Race and Housing

On this website we not only strive to tell the people of the English-speaking world that a new and Revolutionary Media Class has assumed political power in the USA and the UK and is imposing a Revolutionary – and Leftist – moral New Order on the people, but we also strive to be absolutely truthful at all times.   Admittedly the first of our two aims sounds like a monstrous deceit considering our miniscule website visibility and puny resources. The second aim is within the reach of every website and every commentator in any medium, but given today’s Media Class/Leftist imposition of censorship (mostly referred to as political correctness) truth exacts a dangerous price, especially on the topics of Race, Homosexuality and Climate. 

    The punishments for those speaking (or writing) truth on Climate Change have been around for quite a while. Punishment is increasingly and frighteningly being exacted on those who tell truth about homosexuality. Indeed this sordid issue may be the one that enables our emerging and emboldened Ruling Class to suppress free speech through legislation, and on this website we have been at the very forefront in predicting it. But Race is the oldest of the three issues that are used to inhibit both the expression of truth and the free speech and freedom that our new Rulers wish to expunge. 

    In today’s Wall Street Journal there is an editorial piece on the latest anti-White actions of HUD. It is well worth reading! For those not familiar with contemporary US quasi-independent Government bodies (the British word for them is ‘Quangos’), HUD stands for Department of Housing and Urban Development. I assume that HUD was originally a Democrat invention and that subsequent Republican Administrations have not had the courage to scrap it. HUD is a fine ready-made instrument for Obama/Holder race favoritism and (anti)social engineering. 

    Any Government or voluntary organization that has the word ‘urban’ in its title should ring alarm bells for good people of common sense and who value truth, for ‘urban’ is now one of those code-words that the American Media Class/ Left employs in our post-revolutionary world of Orwellian newspeak. ‘Urban’ is newspeak when alluding to Black inner-city areas and enclaves, for the word ‘Black’ can only be used in a positive context, and since our Rulers do not wish to reveal HUD’s racist agenda, we are meant to believe that HUD is primarily a Department doing good for all. 

    Before entering the treacherous waters of Race and Blackness of skin, we should make clear that on this website we have no agenda about race inferiority or race superiority. We do not hold with the beliefs of the UK’s BNP – and presumably some Jews – that any race’s blood should be kept pure and that racial inter-breeding is undesirable. We think this is nonsense and that blood is blood and nothing more. Although this is not a Christian website we do subscribe to the West’s traditional Christian principles that ‘all men are made equal’. Inequality in outcomes in the life of both individuals and Nations are, in our view, related to chance, opportunity and culture. We do believe that the truth is that some cultures are greatly superior to others and on this website we speak truth as we see it. 

    Truth requires us to recognize that there are obvious different racial characteristics in this world however and truth demands that these should be fearlessly explored. Since we are for freedom and truth we believe that the BNP, White Supremacists et al have a right to express their beliefs. Honest scientific exploration – if permitted – would perhaps reveal if differences in racial characteristics are the results of ‘blood’ or, chance, opportunity and culture. In any case, we believe that people as individuals should be free to marry and interbreed as they choose and there should be no Government or ideology-imposed racial barriers. If BNP members choose only to marry White people, or some Jews wish to marry and interbreed only with Jews – good luck to them! But if the UK or the USA were to end up in the distant future with a coffee-colored population simply because most of their people chose racial inter-marriage – so what? However, the results of individual choice, freely made, are not the same as the results of a secret Ruling Class agenda of imposed mass immigration and the destruction of National boundaries and the suppression of all resistance to them. 

    This almost brings us to HUD, but not quite. In Mr. Right’s neighborhood there is a near equal mix of White and Oriental/ Asian people who live side by side and without the slightest discord. Since the houses are privately-owned or rented, those who move in do so by individual choice. There is a small number of Black and Latino residents – small in number not because of any racial discrimination. Some Blacks and certainly many Latinos probably prefer to live amongst people like themselves but mostly it is the price of property and high property taxes that governs the racial mix. Fewer Blacks and Latinos have well-paid jobs but for different reasons. Many Latinos are recent immigrants and some have entered America illegally. Most have limited English language skills and a culture that has both positives and negatives, which include a strong work ethic but an antipathy to prolonged education and early child-bearing. 

    Those few Blacks who live in the area are educated and culturally integrated by choice. They meet no prejudices because they share the area’s overall culture of responsible public behavior, family values and work ethic. 

    In a similar area where Mr. Right previously lived and where there was racial harmony, the City council had imposed on it by the State a requirement to insert some ‘affordable’ housing. 

    ‘Affordable’ is another newspeak word, for the intention was to impose Latinos and Blacks, all poor for various reasons, on the relatively prosperous residents. The intention was motivated by the Leftist ideology for which California is now famous and whose exponents are invariably hypocritical. At the last moment, a facility for ‘homeless families’ was also included in the ‘affordable housing’ plan. The residents of the area, most of them already indoctrinated with political correctness, felt obliged to welcome all this and no objections were voiced. 

    The affordable housing became predominantly populated with Latinos, and the ‘homeless families’ housing was almost all Black. The children from the two developments had to reach the local school-newly built and enjoying a good reputation – through the middle of the well-maintained middle-class neighborhood and within weeks there was a constant trail of vandalism and increasing complaints of theft. Many of the Black children and youths were actively anti-social and aggressive and seemingly lacking parental oversight, despite the ‘homeless families’ facilities being populated with many adults. 

    Now I know that the Black children were coping with single-parent disadvantages and a history of insecurity, but here is not the place to explore the reasons for their problematic behavior. For the law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying middle-class residents, their imposition on a freely-chosen community of shared standards – albeit racially diverse – was a disaster. This was social-engineering, based on ideology and not the free market, and it is what HUD exists to do. Read the WSJ article of April 4th entitled “HUD’s Racial Subdivisions” and learn what is happening to Westchester County north of New York City. The residents of Westchester are about to experience HUD’s blessings of imposed ‘diversity’ (another code word for Black). 

    The Mainstream Media (MSM) does not report any of this honestly for it abides by the propagandistic agenda we constantly warn you about on this website. The increasing lawlessness of Black youths, fuelled by Obama’s racially divisive policies and clearly racially motivated, is being hidden from the public by the Media. Read the Internet and discover that last weekend (Saturday night) in Chicago many hundreds of Black youths swarmed the Magnificent Mile Shopping Center and began attacking shoppers. This is now a regular occurrence, not only in Chicago, but all across America. In Chicago it is being blamed (by the Authorities) on warmer weather. We can be sure that the innocent shoppers were the same racial mix as the residents having HUD-imposed racial diversity housing planted in their midst. The plain truth is that whilst race (and envy) motivates the Black flash mobs it is not race that motivates the objections of middle-class residents to HUD-plans, but it is fear of crime and violent racial attack by Blacks. This is the truth the MSM will not reveal. 

    The murder of the toddler, Antonio West, in Brunswick, Georgia remains unreported by the MSM. Like the murders of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, little Antonio’s brutal killing will never be reported, for it does not fit the race-based template of the MSM. Nor will the public of the USA ever learn that convicted terrorist Kathy Boudin aged 69, has been appointed Adjunct Professor in the School of Social Work at Columbia University. She already holds the plum job of Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at New York University Law School. Boudin was a member of the radical Leftist terrorist group the Weather Underground and drove the get-away car in a bank robbery that left dead victims. The group also planned deadly bomb attacks. Here we see how the top Universities of America reward their Leftist comrades, but – thanks to the MSM – always under the public’s radar. I doubt the MSM will give much publicity to the charge of incest now being investigated against David Epstein aged 46. He is alleged to have been having sexual intercourse with his 24 year old daughter over the years 2006-2009. Epstein has been a Professor of Political Science and also taught at Stanford and Harvard Columbia University. 

    His subject appears to be American politics and voting rights. It would be interesting to know if he donated to Obama’s election campaign and how vocal he is on SSM rights. Anyone with common sense and foresight knows that after SSM has been accepted and made into law, we will hear the same arguments of ‘love’ and ‘equality’ advanced for incest, man/boy sexual relationships and man/dog marriages. 

    Weather – Our Starcross (still above high-tide levels) informant reports that it remains extremely cold in the UK with record-breaking low temperatures recorded. An amateur meteorologist local to Mr Radical has shown that the month of March was the coldest on record in their neighbourhood for more than 120 years. It is, as the BBC announces, a “prolonged cold snap” and is unassailable proof of MMGW. Here in California it remains unusually cool and now wet providing – as though more proof were necessary – compelling evidence that MMGW has arrived! 

    Music Choice – African American Erroll Garner, born in Pittsburgh in 1923 was an amazing pianist. He was self-taught and it is said that he could not read a note of music. Before he gained fame in the post-war years, he worked as a taxi driver. With a left hand that pumped out big chords, provided a pulsating rhythm and was fully integrated to a right hand that played like an orchestra, Garner could take every worthwhile standard and make it his own. He also composed some great tunes including the lovely “Misty”. I recommend the album “The Erroll Garner Collection – 20 Golden Greats”. Some of the tunes are outstanding and some have become over-familiar over the years but under Garner’s hands they are all fresh. Sadly, Garner, who was only 5ft 2 tall, died of a heart attack at the early age of 54.

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