Race, Propaganda And Facts!

This website exists to reveal and explain the role of the Media in our lives. We say that in the US a Media Class has been evolving over the last 40 years and is now so powerful that it will complete through legislation, the social revolution that until the 2008 election it had to work for incrementally. We say that the Media Class intends to remake US society to legitimize its own morality, for all new ruling Classes in history have done so. Unlike past ruling Classes, this one has relatively minimal interest in economic issues but is preoccupied with ‘lifestyles’. The ‘lifestyles’ it seeks to establish as the norm are truly revolutionary and require the destruction of the old morality that is based on Judeo/Christian teaching and traditions. The current ruthless political struggles over same-sex marriage, abortion, speech codes, control of the education of the young, open borders, mass immigration, removal of Christianity from the public sphere and the removal of parents’ control over their children, are all evidence of a social revolution being imposed and an agenda followed. This ruling Class would be able to achieve its revolution through control over the education process and through its incessant Media propaganda, but to rely on these methods would require patience and it is a ruling Class that by its very nature lives for the present. It is Godless and driven by its appetites. By establishing overwhelming control of the political and judicial systems and of Government, it can impose its agenda in one Presidential term. Obama is its man in the White House, the Democrat Party is its creature in Congress, the US judiciary is almost wholly subservient, and Government is about to be expanded as an instrument of control. Through its own machinery (newspapers, magazines, Television, most radio, Hollywood, pop culture and the Arts), the ruling Class controls the news agenda and permeates every aspect of life, mostly without its victims being aware. Mr. Radical and Mr. Right assert that EVERYTHING we read, see and hear from the above sources is wholly tainted. In this new year of 2009, we will continue to pluck items from the daily ‘news’ and reveal the slant, the lies and the omissions that are the hallmarks of propaganda.

We will start this new year of 2009 with an item from the old year and swim in the now-dangerous waters of race. Last Monday, December 29th a big story surfaced in several ‘news’ outlets. Those of us who are truly alerted to Media manipulation always first ask the questions, how did this ‘news’ item get selected, what is its source and what makes it genuine news? The answers are always revealing and if the item surfaces in several or all news outlets and are dishonest, we claim that it is further evidence of a Class agenda at work.

The story of 29th December 2008 enjoyed a large and prominent article in the Wall Street Journal, complete with manipulative photo and a graph. It was written by Gary Fields and entitled “Murders of Black Teens Are Up 39% Since 2000-01”. Fields is a relatively recent member of the Journal staff and covers what Leftists refer to as ‘Criminal Justice’ issues. This is a PC phrase for what Leftists regard as the injustice of law enforcement when dealing with youth or certain minorities. In this instance Fields is creating news from a “study by criminal-justice professors at Boston’s Northeastern University”. Let us start with the source of the ‘study’. I will wager that if we examined every department of criminal-justice studies in the US education system we would be hard-pressed to find one that was not dominated by Leftist professors who believed that the US justice system was oppressive of minorities; who opposed the concepts of punishment for crime and capital punishment and who did nothing but research intended to undermine public confidence in the current law-enforcement and prison systems. I will also wager that almost every one of them is on the side of the criminal and regards the law as an instrument of Class oppression. We have a University system in which 90% of research is carried out to further a pre-conceived (Leftist) political and social agenda. The results are mostly dangerous intellectual garbage and are intended to produce propaganda for the Media. The few examples of University research that do not serve a Leftist purpose are studiously ignored by the Media. Meticulous studies that show that gun ownership reduces crime rates are never featured in the Media and rarely mentioned even in passing. Nor are studies that show that abstinence from sodomy would eliminate AIDS. Studies that show that immigrants from some countries spawn crime will never make it to the news columns of Mr. Fields and his journalist comrades. And so we should not be surprised that this Boston N U report has found eager reporters and editors for it is intended to convince us all that Blacks are overwhelmingly the victims of murder. I suspect that it is also intended to reinforce the myth that Whites are still persecuting Blacks and to summon up the old guilt-producing folk memory of lynch mobs. We have to read to the third column (and three quarters way through the article) to discover that “an overwhelming proportion of the killings involve black-on-black crime”. Note the weasel wording employed here – “Killings” for ‘murder’; “involve” for ‘are carried out by’ and “an overwhelming proportion”, and the redundant word “crime”. Surely the honest statement here would be the simple sentence ‘most of the murders are committed by Blacks’. We might also ask why there is no percentage available for this. After all, the percentage for Black victims has been finely ascertained so why not ascertain the percentage of Black killers? Whilst doing the research might not the ardent professors have also discovered how many White and Asian murder victims of Black killers there were?

Later in the article comes the sentence “The reasons for high rates of violence in African-American communities have been the subject of debate among criminologists”. The reason (singular) is, in fact, widely known and it is the preponderance of fatherless children. The Black (traditional) family has disintegrated since the introduction of welfare (Johnson’s Great Society) for unwed women and the simultaneous indoctrination by the Media and Academia of the Feminist assault on fatherhood. University-based criminologists have been sweating blood for decades to find reasons for avoiding this explanation. Here are some, outlined in the article! “Some attribute it to the migration of prison culture, with large numbers of incarcerated young men returning to their communities”. “The cuts in law-enforcement programs and activities geared towards youth disproportionately affect African-Americans …”

So there we have it! Society (those hard working people who pay taxes, keep society functioning whilst bringing up their kids to be law-abiding) is “incarcerating” (an emotionally loaded Leftist word for imprisoning) too many young thugs and thieves and not spending enough on welfare for the feckless. The article ends with another quote “Cuts in support for youth have a much greater impact on black families who don’t have alternatives”. The reason for the greater impact is that the Black youth do not have fathers who are married to their mothers and sharing responsibility for their upbringing. Instead of taking them to the park, providing care and love and setting an example by working, they are busy impregnating more single women, selling and taking drugs, playing rap music, worshipping Kwaansa and waiting for the Acorn man to arrive and feed their sense of victimhood.

This article could have been entitled “More Black Teens are Committing Murder” but that is a headline you will never see in the MSM for it does not serve the Media Class (Leftist) agenda. The article is instead a typical piece of collusion between Leftist Academia and the MSM and when you read it you are absorbing propaganda. You have been warned!

In case anyone thought that the French have solved their immigrant problems, this small Reuters report was tucked away and not considered appropriate to justify prominence. 1147 vehicles were ‘torched’ in France on New Years Eve. This figure was up on the previous year by 30.64%. You can read the whole piece but you will not see explicitly stated that the people doing the ‘torching’ are immigrants. I suppose that the perpetrators are suffering from “cuts in support for youth who do not have alternatives”.

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