Putin, Ukraine and the Media Class

In a previous article we gave qualified praise to Vladimir Putin for his resistance to the homosexual corruption of minors and his regular and very public disregard for Barack Obama.   America’s Mainstream Media (MSM), and indeed the Western World’s MSM, work to present the dangerous and (in foreign policy) bumbling Media Class pawn in the White House as though he were a genius and a recognized force for progress in the world. It is infuriating to them when Putin, a world leader, reveals that America’s first King has no clothes. So Putin must be punished by hostile reporting of everything Russian. Readers of this website who delve back into our archive will be aware that we have never doubted that Putin learned his politics as a Soviet secret police thug and we held him accountable for the assassination of a Russian political refugee in the UK some years ago. Our view is that Putin’s political methods are typically Russian – perhaps Slavic – and the Russian people have different expectations of a politician than have conservative and Christian Western Europeans and Americans. We give Putin the benefit of the doubt where his stand against the moral corruption of homosexuality is concerned and his related Russian nationalism. All genuine nationalists in any Nation will resist the importation of a cankerous lifestyle that is unhygienic, unnatural, sex-obsessed and barren. 

    At the time of writing this article, the riots in the Ukraine are dominating the headlines of the West’s MSM, and virtually all reports implicate Putin in the civil war that is breaking out. So what to make of these events that are now overshadowing the success of Russia’s Winter Olympics? 

    We should start with the warning that this website always gives, which is that everything in the MSM is intentional propaganda, is never the whole truth and frequently contains very little truth. One inflammatory headline I saw this morning referred to “the Kiev Massacre” and the ensuing article demanded that the Western Nations should pull out of Sochi in protest. Even the MSM’s own reports do not justify the use of the word ‘massacre’, for the death toll has not reached 100 and that over several days of violent conflict. Given the fiery street clashes with thousands involved, large numbers of riot police, petrol bombs, some 50 police officers kidnapped by protestors and gunfire from both sides, the death toll seems surprisingly small, at least up until now. For the moment the Ukrainian Government, allegedly spurred on by Putin, seems surprisingly restrained for an Eastern European setting. Once the Sochi games are over it is possible that this will change and Putin will give his support for the tanks to roll in, assuming that the Ukrainian government has any. 

    The big surprise for this writer is the determination and stamina of the protestors and their weaponry. After 70 years of Communism it is incredible that the civil population has any guns, for Leftist governments always completely disarm their victims and potential victims, as American gun owners will be well aware! Some on the Nationalist Right in the US and the UK will claim that the protestors are being organized, paid and armed by Obama or George Soros or Jewish cabals (or a combination of all three) who seek to thwart Putin’s ambitions for an expansion of the Russian Empire. Many conservatives see the protestors as the equivalent of Tea Party activists who want free markets, Western democratic government and attachment to the West. 

    We maintain that it is always dangerous to seek to understand any foreign conflict when it can be viewed only through the reports of the MSM. We also think it is futile to see such conflicts detached from a historical context. Big events can rarely if ever be wholly and satisfactorily explained by conspiracy theories. And we must always resist wishful thinking based on hazy facts and distance. An example of the latter is the tendency of American conservatives to believe that the UKIP (pumped up by the British Media, without roots and silent on so many crucial issues) is a British version of the Tea Party. 

    Ukrainians have experienced a catastrophic modern history that has included Lenin and Stalin’s Communist tyranny, seeming liberation by Germany’s Hitler only to be subjected to another horrendous tyranny, and then the return of Stalin seeking revenge. Ukrainians struggling to survive murderous foreign totalitarian regimes were forced to choose collaboration or death and after 1945 many who sought refuge in the West were shamefully and forcefully repatriated to Stalin’s death camps. Those few who found refuge in the West have since been tracked down and denounced for their war crimes committed when very young and judged by those who have never had to make equivalent life or death choices within totalitarian regimes. It is not hard to understand why Ukrainians may now be pitted against each other in a deadly struggle and that some seek to be part of the West and some part of the East. Being squeezed between Russia and Germany has long been an unenviable lot and today being squeezed between Putin’s Russia and the latent totalitarian EU is not a whole lot better. 

    Perhaps for the time being the Ukraine would be best off as two separate States, but violent conflicts rarely play out in rational ways, especially when outsiders with ulterior motives interfere. There seems little ground for compromise. Relying on what we can know as Americans, two things are certain! One is that our MSM’s reporting is tainted by a desire to punish Putin for his anti-homosexual policies and humiliation of Obama. The other is that any Obama interference will be motivated by personal resentment and by a cynical calculation and regard for internal American political gain. Any American intervention at Obama’s behest will be characterized by opportunism, muddle and inattentiveness. Here is a situation where American isolationism is most appropriate and conservatives should demand American neutrality. For those who find it hard to believe that Obama and America’s new Ruling Class would have a foreign policy driven largely by the homosexual agenda, we recommend a read of the archives of this website and a daily monitoring of the Government’s and the MSM’s preoccupation with the enforcement of its moral revolution. Stubborn doubters should ask themselves why they are not aware that in the last two weeks hundreds of thousands of protestors against same-sex marriage and homosexual adoptions marched in the streets of Paris, Lyons, Brussels, Bucharest, Madrid, Warsaw and Rome. The same Western media that hides this news from you is ready to trumpet the antics of the little gang of twisted ‘pussies’ in Moscow and Sochi. 

    One small footnote is appropriate to underline the relentless homosexual agenda of the MSM. Last weekend a newspaper report seemingly reviewing the quality of the Sochi Olympics reporting, heaped praise on two former ice-dancers who have been employed on this. The picture of the pair in their glitter, seemingly a man and woman, was featured. The man appeared to be wearing as much make-up as the woman. The propaganda was in the written report which casually and naturally mentioned that the man had a husband. This detail in reporting, which will become increasingly common, is the next stage of the MSM campaign to normalize and inject into common usage the ludicrous concepts of ‘his husband’, ‘her wife’ etc. The intention is that soon such phrases will be rolling off the collective tongue as casually as ‘gay’. First the language becomes everyday speech and then the reality ceases to shock. 

    A regular website reader and dedicated conservative/nationalist recently drew my attention to a speech by Pat Caddell which can now be found on the Internet. I strongly recommend it 1 . 

    Caddell was speaking to an audience back on September 21st 2012 and the speech is titled “The Audacity of Corruption”. Caddell is an old time Democrat and survivor from the days before the Party was purged of patriots, moderates and anyone with old-fashioned moral values. “Caddell seems to be getting it!” our reader wrote, referring to Caddell’s brave and career-ending accusation that the American Media has become an enemy of the American political process. 

    Well, yes and no is my response. Caddell is certainly correct that the Media and its reporters now have an agenda that has nothing to do with news reporting and this is a betrayal of both the Fourth Estate and the Nation. He is correct that much Opinion Polling touted by the MSM is dishonest and driven by the Leftist agenda. Caddell is also correct when drawing attention to the revolving door that never stops revolving for media people (“nepotism between politics and media”), the Democrat Party and Washington government. This seamless relationship is, as Caddell laments, both shamelessly blatant and wholly unreported and uncriticized. And yes, Republicans fail to be sufficiently outraged and militant about all this. He notes, correctly “The MSM and all the press, jumped on the Obama bandwagon and made it a moral commitment on their part to get him elected in a way that has never happened before”. But why has all this occurred, Pat? 

    None of this makes sense without recognizing the rise of the Media Class, its constituent parts, its alliances, its control of news and entertainment, its ability to promote and destroy people and organizations and its recent capture of Government. Caddell denounces the corruption of the news media and dates it to the 1980’s but we answer that the Media Class was born in the middle 1960’s, started flexing its muscles in the 1970’s and began purging the Democrat Party and the Trade Union leaderships in the 1980’s – the period when its complementary alliances were sealed with revolutionary Leftist organizations. Over this period of time its agenda came to reflect its own constituent parts and the demands of its junior partners. 

    The revolutionary (im)moral agenda that now gives priority to rapid homosexual advancement and hedonism; the determined destruction of traditional values, moral social organizations and Christianity; the promotion of degenerate mass entertainment; government policies that make abortion a litmus test (second only to SSM) for politicians and all public figures; the promotion of dogs as substitutes for children; and a host of other agenda items which will reduce the American people to a passive, infantile, dependent and culturally ignorant herd, all these reflect the values and aims of the Entertainment and News (almost inseparable) core constituency whose Hollywood wealth funded Obama and whose power of propaganda propelled him into the White House. The Media Class dominates the coalition that is now changing America because it controls communication, bestows fame (and denies it) and has great wealth, but it needs its Leftist partners for votes and manpower. 

    The growth of Government; the selective imposition of income redistribution; the suppression of free speech and gun ownership; the politicization of the Justice Department and the Judiciary; the cherry-picking of the Constitution; the Balkanization of America and the favoring of certain minorities, the encouragement of the street mob, the destruction of the currency; and much more are the bargain with the Left that ensures support on the streets and at the (it is not the votes that count but who counts them) ballot box. The Ruling hedonistic Media Class is happy to march with its allies towards the Leftist totalitarianism that is their goal, for its own members live for today and the quenching of their own sexual appetites. 

    On this website we do not claim expertise regarding the economy but it does seem pretty obvious that the US economy is in the doldrums or worse and that few would bet much money on a prosperous economic future. Yet the DJIA is riding high and does so despite gloomy news. Perhaps it is instructive that as the DJIA goes up, so the value of the dollar goes down. It is our opinion that the Dow’s investors are paying attention not to the info about the real economy but to the intentions of the Fed, and Janet Yellen its new leader. In this scenario, bad economic news, especially about employment, means that the Fed will continue to print money over and above that which is justified by output. Big investors see stocks as a safe haven and care little about dividends and much about stock prices that are inflated by the printing press. Thus bad economic news is reassuring that the Fed will not slow down those printing presses. What this means is that government financial policy and not the market economy has become the driving force of the DJIA. The Obama government is now replacing the private sector as the engine of the American economy. Inevitably this produces a shift towards an interim Fascist system. The ultimate destination will be full-blooded Socialist totalitarianism. 

    This week the UK’s BNP website has been lauding a Daily Mail story about pedophilia and its alleged links to some top Labour Party politicians. Amongst those mentioned are Jack Dromey (now a member of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet), Harriet Harman (Labour’s current Deputy Leader) and Patricia Hewitt (Health Secretary in the Blair Government). I recommend a visit to the Daily Mail site as well as the BNP website in order to get the fullest picture. In the next article I hope to include some comments from a retired British social worker regarding Hewitt and Harman and their rise to prominence through the social work media. 

    Weather – The USA continues to entertain winter, as harsh as ever, especially in the North Eastern States and Midwest. On the western side of the Rockies the weather has been kinder and middle California has had warmish days and cold nights. It looks like being a dry winter and year here unless Spring is unusually wet. None of this suggests global warming despite the dramatic pronouncements of John Kerry. In the UK the rain is easing and the Southwest coast is no longer lashed by gales and big seas. This has been an unusually stormy wet winter and may match records from the 1800’s but as Starcross remains above high tide level we must assume that real sea level remains unaltered. 

    Music Choice – I have never liked the Welsh singer Tom Jones. He always seemed crude and ignorant and, like Shirley Bassey, his Welsh contemporary, a little over the top. Not a class act! However, the recording that launched his career as a super star has stood the test of time and still sounds exciting and fresh. It revealed that he had a strong manly voice at a time when young girly boys were being promoted by the Media. His “It’s Not Unusual” can stand beside other timeless hits like “How High the Moon” (Les Paul and Mary Ford), “Cry” (Johnnie Ray), “Rock Around the Clock” (Bill Haley), “Mack the Knife” (Bobby Darin), “Mad About the Boy” (Dinah Washington), and “On Broadway” (George Benson). I am sure I have left out many good ones but take a listen to “It’s Not Unusual” and enjoy! 

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