Queer Cowboys and Oscars

It should not surprise any regular reader of this website, that the film “Brokeback Mountain” has received 8 Oscar nominations. Hollywood insiders were always going to bestow artistic accolades on it, no matter what, but the Media Class also sees this film as another important step in promoting the homosexual lifestyle.

For a long time, homosexual and transgender themes have been recurring ever more frequently in films, plays, and novels. The purpose behind all productions is to present the homosexual lifestyle in the most sympathetic light possible. In the theater and book world it has been possible to find a minority audience sufficiently large enough to sustain inexpensive productions, but in the past, Hollywood films on the subject have clearly lacked appeal to mainstream filmgoers. With Director Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain”, everything has been done to initially play down the homosexual content and launch the film as a “love story” that will appeal to women, as well as to homosexuals.

The Media Class has seen here an opportunity to slip the topic into the mainstream under cover of outdoor cowboy (sheepboy?) romanticism, big country scenery, superior acting and direction and cunning launch techniques. Supported by orchestrated newspaper, magazine and radio publicity rarely seen for any film, the ploy seems to have worked and the film will quickly be deemed a great commercial success, as well as being deemed a wonderful artistic success too. Expect it to be showered with awards.

This film is part of a calibrated campaign by the Media Class in pursuit of one of its most important agenda items and to understand why it is on the Media’s agenda, one has only to look at the constituencies that make up the Media Class. When entertainment via films and TV merged with news and became the dominant and extraordinary means of communication in Western Society, homosexuals were extremely well placed. Some influential homosexuals have boasted that their community now controls the newsrooms and editorial rooms of all major newspaper and magazine publishers in the USA. They are probably right. In Hollywood, the homosexual community has long been one of the most powerful groups and has increasingly exercised that power in order to change public opinion about their sexual practices through propaganda slipped into entertainment. Fictionalized life, the substance of all motion pictures, plays and novels, allows homosexuality to be presented in a laundered version. No sodomy here, no “watersports”, no “rimming”, just embraces, kissing and fine words.

It is difficult to write about homosexuality without sounding censorious. This website is not furthering a religious agenda, so we have little interest in what the Bible says on the subject of sodomy. However, the fact is that sodomy is a sexual perversion and one with unpleasant physical characteristics. Like many sexual perversions, it is unlikely to be well regarded by society at large, so the removal of its stigma is an uphill task. Presenting a laundered version as propaganda can achieve only so much, so the Media Master Class has to back up its agenda with the tyranny of political correctness and laws limiting freedom of speech. In the UK and Canada the law is already being used actively and oppressively to silence any criticism of the homosexual lifestyle. This puts traditional religious people in the firing line for persecution if they exercise free speech.

Many homosexuals, like most others with sexual tastes outside of the norm, may well prefer to quietly live their sexual lives in private, but those with power in the Media Class will insist on pushing the agenda. They may soon feel confident enough to be much more explicit than the sex scenes in “Brokeback Mountain”, and expect to see mainstream films with explicit sodomy scenes in the near future. What we think all this means for society can wait for another article, but in the meantime be aware that the promotion of this film is part of a Media Class agenda that has a lot further to go. You are being subjected to propaganda camouflaged as entertainment.

If you doubt the intensity of hatred that the Media Class has for Christianity because of its views on homosexuality, read columnist Mark Morford in the San Francisco Chronicle. His poorly written piece of January 27th (I think his style of writing is called “stream of consciousness”) is a diatribe against Christianity and George Bush. Morford, like all Media Class propagandists, chooses to cast homosexuals as victims in the mould of Blacks and Jews of former times, despite masses of evidence that homosexuals are an extremely prosperous and mostly privileged section of society whose sexual lives are unfettered. Because Christians will not accept same-sex sexual practices as normal and desirable, he writes as though Christians are guilty of hateful persecution. Predictably, the focus of his hatred is George Bush, a self-declared Christian. You need look no further for the explanation of the Media Class obsession with destroying the President.

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