Prop. 8. The Jurists Strike Back!

Visitors to this website will be aware that a 2008 Californian voters’ initiative succeeded in defining that marriage in the State be limited to a man and a woman. In doing so, the voters rejected moves by Californian legislators and lawyers to legalize same-sex marriage. Since then several US States have rejected same-sex marriage at the ballot-box and several legislatures have also turned it down under pressure from voters. No-where has legalizing same-sex marriage won majority public support. This despite clear support for it from the President, the Democrat Party, some well-publicized Republicans (known as ‘Log Cabin Republicans’), just about every Hollywood and pop celebrity, endless celebration of the ‘gay’ lifestyle in newspapers, magazines, TV entertainments and Movies, Academics, Public Service Unions and ‘Human Rights’ organizations. Leftist, Hollywood-dominated California was supposed to be the trail blazer for the change in law that would open the floodgates for the advance of the homosexual lifestyle. In 2008 the voters spoiled the party.

Many may wonder why ‘gay’ issues are now constantly taking center stage, despite the US collapse in banking, the bubble-burst in property prices, ever-increasing terrorist threats and 1930’s unemployment rates. Most Americans may be worrying about their jobs, their health costs, their financial viability and looming inflation and yet the elites are pre-occupied with promoting, by hook or by crook, same-sex marriage. On this website we have the explanation and it is that a new Class now dominates the US, having installed its own President in the White House and engineered over-whelming majorities in Congress. The Media Class, containing many of the richest Americans in its ranks and stuffed with Bohemians, homosexuals and libertines, and having control over News, Entertainment, Advertizing and Pro Sport, has its own agenda. Any new ruling class always comes to power with an agenda that it seeks to impose on society but this ruling Media Class is unusual, both in the scope of its propaganda power and in the revolutionary nature of its social agenda. Its agenda is nothing less than the complete repudiation of the traditional Judeo/Christian basis of the USA and the creation of a new morality unhinged from the past. The agenda is covertly revolutionary, and although being advanced by stealth, its proponents, most of whom being ungodly live for the moment, are increasingly impatient.

It is against this background of stealthy social and moral revolution (which some have dubbed the ‘Culture War’) that the Court Case now unfolding in San Francisco must be viewed. Same-sex marriage is not an end in itself for those who pursue it, as we shall reveal in this article. It is but a step along a very shocking and radical road. What the homosexual activists will achieve through the legalization of same-sex marriage is the normalization of homosexuality through Government recognition. This advance will then open wider the doors of the Nation’s schools to homosexual propaganda. Sodomy and the many perverted practices that homosexuals are driven to adopt (since Nature has deprived them of the mechanics for procreation) are to be taught to children as ‘normal’ – indeed preferable. The benefits to contemporary homosexuals of such indoctrination are immediately obvious and we do not need to list them here. Like night follows day, homosexuals and their allies will next demand the criminalization of all speech and writing that criticizes same-sex relationships and related sexual practices. Since some parents will withdraw their children from public schools in an attempt to protect them, laws will be passed to ensure that no children evade the propaganda. The end of this process has to be the nationalization of the family and indeed the destruction of the traditional family. Not only homosexuals will welcome this. Their Leftist allies have long believed that children should belong to the State and that traditional marriage is reactionary. Traditional Christians and Home-Schoolers’ are amongst those not intended to survive this revolution. For those who think this scenario is far-fetched and alarmist, I can only respond that we are already some way down this road. Obama has appointed as his Czar for ‘safe schools’ a homosexual who is a follower of the founder of the ‘Man Boy Love Association’ of North America. This Czar is busy designing public school programs that introduce children to homosexual practices and encourage the widest sexual experimentation. The rationale for this indoctrination is that there are children in schools who are already consciously ‘gay’ and who are entitled to feel ‘normal’ and express their ‘gayness’ without ridicule. There are others who might choose the ‘gay lifestyle’ if given an opportunity to know what it offers. We are already seeing in our public schools young boys appearing in lip-stick, eye-shadow, feminine hairstyles, falsetto voices and emboldened enough to sexually proposition their fellow pupils. This is not surprising given that pop music culture has become a vehicle for homosexual propaganda and many pop performers parade their perverted sexuality on TV and stage and thus achieve favored Media exposure. School libraries are charged with including books that normalize same-sex ‘families’ and sexual perversions. There is ample evidence that homosexuality is already being ‘mainstreamed’ into our public schools, and since it has the support of the Leftist teachers’ unions, those teachers who resist are being purged. Charitable organizations that do not view homosexuality as normal are being driven from their work.

It would be wrong however to place all responsibility for this cultural/sexual revolution on the homosexual element in the ruling Class, powerful though it is. The new ruling Class consists of libertines of all stripes. Same-sex marriage is merely the latest litmus test and cutting edge of their revolution and must be placed alongside the attacks of Leftists on the Constitution, on free speech (especially in Academia) and on Christianity. When the ends cannot be attained at the ballot box, they are sought through the Courts, and thus we come back to San Francisco and the Prop. 8. Court case.

David Boies and Ted Olsen, the lawyers who are leading the challenge to Proposition 8 in Court this week, are celebrity lawyers and considered legal heavyweights. Their fees are normally way beyond the reach of all but the richest clients. Boies has represented the Democrat Party in its most high-profile cases and Olsen has represented the Republican Party. Why have they taken on this cause? Both lawyers must have set aside lucrative work in order to take this case unless billionaire homosexuals from Hollywood or billionaire Tim Gill have stepped in with funds. Perhaps there is the promise of much more lucrative work down the road as a reward. On this website, Radical and Right are cynics. Often, when seemingly normal people take up extreme social causes it is because they have a secret life themselves or have close relatives doing something shameful. Boies and Olsen say they are taking this case in pursuit of Human Rights. Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists will, by now, have learned that ‘Human Rights’ are always invoked when no ‘rights’ exist except in the minds of Leftists and those who have radical agendas. Homosexuals in US society are not downtrodden. Neither are they without influence or poor. Indeed they are amongst the richest and most influential. Their war chest in the Prop 8 campaign was well over $40m and dwarfed the funds of their Christian opponents. This monetary advantage is true in every contemporary contest and they are able to target and defeat political opponents with ease. Billionaire Tim Gill alone funds an organization that operates below the radar (thanks to the collusion of the Media) and targets conservative office-seekers.

What ‘right’ exists in this case? Are homosexuals being denied something available to all others? Marriage as we know it has its origins in religion and thus has underpinned the notion of family as a haven for the raising of children. For Christians and America’s forefathers marriage is God-given. Thanks to much Leftist legislation in the last 50 years and thanks to the secularization of society that has accompanied the rise of the Media Class many heterosexual couples now choose to live together without marrying. Marriage, it seems, is a ‘right’ in which they perceive no value. Indeed, many see it as a shackle and would be resistant to having it imposed. Because marriage was the property of religion long before it was the property of the State, living together outside of marriage has commonly been defined as ‘living in sin’. This is no longer seen as shameful. For many other heterosexuals, the previous marriage (not yet divorced) of one or both, prevents them from enjoying the ‘right’ of getting married. For countless other heterosexuals, the man or woman of their choice is not available, since ‘it takes two to tango’. I mention this because the same-sex marriage proponents keep talking about the injustice of being denied ‘marriage’ to the person they love or who is of their choice. It is worth remembering that in the human scheme of things, many perhaps most people do not get the partner they want, or are denied marriage. Homosexuals, like heterosexuals, are frequently denied the ‘right’ to have the partner they want. Some people commit suicide and more than a few commit murder when denied the partner of their choice but most just get on with life. We see therefore that marriage to the person of one’s choice, indeed living with the person of one’s choice, is not a ‘right’ nor is it highly valued. It is worth mentioning that there are people out there who choose pets as partners (and some no doubt who indulge in sexual relations with them) and so far are denied a ‘right’ to marry the animal. Also there are those, and there may be more than we know, who would like the ‘right’ to marry more than one partner. If it is a ‘Human Right’ to marry, then all of the above-mentioned individuals are entitled to that ‘right’ to happiness. What is clear from all this is that homosexuals denied marriage to a partner of choice are no more deprived than many, perhaps most, in society. Like many heterosexuals, they can co-habit if they can find some-one to co-habit with. Homosexuals are not denied a ‘right’ to marry someone of the opposite sex who is of age, single and willing.

Some Christians argue that homosexuals should be denied marriage because passages in the Old Testament explicitly condemn same-sex sexual relationships. Certainly the Old Testament is a document that contains the accumulated wisdom that has been the foundation of our civilization and we ignore its strictures at our peril. It is significant that in the New Testament Gospels Jesus Christ shows compassion for many of society’s outcasts, including prostitutes, thieves and lepers, but homosexuals are not included. However we do not need to search the Bible to conclude that homosexuality is a perversion. All attempts to practice sexual relationships between people of the same sex require the misuse of bodily functions and the substitution of unhygienic and unnatural acts. Sodomy, ‘rimming’, oral sex, water-sports, the insertion of objects into the anus and the use of battery-driven devices – these are the substitutes that same-sex couples have to employ, since nature denies them normality. These are the refuge of the perverted, both hetero and homo, but heterosexuals who choose them are rejecting that which is normal. Same-sex marriage/sexual relationships unavoidably require the aping of heterosexual acts and relationships and fantasy role play. One partner has to imitate that which he/she is not. Thus there are ‘queens’, ‘dykes’, ‘tops’ and ‘bottoms’, ‘butches’ and probably many other words to define gender role-play. Sodomy, whether between heterosexual couples or same-sex couples, is not only unhygienic but also permeated with humiliation. To offer those who practice perverted acts (because they have no other means of indulging a sexual appetite) the official recognition that marriage would confer on them, is to render marriage worthless. Marriage cannot confer an aura of normality on that which is intrinsically abnormal.

In conclusion we can say that the drive to legitimize and normalize same-sex relationships through Government-recognized marriage is part of a larger agenda by a Media Class that seeks to remake society in its own image. In order to do so the new ruling Class must seek out and destroy the Christian and conservative values that stand in the way of a moral revolution. Inserting same-sex marriage into traditional marriage by law enables the revolutionaries of the new ruling Class to either force the Christians to surrender their long-held values or be marginalized and then criminalized. For homosexuals, winning marriage holds out the promise of achieving first respectability and then access to the young people currently denied them. In truth, their ‘normality’ can only be gained by the oppression of those who are genuinely normal. Homosexual relationships cannot be made equal to heterosexual relationships for nature simply stands in the way. The pretense and the perverted practices that underpin same-sex relationships will always fuel ridicule and disgust amongst the majority of people and these can only be suppressed by State-sponsored oppression and repeated propaganda.

Should homosexuality be criminalized? Definitely not, no more than any other sexual perversion that occurs in private between consenting adults! Where-ever possible we should opt for freedom and toleration. Toleration is not the same as approval however, and although many homosexuals may be quite happy with toleration and privacy, their activists are not remotely satisfied with either, as even a cursory visit to the zombietime website will reveal. The same-sex marriage struggle now going on in San Francisco’s Court House will likely end in defeat for the voters of California, for lawyers Boies and Olsen have cherry-picked their venue and judge. If the voters are marginalized do not expect any outrage to surface in the MSM for there will be celebrations in every corner of the Media world.

Here in California the cold wet weather continues unabated and we learn today that climate change comes bottom of the list of voters’ concerns.

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