President Trump Hit the Ground Running

The 70 year old Donald J. Trump has incredible energy and we on the Broad Right have to be very grateful for that. No wonder he recognized and so effectively demolished rival Jeb Bush for his “low energy” back in the primaries. Trump knows what energy is and he is employing his for the American people.

It is worth recalling that Trump, a political novice, fought and won a grueling primary campaign against 20 serious Republican contenders, and the whole Republican Party establishment. One of his opponents had a huge war chest, national name recognition, and all the right family connections. Yet Trump exposed his short-comings.

Trump immediately, without a pause, moved on to the fight against Hillary Clinton; the whole Mainstream Media (MSM) and Media Class celebrities; and a cabal of Republican back-stabbers. He compensated for his under-funding against the best-funded Democrat candidate in history with a breathtaking, non-stop program of rallies in every State where he stood the slightest chance of winning.

He then kept fighting as powerful, hidden, Internationalist forces attempted to snatch away his narrow win with legalistic maneuvers, and the Far Left mounted a series of much-publicized riots across the Nation.

At this point we must pay tribute to not only his physical stamina, but to his incredible steely nerves, confidence and optimism. A lesser man would have been emotionally worn down by the MSM’s endless character attacks, malicious exposure of small personal details, endless lies, and a worldwide campaign to hit his businesses. Invariably, such personal wounds sap the physical and emotional energy, yet Trump was not distracted from putting together a cabinet that is packed with Christians, military patriots and action men from business who will be effective in implementing Counter-Revolutionary policies. So far, his appointees have not a whiff of political compromise about them.

And then after all these trials and tribulations, he strode, stern-faced, to the microphone in Washington D.C. and delivered the most militantly Nationalist and unconventional speech in modern American history. Not once did he stumble in what was a briefly-worded declaration of war on America’s internal enemies.

The inauguration ceremony, conducted against a back-drop of Revolutionary violence being waged on Washington D.C. streets, in itself would have left lesser men exhausted and eager to take a rest away from it all. But Trump, as he had promised, went straight to work for the good citizens of America.

Now, on Day Four of the Counter-revolution, we find President Trump in the White House dislodging Obama’s troops from their strongholds in government and regaining ground once considered forever lost. And, as Sinatra once sang, ‘the best is yet to come’ in the next few weeks.

Our website visitors will already know the President’s big moves on trade (Killed TPP) and international relations, but sometimes small things tell us much. The Churchill bust is back in the White House, he has placed a freeze on all Federal Hiring (except the military) and significant, low-key advances have been achieved against the LGBTQIA and abortion forces (No Fed funds for abortion).

There are other straws in the wind, such as the ejection from a flight of a woman Far Leftist who verbally assaulted a fellow passenger who had attended the inauguration. Madonna is being questioned by the FBI over her bomb threats, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer called out the MSM on their lies about inauguration attendances. McCain, Graham and Marco Rubio are caving on the nomination of Tillerson to State. We suspect that all over America honest cops are again cracking down on Black criminals and border agents are taking the initiative. The strength of purpose emanating from the White House will be infectious.

New website visitors may wonder why we always refer to the ‘FAR Left’ and not simply ‘the Left‘. This is because we claim that the emerging Media Class, using the power of its MSM, relentlessly purged the Democrat Party and Academia of moderate Left people. Those Democrats who admitted Christian attachments, opposed abortion, recognized homosexuality as abnormal, supported capital punishment, had a genuine commitment to patriotism, opposed special categories of citizens under the law, and were unwilling to treat Party politics as warfare, were driven out of the Democrat Party and the Trade Union movement. All the above issues were treated as litmus tests.

There are no ‘moderates’ on the Left, for as befits a Revolutionary era, in a time of civil war all are forced to take sides.

Revolutionaries are never tolerant, and as we see day after day, the Far Left is seething with intolerance.

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