Putin, Obama and the Ukraine

Back in early 2009 on this website we began noting the character of Barack Obama.   Given that the previous November he had easily won the Presidential election, pulling his Party with him, and was being lauded, not just in the USA but around the world, as a man of outstanding ability and knowledge, we felt like the little boy who calls out that the Emperor has no clothes. To a casual website visitor it might have seemed unreasonable, indeed prejudiced, that here we were writing article after article describing him not only as a shameless liar and opportunist but as an ignorant and shallow political lightweight. Except that it was not unreasonable to us for we well understood the power of the Media Class and its Mainstream Media (MSM) and we knew that they had finally acquired the sense of purpose, the ability and the confidence to place in the White House an intellectual midget, a near-empty barrel and a man with a fake history. 

    We had long argued that the emerging Ruling Class of America was making and breaking politicians at will and that the MSM was not a cacophony of competing and dissenting voices, but the conscious weaponry of a new revolutionary political force intent on remaking America – and, if possible, the world – in its own image. We warned repeatedly of its revolutionary social agenda, its immoral litmus tests for all public figures, its unity of purpose, its roots in fantasy, its preoccupation with image, its addiction to hedonism, its desperate impatience and its intolerance. We explained that it had purged the Democrat Party and Union leadership of all but radicals. We also described its pact with those Leftist forces which would deliver the growth of government power, the indoctrination of the young, the Balkenization of America by race and income, votes at the ballot box and – when necessary – mobs on the streets. 

    So we were not too surprised when the Media Class and its Leftist allies in November 2008 finally captured the White House and placed in it a man with no qualifications other than that he would dedicatedly serve his masters on whom he was dependent, had no agenda of his own other than to acquire and enjoy the lifestyle of a Hollywood star and could exercise in the White House his antipathy to White America. Hollywood has long made celebrities out of nobodies. It has for decades created a fantasy world around them and provided narratives for them to entertain, misinform and corrupt the masses. Hollywood has long discarded facts, rewritten history and peddled its own dysfunctional lifestyle through ‘entertainment’. The 1970’s partnership of TV and Hollywood which led to the poisonous marriage of news and entertainment and which created the Media Class with its agenda, recreated news and entertainment as increasingly brazen propaganda. 

    The surprise of the 2008 election was not that the Media Class and its allies successfully propelled a man of such limited abilities into the most powerful Presidency the world has seen since Roman times, but that it revealed the depths of gullibility and ignorance to which so many Americans had sunk. We already knew that many Americans were ignorant, brainwashed, shallow, inattentive, hedonist and corrupted, for the popular culture daily revealed the Nation’s decline. But it began to look like the majority really had forgotten their Nation’s past and its culture. All across Europe too, Obama’s election was greeted with fanfare, partly because he pleased the envious with his condemnation of America’s past pre-eminence, and because Europe’s Media Classes were also in the ascendant. 

    But if we, on this insignificant website, could see Obama for what he was, and we could conclude from his election that America’s new Ruling Class was one with an obsession and preoccupation with an agenda of hedonism, surely America’s enemies and rivals could see it too. At the time we warned that China might seize the opportunity to invade Taiwan and North Korea might strike south. In short, the world must become a more dangerous place under such a leader. We were wrong – at least so far we are – but surely Vladimir Putin was able to see what we were seeing in the Obama Presidency. Outside of Europe many leaders and peoples are not preoccupied with legalizing and promoting sodomy. Nor are they merely living for the moment but nurse national ambitions. We do not know what price we have yet to pay for Obama and his masters’ hold on America. We can be sure that Putin is not alone in dismissing Obama as an empty barrel and America as a Nation in moral decline. Crimea will not be the last of the crises in Eastern Europe or the last humiliation for this President. Nevertheless, the American MSM reporters and editors will protect this President from the consequences of his inept bumbling and ignorance, with their lies and half-truths just as long as he delivers on their moral agenda and the transformation of America. And the Leftist coalition will support him as long as he grows government by edict, remakes the judiciary, purges the military and keeps the borders open to the Third World. 

    We do not support any American intrusion into Ukraine’s problems, for the Ukrainian situation is the result of the violent overthrow of an elected leader that was undoubtedly stoked by the same sinister forces that also subvert America. In any case, America under Obama and his Democrat comrades have greatly weakened our military and our economy. We oppose financial aid to Ukraine, for our country is equally bankrupt. Putin is on strong ground and he knows it. The vote in Crimea was surely an indication of the wishes of a majority of the population. In the UK Cameron is allowing Scotland to vote on separation from the UK whilst denying the British people a vote on membership of the EU. Every day the UK government is persecuting Nationalists and suppressing free speech. The MSM conceals all this from the docile masses. Amidst such hypocrisy what justification could there be for shedding the blood of young American and British soldiers? 

    Music Choice – Stanley Turrentine’s recording of ‘River’s Invitation’. Here is a great example of Soul Jazz by a master of the tenor saxophone! The rich and rhythmic orchestral backing is led by Oliver Nelson and Herbie Hancock is on piano. Lively and joyous American music from the past!

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