Pride – In What?

This coming (no pun intended!) weekend is, according to the stream of adverts on our conservative Talk Radio station, ‘San Francisco Pride’ weekend. The local news readers chirpily predict over and over again, on the hour and every hour, that “over a million visitors are expected to attend” as this is the “biggest gay event in America”. They do their best to sound as if it is an event to be universally celebrated. No doubt that is the way they feel in the newsrooms.

It is a very clever ploy by the self-styled homosexual ‘community’ and their buddies in the newsrooms to drop the word ‘gay’ from these announcements and instead link ‘pride’ directly to the name of the city that finds itself to be hosting a gathering of perverts. The intention – and I am sure it is successful because the Mainstream Media (MSM) is more than willing to co-operate – is to confer an aura of civic support on an event that is bacchanalian in the extreme and degrading and corrupting for the normal population. Also, by leaving out the word ‘gay’, these MSM propagandists for sodomy have hi-jacked the word ‘pride’, for now everyone associates both these innocent words with homosexuality. The words ‘anal’, ‘excrement’, ‘fecal’ and ‘sodomy’ – all words that ought to be brought to the collective mind – have been expunged from the lexicon.

The magic figure of 1 million is, I am sure, a gross MSM exaggeration but one that is part of the Media’s propaganda campaign, for it is designed to create an image that combines inevitability, huge popularity, a promise of financial prosperity for the city’s taxpayers, and excitement. Who would want to miss an event that draws over one million people? Well, me for one! I hope the stench of excrement does not drift southwards. We are told that among the many business sponsors are Hawaiian Airlines and Xfinity. I am sure, given the news that has emerged in this last year of Big Business CEO’s bending over backwards (no pun intended) and falling over themselves to sign on to the Homosexual campaign in the name of ‘Human Rights’, ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘diversity’, that these ‘proud’ events are richly subsidized. It has been revealed that General Mills, the company that recently announced it is promoting same-sex marriage has a Vice President (Ken Charles) of Global Diversity and Inclusion.

I am not disputing the fact that San Francisco will be filled with homosexuals and assorted perverts this weekend nor do I doubt that they will be coming from all over the world. These ‘victim’ ‘communities’ are among the richest in the USA, for their members work and live at the heart of the Ruling Media Class, where fortunes are quickly made, taxes avoided and no-one has to work and save for the next generation. Unhampered by natural-born children, and now without inhibitions, its members live to satisfy their sexual appetites and San Francisco will be knee deep in fecal matter, chains and drug paraphernalia this weekend. Why wouldn’t America’s and the world’s perverts head for a city where it all began and where every degrading act can be committed in public and celebrated by a city population corrupted beyond salvation?

What to make of it all? In my street, I am pretty sure, there are no homosexual, lesbian or transgender residents, though there may be a bi-sexual or two, for who is to know? Nor in my wide circle of friends and acquaintances do there appear to be any, though it is possible that some are being discrete about their bedroom habits. Good for them for privacy and discretion are virtues and exhibitionism is not!

So how can we explain the many thousands who will fill SF’s Downtown and who muster at the other ‘Pride’ events around the Nation? No doubt many of the same people travel around to these gatherings where they can feel reassured by the numbers, feel free to act out fantasies in public (for these ‘festivals’ seem to be packed with exhibitionists who are high on something) and where their appetites for impersonal and numerous sexual encounters can be fully satiated.

Anyone who believes that I am being unfair should visit the zombietime website or visit Free Republic, where this week there is a report about a sting operation that was conducted by police at Manhattan Beach, where 14 homosexuals were caught and charged for their activities in a public toilet. Apparently, it is a much sought-after thrill to have sex with other men through holes drilled in the cubicle walls. One of the men was from the UK and another from California. A homosexual activist organization protested the sting operation and we can be sure that in the very near future any attempts to restrict such activity will be regarded as intolerant, bigoted and ultimately unlawful. Any and all of these sad 14 men (and no doubt they are just a small and unlucky few who were in the right place at the wrong time) were eligible to join our (evolved) President at the White House this week, where he was celebrating ‘Gay Pride Month’. Poor Jerry Sandusky must be cursing his luck, for if he had lived just a decade later he too could have been invited to the White House and honored for his work in introducing young boys to same-sex relationships.

The MSM will not report the Manhattan Beach case, nor any similar events, for its reporters are flat out promoting and misrepresenting same-sex issues as our Nation’s latest struggle with bigotry (replacing the struggle for post-slavery rights of African Americans). We are being brain-washed by the MSM and our revolutionary Obama Government to equate the 1950’s struggle of dignified African Americans to get the vote, be able to sit anywhere on a bus or in a diner and live in any street, with the ‘struggle’ of perverts to demand that everyone applaud and accept their grotesque sexual activities or face jail time and ruin.

The truth is that there is nothing to prevent the self-styled LGBT activists from inventing their own ‘marriage’ ceremonies, finding their own ‘wedding’ photographers and cake makers, setting up their own ‘inclusive’ Boy Scout troops and opening LGBT restaurants and boarding houses, just as they already set up homosexual vacation cruises, vacation events, bars, clubs etc. In short there is nothing to prevent the wealthy and financially privileged LGBT crowd from enjoying their own company and unhealthy sexual appetites except that the latter (except at Pride events in SF) has to be in private.

Clearly this is not enough for them, and as we have written many times on this website their goals have little to do with marriage, visitation rights to hospitals or health benefits. It has everything to do with our new Ruling Media Class, with its large component of perverts (including heterosexual perverts) imposing a revolutionary new morality on us all and with the full force of the law.

Since the President and any number of politicians, CEO’s and the whole Media Class are busy pressing us all to celebrate the ‘pride’ of the LGBT crowd, Radical and Right ask the question ‘pride in what?’ Pride in the disgusting and unhygienic practice of sodomy? Pride in the use of electrical devices to simulate intercourse between two women? Pride in practices such as ‘rimming’, ‘water-sports’ and sex through holes in public lavatory walls? Pride in men leading other men around the streets on chains, dressed in leather straps and with exposed penises? Pride in surgery and injections to further sad people’s fantasies? All of the foregoing and any and every bizarre practice that unfortunate human beings can and do employ for sexual gratification, have to be tolerated by us all to some degree, at least in private. But how can they be sources of pride?

On this website we frequently use old sayings to make a point, for like all traditional things, the sayings have grown out of the accumulated wisdom of the human race. One traditional saying that over my lifetime I have learned to respect is “Pride go-eth before a fall”. These days I take pride in nothing, not even in those things that seem like achievements, for time, death and fate ensures that little is of lasting value. Vanity is rarely far away from pride. Nor is self-delusion and self importance. And nor is the envy or hostility of others. Biblical teaching has much to say about humility and recognizing that any achievements we might seem to have built are really the work of God. Whether we take our wisdom from old sayings or from the Bible we are reminded that pride is dangerous and unfounded. The LGBT crowd does not, of course, have any time for traditional wisdoms or the Bible and so ostentatiously celebrates ‘pride’. We can ask the question ‘pride in what?’ There is no answer!

Weather – At the time of writing, summer has still not begun in the UK, where typically June is a wet and disappointing month. Here in California there are more cool days than warm days though the LA Times reports that Gary Griggs-Wanker (I kid you not!), a coastal geologist at the Santa Cruz University is forecasting that Californian sea levels will rise 1 foot in the next 20 years. Since water finds its level everywhere, this is bad news for our correspondent in the UK’s estuary village of Starcross. A 1 foot sea level rise will turn it into a little Venice. I hope the residents are preparing to evacuate

Music Choice – Several jazz musicians died in dramatic circumstances but none quite as dramatic as that of trumpeter Lee Morgan (1938-72) who was shot dead on the bandstand by a spurned girl-friend. It must have been a dreadful shock to his band members. Jazz was the poorer for Morgan’s early demise for not only was he a superb trumpeter but he also wrote many good tunes, including the catchy ‘Sidewinder’, the dancy ‘Gigolo’ and ‘Cornbread’ and the beautiful and haunting love-song ‘Ceora’. My favorite is ‘Yes I Can, No You Can’t’ recorded in New York in 1965. It is on the same Blue Note album as ‘The Gigolo’. The line-up is Morgan, Wayne Shorter (ten), Harold Mabern Jnr (p), Bob Cranshaw (b) and Billy Higgins (d). This is happy, humorous music with an infectious beat. The long sinuous but sing-along melody is actually deceptively complicated. Shorter, in these early days of his career, was an engaging soloist, whose style was almost conversational. Morgan is both exciting and funny. Mabern too sounds as though he is enjoying himself. This is happy jazz and accessible and this tune would make a great intro for Limbaugh, Hannity or Levin. Unfortunately they have been musically corrupted by the enemy.

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