Proposition 8 – Homosexual Judge Sets Voters Decision Aside

It was no surprise to Radical and Right when US District Judge Vaughn Walker announced his decision today. Walker has ruled that Proposition 8, which Californian voters passed in 2008, is unconstitutional and he has set aside immediately the current law so that homosexual couples can resume getting married. If Walker had ruled against the homosexual plaintiffs that would have been a surprise, given that he is one of only two Federal judges to be ‘out of the closet’. I suppose it was no accident that Walker did not return to Illinois after graduating from Stanford but instead found employment in the City that had become the capital of the world’s sodomites, San Francisco. Also not surprising to us is that the Media has chosen not to publicize Walker’s homosexuality in the context of today’s legal decision. It is surely outrageous that a Judge who has himself chosen the homosexual lifestyle, and therefore has a vested interest, should be allowed to make a decision that has huge ramifications for every State of the Union. It is even more outrageous that the Mainstream Media (MSM) hides this fact in its reporting. Walker has of course used the ‘law’ to set aside the Constitution and instead make new law from the Court. Leftists, as well as homosexuals will applaud this, for surely the ends (social progress) justify the means!!!. Two of the Nation’s most prominent and expensive lawyers argued the homosexual case and the main defendant of marriage (the State of California) that had the duty of fighting the voter’s case was never going to fight because the Hollywood Governor, Schwarzenegger, had already publicly declared that he favored same-sex marriage. Once again we see that the National Organization for Marriage is the David fighting Goliath, for the homosexuals have all the money and the Establishment is on their side. I think it would be hard to find a judge in California who would want to support the majority of voters on this issue (he would have to be courageous, lacking ambition and ready to forego a social life amongst the elite) but in any case we can assume that Walker was chosen for his vested interest.

The MSM is of course trumpeting the decision and working hard to build a National momentum for the latest homosexual cause. It will probably succeed for it is increasingly hard for the ordinary people to assert their views and standards. In Hollywood the billionaire perverts and hedonists will be celebrating tonight and the San Francisco bath houses will be doing a roaring business as ‘gay’ men join together (no pun intended) to celebrate their opportunity to join with Christian heterosexuals in monogamous marriage. I am joking about the monogamy, of course. Time and again, homosexual writers reveal that there is almost no monogamy amongst those who have tripped up the aisle. In fact the number of homosexuals and lesbians who take advantage of a change in law is very small. Most are not interested in such an old fashioned and restrictive institution and those who do participate seem to insist on ‘open relationships’.

Only the naïve would think that the campaign for same-sex marriage is about extending the core Christian principles of marriage. So what are the motives that have brought together so many rich perverts, other Media people and Leftists? The one that unites all those constituencies is that by degrading Christian marriage they strike a blow against one of their arch enemies, the Christian family. For many homosexuals, haunted by shame about the unsanitary practices that they are driven to because Nature deprives them of the right equipment, there is the false hope that they will feel normal. They assume that legalized same-sex marriage, much publicized favorably by the MSM, will remove the stigma that currently attaches to homosexual relationships. For the more militant homosexual and Leftist activists, legalizing same-sex marriage not only degrades the hated Christianity but opens the door to propagation in schools, brings nearer the abandonment of the age of consent, and paves the way for the denial of free speech to those who assert that homosexuality is an abnormal and unhygienic practice. Once homosexuality is officially deemed ‘normal’ we can expect a torrent of laws to prevent any citizen from saying or writing anything that might hurt the feelings of even the most abnormal practices. For those who are not aware of such practices – which are common amongst homosexual men – I suggest some reading of ‘gay’ literature and a visit to the zombietime website that is linked from this website. My own comment is that sodomy, besides being dirty and abnormal, is also sado/masochistic.

Any who believe that free speech is protected for eternity by the Constitution, are dangerously naïve, for we see the Constitution being constantly subverted by the very Judges, Congressmen and Presidents who are sworn to uphold it. The arguments that Judge Walker has marshaled to set the Constitution aside can also quite logically apply to polygamy and man/dog relationships.

On Tuesday there were several elections around the USA and the MSM has carried plenty of commentaries, some of them reasonably objective. One election result that the Media has almost completely buried is the one from Missouri where there was a ballot on the Obama Health plan. Some 75% of voters rejected the Bill’s core proposal to force people to buy health insurance. Although the Missouri voters will have no legal power to halt the Obamacare laws you can bet that all Leftists were shaken by this first test of the Bill’s popularity. Don’t expect the MSM to mention it. Anyway why spoil the party after the Walker decision?

Sidney Harman, a very wealthy man, has bought the Leftist m(r)ag Newsweek from the Leftist Washington Post Company for $1. The (r) magazine has been losing money for a long time because not enough people buy it, but it does serve a purpose for the Ruling Class, for it sits prominently on the reading tables of dentists, medical centers, airports and hotels and bored people thumb through its pages and are fed propaganda. Harman has also taken over the (r) magazines debts but he can afford it. The Washington Post owners sold to Harman because he is willing to keep the rag as a propaganda tool for the Leftist Media Class though the WP owners described it as ‘quality journalism’. The 91 year old Harman’s wife is Jane Harman, the Democratic Congresswomen from California, who besides being a champion of the workers and little people is also the second richest person in the House of Representatives. Researching Jane Harman’s background, I discovered that both she and Sidney are Jews and that over 30 members of the Senate are Jewish. I find this incredible, especially as most are Democrats.

Mitch Miller, who died this week at age 99, was also Jewish and his family came from Russia to New York. I was surprised that his death was given so much prominence in the MSM for he belonged to an era of popular music that sadly, like him, has passed for ever. Miller played the oboe and was originally a classical musician but he became a member of George Gershwin’s orchestra and then moved into arranging for popular singers for record companies. Miller was also a keen jazz listener. The obituaries say much about his work with many great popular singers of the 1950’s including Frank Sinatra but I can find no mention of his great success with Guy Mitchell. Mitchell (real name Albert Cernick) was of Yugoslav parents and Mitch Miller was responsible for his sudden rise to fame, for he chose Guy’s material and did a series of arrangements that proved extremely popular. He also provided Cernick with his own name ‘Mitchell’. Guy Mitchell was amongst those popular singers who dominated the 1950’s and early 60’s. Their music was not profound or cutting edge but it was intelligible, singable and Mitchell was particularly tuneful.

Most of all, many of the songs that Mitch and Guy produced and which were hits in the UK and Australia as well as the US, were wholesome. This is not a word that can be applied to anything much after the early 1960’s when the Media Class began to assert its power. I recommend the Guy Mitchell CD’s to website visitors who might want to find music that is far superior to that of today’s warblers and whiners. The songs are mostly about family values, innocent romance and are frequently patriotic. Most of all, they are HAPPY! Warning to those raised on the miserable, protesting juvenile garbage of today! Guy has a manly voice.

Mitch Miller did other music after this golden era but his arrangements for Guy Mitchell which featured French horns are surprisingly original and disciplined. If only we could turn the clock back and expose all under 65 to such music! I hope Guy and Mitch are reunited in Heaven and doing their stuff when I get there. If I find that Heavenly music has the ubiquitous jangling rock guitar and whining vocalists that are everywhere here (including the two Churches I attend) or worse still Russ’s friend Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) I will be happy to go to the other place.

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