Questioning the President is Racism!

Last week at the White House, President Obama made a statement to the American people. In effect, he said that he was setting aside the powers of Congress and ignoring the Constitution, in order to open the door to citizenship for way more than a million illegal residents of the USA. As always, Obama lied and then lied some more. He claimed that the executive order he was making would affect 800,000 people under the age of 30. The ‘community’ (to use a word beloved of Leftists when not referring to the people who are the backbone of the Nation) on whom he was about to confer privileges, is predominantly made up of Mexicans, Guatamalans and Salvadorians – and we can refer to them collectively as Latinos. His first lie is the number, for 800,000 is a fictitious number he has casually picked because it is nicely below one million.

He is claiming to be concerned about the many Latino young people who were brought to the USA illegally by their parents and are now in school, college, unemployed, or employed without documentation. There is no way of knowing how many are in this group since they are undocumented and living in the shadows of illegality. Since they lack documentation but covet citizenship, we can be sure that many illegal Latinos over 30 years of age will claim eligibility. Being undocumented must mean that almost any Latino will be able to apply under Obama’s new ‘rules’. Clearly the Immigration officials will be directed by the Obama Administration to accept all applications at face value. We must assume that the number 800,000 has been plucked from nowhere and that the real number will be well in excess of one million.

Obama lie number 2 is that this Executive Order is based on humanitarian grounds. This is a pre-election pitch for the Latino vote in November. Obama’s blatantly racist intervention in the Trayvon Martin case, his support for homosexual ‘marriage’, and his failure to create jobs and prosperity, has led to a drop in support from American Latinos and so this Executive Order, aimed at shepherding Latinos back into the Democrat fold for November, is his most recent piece of shameless opportunism.

Lie number 3 was that these illegal ‘young’ Latinos will staff America’s laboratories and other skilled occupations as well as boost the Armed Forces. The fact is that most will be qualified to fill semi-skilled jobs at best but since the unemployment rate is well above 10%, they will join the line of America’s unemployed or will deprive American-born citizens of a job. Since Obama is running down the Armed Forces there will be few opportunities there and in any case foreign-born people can already join the US military. Obama and his comrades anticipate that these recipients of amnesty, condemned to low-paid menial jobs or unemployment will be dependent on State handouts and vote Democrat!

President Obama rarely holds news conferences and when he does the reporters’ questions are vetted in advance. This might seem un-necessary given that the Mainstream Media (MSM) reporters are actually driving the campaign for his re-election. However, Obama is so inept without the teleprompter that even a friendly question might catch him out. The outcome of this is that he never takes an unexpected question, let alone a hostile question. Yet even this is not enough protection for him and so genuine Obama news conferences are rare. Thus when he announced his pre-election bid for the Latino vote by using an Executive Order, he did not do so at a news conference. Instead he chose simply to make an announcement to Reporters and avoid questions. To his surprise, a reporter from the new Media (Neil Munro of the website Daily Caller) shouted a question. He did so while Obama was still reciting his lines and thus Munro interrupted the script. Munro knew of course, that had he waited until the end of the line-reading, no questions would have been taken and Obama would have hurried off to get his golfing clubs.

Obama was clearly thrown by this unexpected question, and it is possible to hear the equal mixture of panic and anger in his voice as he admonishes the reporter for interrupting him. Obama has become used to a fawning and intellectually passive audience, so protected is he from the hurly-burly of politics and the dangers of an unscripted utterance. As we constantly maintain on this website he has been chosen by his Media Class masters to function as an actor, reading the lines that someone else has written. He is not intellectually capable of more than this, but like all good actors – and many of them psychopathic and vain – he is able to deliver his lines well and get into role. This is not to say that Obama has no Leftist agenda of his own or does not have a strong ambition for power. He has both, as we are learning, and is getting to enjoy blatantly setting aside the American Constitution and acquiring and exercising imperial powers. The Media Class and its MSM will allow him to continue flaunting his contempt for America’s rules of Government as long as he delivers on their moral/social agenda, for like Obama, the Media Class also loathes the American Constitution, its Judeo/Christian roots and is impatient for authoritarian government strong enough to change the Nation’s social standards and morals by diktak.

Meanwhile over the weekend the reporters and political commentators of the Media Class have been busy expressing outrage about Neil Munro’s impertinence. How dare he interrupt Obama with a question! It was fine to interrupt George Bush or Ronald Regan, as many habitually did, and when an Arab reporter threw a shoe at Bush, the MSM could not conceal its dismay that the shoe missed its target. It never takes the MSM long to adopt and orchestrate a common response to any issue that might set back its Leftist agenda or reveal the deficiencies of one of its politicians. In this case the MSM has adopted one to protect Obama that will suffice from now until the election. It is the charge of White Racism. All of the opposition to Obama and his policies, indeed the root cause of his noble policy failures, is that White Conservatives cannot tolerate a Black man in the Oval Office. It is Obama’s skin color that offends any who might withhold adulation for his activities. Seen through this lens the November election is simply a test of America’s lingering racism. Anyone who is not a racist or who wishes to fend off accusations of racism will work for Obama to have another four years to complete the Revolution.

Leaving aside for a moment the outrageous lawlessness of giving amnesty by Presidential fiat, the result of any partial amnesty must be to encourage more illegal immigration and so create big problems for today and even bigger ones down the road. The truth is, of course, that Leftists do not want immigration from the Second and Third World to be curbed. Leftists and their leader in the White House cannot admit it, but they want an open border with Mexico and Africa. Obama’s comrade at the Justice Department, the lawless Eric Holder, is doing everything possible to block the efforts of border control agencies in Arizona and persecute those who are working to uphold the law. Leftists want to dilute until erased, America’s European identity, overwhelm America’s privately-funded social provisions and bury its Constitution. For them these are obstacles to an egalitarian Utopia and their motivation is either doctrinaire, resentment or both. The newly-arrived Media Class which now rules with Leftist support wants the same things though for different motives. It wants to tear down the old State and rip out its underpinning Judeo/Christian roots so that a new morality can be imposed by Government.

One consequence of the new edict is that those who seek entry and citizenship through the legal process and who now wait for years for the bureaucracy to shuffle papers, will wait even longer. Leftists love a system where the law-abiding, the prudent and the responsible citizens are ignored and punished whilst the law-breakers, the feckless and the reckless are rewarded by Government.

Many conservatives may find it hard to believe that Obama’s latest and most brazen unconstitutional act has not been immediately blocked by Republican Congressmen. However on this Website we have recently pointed out that the Media Class has succeeded in narrowing the focus of this election campaign through its MSM coverage. MSM coverage is no longer primarily about Republican versus Democrat for Congressional seats and Governorships but about the re-election of Obama and the defeat of Romney. We hear little about Boehner, Daniels, Pelosi and Reid. It is as if Congress has ceased to exist and November is solely about the White House. Congress has been consigned by the MSM to the sidelines and its members must feel powerless. Congressional Republicans may be making statements, putting forward blueprints, expressing outrage but who can know if the MSM ignores them. The logical step, once Congress is rendered irrelevant by the MSM, is for the President to make laws unhindered by rules and this he is now doing. The Media Class welcomes this for it comes naturally to its core members to focus on a star who is a hero. The political struggle for control of the White House is being cast as a simple battle between the good Black hero representing the poor and powerless and his evil White opponent who represents sinister powerful forces. This is pure Hollywood. An added bonus is that the Media Class now needs only to win the White House, for its man there can rule without the hindrance of Congress and the Constitution.

Weather – Here in central California we have had a few days here and there of hot weather. On one recent day the temperature reached 104F. On Wednesday, the first official day of summer it will again hit 90F or a little above. The next day however, it is predicted to plunge 20F and stay there for a week. The MSM will emphasize the high but not the low, for it is continually trying to create a fear of global warming. In the UK, our Starcross-based visitor tells us that windy, wet weather has been ushering in a typical English summer.

Music Choice – In our previous article I mentioned the 1958 film, (available on DVD) “Jazz on a Summer’s Day” and the superb performances of singer Anita O’Day and guitarist Sal Salvador. The film also features a song by singer Dinah Washington. Sometime back we recommended Washington’s version of the splendid Noel Coward song “Mad About the Boy”. The DVD offers a chance to see Dinah Washington singing on stage with a star-studded group composed of Urbie Green (tromb), Don Elliot (mellophone), Terry Gibbs (vibes), Wynton Kelly (p), Paul West (b) and Max Roach(d). The song is the rather overdone “All of Me” but Dinah Washington makes it sound fresh enough for she was a class act. (Not recommended for Madonna fans!) Washington lived only a few more years after this performance and increasingly sang little in public due to addiction and health problems. She was 39 when she died.

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