Prop 8 – The Culture War At The Heart Of This Election

I am starting this article with a book review because I believe the contents of the book are wholly relevant to this current election in the USA. Indeed, the book’s topic, which might accurately be termed the rise of the revolutionary homosexual movement, is now relevant to elections everywhere in the Western world.

‘THE SEXUAL DEAD-END’ by STEPHEN GREEN. 1992. Broadview Books.

Quite by chance, I met Stephen Green just before his book was published. If my memory is correct he was introduced to me as a former house-builder, father of four children and a Christian. We were at a small meeting in Bournemouth, (England) to discuss the continued expansion of government-financed socially permissive policies under the Thatcher Government. Mr. Green told me that he had spent two or three years infiltrating the UK’s homosexual movement in order to get material for his book. I can remember commenting to him that he would need to be concerned about the safety of his family once the book and his identity became public. I was at the meeting because I was primarily alarmed by the explosive growth in marital breakdown and the effects of single parent motherhood on boys. I had seen first hand the unhappiness, juvenile crime, alienation and educational underperformance that had resulted. I did not realize that Mr. Green had discovered an even greater danger posed by father-less families – the growth of male homosexuality.

‘The Sexual Dead-End’ is essential reading for every conservative and Nationalist as well as every Christian and every parent of young children. Mr. Green’s book, which describes the homosexual movement’s speedy advance from criminal status (1950’s) to privileged status in Law and State education (1990’s), is packed with evidence. Most of that evidence is taken verbatim from the mass of literature that the homosexuals themselves produce, for they are nothing if not pornographic in habit. Of course much of their printed material was written to be read only amongst themselves, at least until legislation and government began forcing it upon us all, for Mr. Green demonstrates clearly that the homosexual political agenda is nothing less than a world where sodomy is the least of the many degrading practices that we must all accept as ‘normal’ and to which our sons must be exposed to at the earliest possible age.

Green makes the case that there is no demarcation line between male homosexual activity amongst adults and the pursuit of ever-younger boys. Not all homosexuals seek sexual relationships with pre-teen boys, not all homosexuals are insatiably promiscuous and not all are driven to extremes of sado-masochistic rituals, but those that are not are on the fringes of the movement. The activists demand no limits on their appetites and their appetites are unlimited. If you do not believe me, inspect Mr. Green’s evidence for his book is full of their material and it is all from their mainstream.

Green’s perspective is a Christian one and he believes that homosexuals are the victims of either inadequate parenting or early corruption (and thus can be helped to give up sodomy and other sexual perversions). I think he is not wholly correct and that some unfortunate people are born with sexually confusing identities, but the modern and powerful homosexual movement has increasingly discarded the notion that some are just ‘born that way’ in favor of same-sex relations being merely a matter of choice and sophistication. Green was certainly right to see, back nearly twenty years ago, that the homosexual movement had already established a controlling influence in high places and that Christianity had to be destroyed in order for the floodgates of sexual liberation to be achieved. He surely misses the central reason for the rapid advance of homosexual ‘rights’ and related issues and that is the rise to power of a Media Class that is determined to create a social revolution that incidentally requires the destruction of Christianity.

This book is packed with observations that we should all ponder, but I will quote just two:
“From an early age, children are taught that the waste products of the body are dirty, so they must not touch their anus, or anyone else’s and they must wash their hands after going to the toilet”;
“Homosexuals have to unlearn what society has learned down the ages and what they were taught as children, in a process that has been described as one of reverse socialization. No homosexual starts off having urine sprayed in his face, or ingesting faeces as a result of alternate anal and oral sodomy”.

Green has much to say about the interconnection between the political Left and the homosexual movement and also the void at the center of the arguments of the economic conservatives and Libertarians who believe that there can be a free market in sexual behavior without a devastating cost.

This book can be obtained pre-owned on Amazon and I strongly recommend it.

As we have said many times on this website, just below the surface of this 2008 election is the deadly culture war between a newly powerful Media Class and all those who stand in its way. The global financial crisis which is currently engulfing the whole world has taken center stage in the campaign and the Media Class has, as usual, been able to turn it to political advantage for Obama and the Democrats who triggered it. For what it is worth, my opinion is that this time we have a major contraction in the world economy and because the ‘experts’ are floundering, we face a long period (maybe 5 years) of depression, with serious consequences, both economic and social. The multi-ethnic populations that have been foisted upon the native peoples of Europe are likely to prove to be very destabilizing, leading to a resurgence of Nationalism and racial conflict on the streets. Be that as it may, the culture war will gather pace as the new ruling class seeks to turn every problem to political advantage. A thorough reading of Stephen Green’s book will tell you why the dysfunctional people who infest the Media Class will not be deterred by these other problems. They will press ahead with the agenda that includes the popularization and spread of homosexuality. Thus the battle in California over same-sex marriage is not a fringe issue but a deadly struggle between the revolutionaries of the new Class and the Christian Churches. I see that a recent opinion poll shows that most Republican voters are committed Christians and most Democrats are secular. I will go so far as to say that most active Democrats and eager Democrat voters are profoundly anti-Christian. There is now a very real angry mood amongst a great swathe of the US population towards all traditional Christians. It appears irrational, for few ordinary people have anything to fear from Christians. Most people are not homosexual (and those who are now enjoy special legal privileges in what is supposedly an oppressive Christian culture) and relatively few will ever be faced with a choice about abortion, yet these issues (one under the banner of same-sex marriage) have become litmus tests for many on the Left who feel nothing but fury at any evidence of Christianity in the public place.

Here in California the battle is drawn. Not long ago, the voters in a referendum decided that marriage could only be between a man and a woman. The Californian Supreme Court, to applause from the Media, did what Courts increasingly do now the media Class is driving its agenda, that is to say that it set the voters wishes aside and discovered some new ‘Human Rights’ in the Californian Constitution. In response, a Christian coalition has, after overcoming many bureaucratic obstacles, put Proposition 8 on the ballot. It would reassert that marriage is one man/one woman and presumably is Court-proof.

The big battalions of the Media Class down in Hollywood have predictably coughed up millions of dollars (in these troubled economic times) to defeat Prop 8. So have Media people from around the US along with wealthy Leftists and of course the highly prosperous homosexual ‘community’. The money has flooded in as the new ruling elite has understood the consequences of victory for the legalization of same-sex marriage in the second largest State of the Union. For many things will flow from it, including the enforcement of recognition on and in every other State, the enforcement of ‘positive’ teaching of homosexuality in all schools and the criminalization of anti-sodomy expression in print and in speech. In this contest, we are seeing for the first time, the willingness of Big Business to pander to the new ruling Class, for every week sees new large donations to the ‘No’ campaign. The latest was Apple Computers who gave $100,000. When a new Class assumes power we know that a revolution is taking place and that means old rules and habits are turned upside down. We shall see much, much more of the rich, famous and privileged giving to supposedly Leftist social causes as traditional conservative causes are only fought for by the ordinary working people of this land.

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