‘Race’ Hots Up For Dems

On this website I stick to my forecast that Hillary Clinton will win the Democrat nomination because she is being sponsored by the ruling Media Class.  It is true that a small section of the Media Class defected to Obama, most notably Oprah Winfrey and a few other notable Hillary-haters in the upper echelons of Hollywood, but I doubt they can have much effect on the outcome. What has been interesting is that race has played such a big role in the Dem’s contest. This is supposed to be the Party that has long been in the forefront of fighting racism and promoting Black advancement. Stepping outside the media propaganda that passes for news every day, the smart observer would note that Blacks have failed to make much economic progress despite Democrat rule across the country for decades. The smart observer might also note that Leftists and the Media Class have a vested interest in keeping Blacks ignorant and dependent. However, Obama’s unexpected success in the primaries has threatened the Hillary coronation and so race has reared its ugly head amongst those who are always the first to see racism amongst their opponents.

I am not surprised that the Clintons and their sponsors are willing to use racial slurs to stop Obama’s rise, for a ruling Class does not acquire power by playing solely by the rules. Ruthlessness and unprincipled behavior are necessary in a class war and the lack of principle and ruthlessness is exactly what has made the Clintons so attractive to the Media Class. Obama has also used race in his bid. We are invited to vote for him in order to show that we are not racist just as John Kennedy invited voters to vote for him to show that anti-Catholicism was buried. This is a ploy, for we are being invited to vote on the basis of race and that is surely racist? I am sure that Oprah’s defection from the ruling Class concensus was motivated by race, but it is understandable that African-Americans are keen to see a Black president.

Obama will be defeated and covert racism will be successfully employed by the Clinton camp and the Media. It is noteworthy that the richest Black Media mogul, billionaire Bob Johnson stepped into the fray over the weekend to condemn Obama and praise the Clintons as the best friends America’s Blacks have had. He also reminded everyone about Obama’s youthful transgressions. His speech was given great Media prominence over the weekend and is part of the emerging campaign to shepherd Black voters back into the corral of the Democrat Party. I expect it will work for the Media Class is nothing if not determined, but it would be interesting if these primaries, intended to be a Hillary coronation, ended up detaching a significant part of the Black vote from the Clinton’s ultimate campaign in November.

I have great admiration for conservative Talk Radio. Most of the hosts are articulate exponents of conservative principles and a few are outstanding. One of these is David Gould and I am always impressed by his knowledge as well as his arguments. Rush Limbaugh is formidable and the UK has no conservative exponents to match such people. However Gould’s program on Saturday typified an alarming trend that is becoming apparent on Talk Radio and that is to savage many of the less conservative Republican candidates in the current primaries. Huckabee comes in for the most destructive attacks (referred to as “The Huckster”) and not far behind him is John McCain. Romney and Guiliani fare a little better, but not a lot. Fred Thompson is the only one who escapes criticism.

Now I agree that Thompson is easily the best candidate in this election and I understand why the Talk Show hosts prefer him, but his laid-back and measured style is highly unlikely to get him elected. All of the others have serious flaws, but surely any of them are preferable to Clinton, Obama and Edwards. What can be gained by tearing them apart, for all elections require that when choosing between two people, we vote against one as much as vote for the other? It is called the lesser of two evils and actually I have heard nothing evil from any of the Republican candidates. I think there is some evil lurking on the other side.

An actor called Nicolas Cage has just sold his Newport Beach home for $35million. He paid $25 m for it in 2005 but moved back to another home in Bel-Air because an intruder got in. His Bel-Air home is in a gated and walled community and is also valued at around $35m! We occasionally point out on this website that a ruling class is identifiable by its increasing wealth and the Newport Beach sale has set a record for Orange County. Cage must be very rich for the combined property taxes on the two homes comes to a cool $750,000 or more per year. Everything else involved in owning such homes is also expensive. I have never seen Cage in a film but I assume that he is neither a better actor than many others nor higher paid. The Media frequently targets the business world about obscene profits and pay-outs but is remarkably silent about the pay-outs to Hollywood stars, sports people and fashion types. None of these people do anything important for society but we are supposed to swoon over their newly-acquired wealth. I suppose a ruling Class is morally entitled to anything it can get and judgmentalism should only apply to the rest of us.

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