Race Conflict Hots Up

Only a few nights ago, the Media spinmasters were announcing that the race spat between Obama and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton was over and that both sides had agreed to move on. One could feel the relief emanating from every newspaper page and every TV screen, for the Media people were fearful that a rift was developing in the Left’s voting base.  In the past, Blacks have been second only to Jews in their overwhelming ethnic loyalty to the Democrat Party. It didn’t take much prescience to see that if Black voters became resentful of the Clintons they might not deliver to them the usual block vote next November and that would put the Clinton’s general election victory in jeopardy. This is a nightmare scenario for the Media Class, which is poised to drastically further its agenda next year with a Clinton Presidency.

Anyone who takes US politics at face value (and there are many such people who have no great interest in politics and get their impressions from the MSM headlines and Soaps) might have expected the Democrat Party to fall over itself in the rush to put forward a Black candidate for President. This Party has been proclaiming its total commitment to Black America for decades and playing the race card against heartless, discriminatory Republicans at every election. Obama, who seemingly has been asleep during the Clintons’ domination of the Democrat Party, could be forgiven for having believed that his Party and its Media Masters would rush to anoint him simply because of the color of his skin. So confident was he that he did not even bother to put together a coherent set of policies, relying instead on a vague but bubbly call for ‘change’. After all, electing a Black man to the Presidency would surely be clear evidence of ‘change’. No doubt he also calculated that his ultimate Republican opponent would be unable to go for his jugular for fear of being labeled ‘racist’. Such a charge, orchestrated by the MSM has already destroyed many good Republicans.

Obama must have been shocked when he first experienced the snide racial attacks coming from his own Party and amplified in the Media. He was expecting a fawning, uncritical Media and an enthusiastic Democrat Party to fulfill the implicit promises that have for so long been made to people with his skin color. Instead, because of his early success with White voters in Iowa (relegating the anointed pair to third place), he has come under constant attack from his Party’s powerful establishment and one Clinton surrogate after another. When those didn’t do enough damage, ex-President Clinton himself took off the gloves, revealing a very angry temper. Obama began to hit back and in the process revealed that he did not know his place in the Democrat corral. Even worse for his political future, it looks as though Black voters will hand him a decisive victory in South Carolina next Saturday.

When the Media Masters’ commentators announced with much relief last weekend that its two Leftists camps were burying the race hatchet, what they really meant was that the Clintons would be able to continue on their regal path with a silenced Obama consigned to the sidelines. For the truth is that Obama can only win the nomination by accenting his race and the Clintons can only defeat him (and compete successfully in November) by silencing him. Both camps are touting the same old Leftist policies and rely on ‘Identity’ politics as the basis of an appeal to voters. The race factor will not go away and it is potentially disastrous for the Democrats (and their Media Masters’) hopes of victory in the ultimate contest. The unpalatable truth is that in modern multi-racial, multi-cultural societies, real economic and political conflicts have most minorities scuttling to affirm their tribal loyalties. Some of this is because this is how people are, but it has been made worse because Leftists have relentlessly played on such tribal divisions since the 1960’s in order to fracture and weaken societies and thus make them ripe for take-over. In every election, Leftists rely on exploiting racial and tribal minorities to gain votes. In this election, in which a Black man has had the temerity to put himself forward and challenged an anointed (privileged) White female and her husband, the race divisions might come back to bite those who have fomented them for decades.

Obama ought to have been patient. He should have recognized that the Clintons were in the process of being anointed by the Media Class, and offered himself as a passive and subservient Vice Presidential candidate. Eight years on, provided he has known his place, he might inherit the mantle, always assuming that the Clintons and their MSM masters don’t have Chelsea apprenticed for the continuation of their dynasty.

It is too late now, for much turbulent water has flowed under the bridge in the last few days. Obama has risen to the race-baiting, clearly demonstrating that he is ‘uppity’, with his attacks on both Clintons. Worse, he has strongly implied that the Clintons are liars and guilty of dirty tricks in Nevada. Accusing the Clintons of being liars will have little effect since everyone knows that and they have been given such a Media pass on their lying that no-one is any longer affronted. I am sure Obama is right about the Nevada dirty tricks, for the ex-President has this week been accusing the Obama people of Nevada dirty tricks and one of the Clinton trademarks is to accuse opponents of the nasty things which they themselves are perpetrating.

The problem for Obama is that the more he fights back (and gains some victories such as in South Carolina) the more the Media will portray him as the trouble-maker, the poor loser and the nuisance. The Media’s reporters will achieve the double of portraying Hillary as both the ‘underdog’ victim and the inevitable, dignified winner. Bill and the surrogates will do the dirty stuff with full Media support, whilst the Media presents Hillary as above the fray and oh so feminine! The newspaper pictures and TV shots have Hillary looking younger and more girlish with each passing week. Nevertheless, if the genuinely youthful Obama keeps fighting he will threaten her ultimate November victory by undermining Black loyalty to the Party. I expect the Media Class to do everything it can to take him down as soon as possible. The Media consensus after South Carolina will be that the result is irrelevant because the State Democrat Party has so many Black voters!

On this website we claim that there is a Media Class in every Westernized country and that it has taken political power behind the scenes in most. We also claim that it is a Class that has common roots and inevitably a common agenda, mostly about a social transformation of society. The Clintons are typical of the politicians that serve it, for they are Leftist in a ruthless, amoral way, and like many actors and actresses they are totally self-centered, egotistical, greedy and ready to play any role. Here in the US Mrs. Clinton never gets a negative report in the MSM. Even reports that purport to be taking a critical and objective look at her reveal themselves to be adulatory. If this website’s claims about a Western Media Class are true, then the MSM in other countries will also be pro-Clinton. There may be the occasional maverick like Fox News and the UK’s Daily Telegraph but Media people everywhere will identify with the Clintons and recognize that a Clinton Democrat win in November in the too-Christianized US will further the new social agenda everywhere.

As a footnote to the comments above about the Clintons being greedy, take note that they are about to cop a bonus of $20m from the Ron Burkle Yucaipa Cos. Bill will get this ‘pay-out’ for severing his connections with the business. It was in 2002 that billionaire Burkle offered Bill a ‘role’ with the company. One wonders how Clinton has found the time for any meaningful business ‘role’, what with his politicking, his global jaunts for ‘charitable’ causes, his highly paid speech making and probably a little skirt chasing thrown in. Do not expect the MSM to be outraged by this payout and do not expect Leftists to condemn the hypocrisy of the Clintons getting rich whilst campaigning for the poor! Still, I suppose that once the Clintons are again occupying the White House, this sum will be dwarfed by future ‘earnings’. The other notable financial aspect of recent elections is the trend of Big Business becoming major donors to the Democrats and especially the Clintons. In this election, with the Clintons looking likely to win the White House, CEOs are rushing to fill the Clinton coffers – not just Trial Lawyers and Media Moguls but Industrialists, Bankers and Wall Street leaders too. Much of this is the recognition that the Media Class must be appeased, but do not rule out the added factor that people rightly fear the Clintons and their willingness to abuse State power. The Clintons have long and unforgiving memories. In the last Clinton Presidential era, we should not forget the missing FBI files, the IRS investigations of opponents, and the misuse of State power to silence the bimbo eruptions. Some fear that Hillary Clinton will be even more ruthless and unforgiving than her husband was and we can expect a payback to the vast right-wing conspiracy.

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