Poor, Pathetic Cindy!

As I understand it, Cindy Sheehan is either in Cuba or on her way there, to protest the US prison that detains Muslim terrorists. If this is correct, she will be ignoring the many prisons in Cuba that house political opponents of Castro’s Communist dictatorship.

Cindy is on record as describing the USA as a “morally repugnant system” and “not worth dying for”. To my knowledge she has never uttered a word against the Castro regime.

The cruel torture and savage treatment of political prisoners in Castro’s jails is well documented. We are not talking here of dog collars or petty humiliations, but the deadly sadism that characterized the prison regimes of places like Treblinka, the Soviet gulags and Changi. The people who were arrested and transported to such places were guilty of nothing and ceased to exist, their relatives too terrified to enquire about them. We could be forgiven for wondering how Cindy can feel so outraged about the US facility, where detainees get better care than US soldiers in the field, and yet not concern herself for Castro’s victims.

There are three explanations! One is that poor Cindy is an unhinged crackpot who cannot be expected to harbor a rational thought in her head. The second is that she has become addicted to publicity since her ‘vigil’ at Crawford in Texas, when the Media Class, anxious to undermine the war against terrorism and embarrass the president, gave her the bully pulpit. The third explanation is that she has long been a hard Leftist, or has become one since her days of fame, and thus is blind to any crimes against humanity committed in the name of socialism. As we have often pointed out on this website, Leftists believe that ‘ends justify the means’ and since their vision of a brave new world of egalitarianism is morally superior and for the greatest good in the long run, all Leftist violence is good violence. Is it possible that Cindy’s global travels are financed by a well-funded Leftist group? How else does she finance herself and her trips to such exotic places as Cuba? Not so long ago, she was attending protest conferences in far- flung places like Buenos Aires. More recently, she has been chanting her mantras in Washington DC. She sure gets about and never seems to earn her crust with honest toil.

Perhaps George Soros has been funneling money her way through one of his many charities. It is certainly a puzzle to Radical and Right how Cindy and her comrades manage financially and one has to wonder why the Media never asks them or investigates. Perhaps it is because most Media Class people privately sympathize with her activities!!!

And so we come to the explanation that Cindy, now completely addicted to fame, is desperately thrashing around for the Media attention she seemed to command down at Crawford and elsewhere before the US elections. If so, we have to conclude that she just doesn’t get it and someone should enlighten her out of kindness.

People only get massive (and sympathetic) Media coverage when they are furthering the agenda of the Media Class otherwise they either get bad publicity or none at all. The Media Class won the recent US election for its Democrat troops, has successfully fuelled the Sunni/terrorist insurgency in Iraq, isolated President Bush from his American public and sown defeatism amongst the people. Now that they enjoy a majority in Congress, the Democrats must dance around the war issue until Hillary is elected President and a solid majority is obtained in Congress. Cindy can be only an embarrassment by demanding that Democrat politicians (including Hillary) stop dancing before the 2008 elections. Cindy’s recent escapades in Washington, where she and her tiny band of shrieking morons managed to shout down a Democrat Representative at a news conference and then interrupted another Dem news event, not only failed to get the mass media headlines she craves, but served notice to the Media masters that she is no longer much of an asset. Unless she learns to love Hillary and Nancy, she will to all intents and purposes, disappear.

Extreme Left activists are used sparingly by the Media Class, not because Media people are unsympathetic to them but because they threaten to give the game away to the wider public if they are not carefully packaged. Cindy has to learn that she is not in control of her public persona and will only get favorable publicity when it suits the Media Class and its agenda.

On this website we believe that Hillary is the Media Class candidate for US President. Consequently the Media Class now has to present her to the voting public as a mainstream and patriotic American whilst at the same time enabling her to hold on to the Leftist base in the Democratic primaries. This is not an easy maneuver and Cindy will be required to take a backseat. Individuals can no longer make news. News is whatever serves the interests of the Media Class. Cindy would do well to stay in Cuba and keep away from Washington.

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