent report of the Hawaiian Gardens gang activity has incidentally revealed some frightening information about the multi-cultural world of Los Angeles. Hawaiian Gardens, a district of some 15,000 is part of a larger area of Southern California that covers only 7 counties yet is said by the US attorney’s office to be home to an estimated 100,000 gang members and is the Nation’s street gang capital. Besides ethnically cleansing the neighborhood of Hawaiian Gardens the gang now being rounded up has also engaged in racketeering, murder, kidnapping and drug dealing. Some will be charged with ‘hate crimes’ against Blacks. The US attorney’s office has also revealed that there are some 800,000 street gang members in the US. We are not given a racial breakdown of these gang members but I would doubt that many are other than Black and Latino. It is only in recent times that Latinos have been given such prominent victim status by the Media Class. That status has long been reserved for African-Americans, for it has served to make Whites feel guilty about historic racism/slavery and has enabled the Leftist Democrat Party to keep Black voters loyally on the reservation. The explosive growth of the Latino population and its subsequent power as a voting block has motivated the Media Class to extend victim status to Latinos in its reporting and Leftist community activist groups like Acorn have gone all out to forge a voting block of Blacks and Latinos. No doubt Obama benefitted greatly from this work for it is not hard to manipulate votes and manufacture them in areas that are already wholly corrupt. Still, I would venture to speculate that the current MSM reports of racism in Hawaiian Gardens would not have achieved any prominence if the perpetrators had been Black, for it is still Media agenda rules that Blacks can never be guilty of racism.

The sad truth that emerges from Hawaiian Gardens is that racism comes quite naturally to all races, for racial and cultural differences are sometimes quite profound and surface most quickly amongst people who are ignorant and immature and who are not either well-educated or thoroughly Christianized. Communities of people devoid of racism are possible as I know full well from my own years of experience living here in California. In many Christian congregations where people of all ethnic backgrounds meet, socialize and worship together, race never plays any part for true Christianity is blind to external appearances. Most importantly, there is no room for greater or lesser victim status when all are considered to be sinners. Besides the communities that wallow in ignorance and immaturity (and where the masses absorb their culture and role models from the Media) it is in the Leftist political world where racism is bred for the purposes of manipulating the masses for the benefit of the elites. Today’s uncontrolled immigration which throws together in close proximity vastly different peoples is a recipe for disaster not just for Nation States but both for the immigrants themselves and for the host populations who are trapped. This matters not one jot to the Leftists (who believe that ends justify means) or their Media Class masters who can prey on and manipulate people who are vulnerable, ignorant and disaffected. Those Media Class people who have abandoned all morality – and there are many of them in and beyond Hollywood – like nothing better than a social cesspit on which to prey. At one time, people like Joe Orton the British homosexual playwright, had to journey to Middle Eastern countries to find poor vulnerable Arab boys but in the modern Western world any big city has all any pervert can want.

Racism is also concealed amidst the details of the latest round-up of alleged would-be terrorists in White Plains, N.Y. Three of the four Black men now detained were not born Muslim but converted whilst in US prisons for committing many other crimes. It is typical ignorant Obama nonsense to claim that dangerous Islamic terrorists can be housed in ordinary prisons as though they are just ordinary criminals and entitled to due process of the law. Apart from other bad consequences, putting Islamic Imperialists in ordinary prisons will result in many more recruits to the terrorist cause. The racism aspect is that US-born Blacks seem to be most vulnerable to recruitment. I am sure this is because many Blacks harbor racial hatred for Whites, Jews and Asians and are therefore easier to recruit to Islamic Imperialism. No MSM commentator will ever mention this.

The BNP is continuing to suffer outrageous daily MSM attacks in the UK in the lead-up to the June elections. Most of the attacks are based on lies and distortions and it is hard to avoid the conclusion that they are being orchestrated but as we argue regularly on this website, a ruling Class that controls the Media does not need to organize in a conspiratorial way but just pursues its Class interests. Worse is to come for the BNP, I am sure, for the more popular the Party becomes with the native British people the more deadly will be the Media Class response. Despite this, the Party survived in the latest by-election in the Irwell and Riverside ward of Salford City and even prospered a little. For the benefit of US readers, Salford is an old industrial town that has been swallowed by its neighbor Manchester and is in South Lancashire. The Labour Party, in collusion with the Irish-leaning local Catholic Church, has long dominated local politics and I suppose it could be likened to Boston. The election result on Thursday was Labour 606 (-13.3%), Lib Dem 293 (-1.1%) BNP 276 (+3.8%) Con 189 (-4.7%) Green 125 and UKIP 123 (the latter two Parties did not contest the preceding election). The UKIP is being pumped up by the Media and many Establishment politicians in the hope that it will draw the Right-leaning protest vote from the BNP. In this Salford City by-election the voter turn-out was a paltry 17%. This is voter apathy at an unprecedented level and is no doubt a response to the expenses scandal that has tarred the Old Gang Parties. Still I find it disappointing that many more voters did not flock to the polls to register a protest vote for either the untainted BNP or the Green nut-eaters. The BNP was the only Party that increased its vote and a 17.1% share of the vote would be enough to win some EU seats in June. The Party will be relieved by this but I think the underlying evidence is that the Media Class has the ability to sway most potential voters. The sooner the BNP leaders realize that the Media Class owns the BNP’s opposition and not vise versa, the sooner it will make better progress.

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