I have yet to see any details in the Media or on the web as to how much the billionaire currency dealer (still evading the French courts) George Soros has ploughed into Obama’s campaign and into the Democrat Party campaign and a multitude of Leftist Front organizations. Probably we shall never know for this very dangerous and hugely wealthy man is adept at masking his efforts to buy a social revolution in the West. The laws about election contributions never seem to apply to rich Leftists and the Media Class has no intention of investigating staunch allies. Sometimes I discover just snippets of information about the millions of dollars and pounds pouring into Leftist causes and I get to feel that conservatives, Christians and Nationalists have no chance, for they are actually the working poor of modern day society. Deprived of a voice in the Media, the working poor, many with families to support, also have little time for politics.

I often wish I had Rush Limbaugh’s optimism about the people. He maintains that most are naturally conservative, God-fearing and patriotic, at least in the USA. This week there has been cause to think that Rush may be right. As I look at the current opinion polls on the US contest (the big battle in the culture war) it is clear that there is a great reservoir of conservatism and patriotism out there in the heartland, for the McCain/Palin ticket is now looking very electable. It is early days and the Media might still succeed in suppressing the conservative vote with disinformation and outright lies, but it is beginning to look as though Soros and the rich Hollywood gang have once again backed a loser. Poor George! He wins many small battles (and they do have an accumulative effect on weakening society) but he never wins the big one. Let us hope that he goes to his grave a loser.

Palin and McCain have not only transformed the Presidential race, but have also transformed the Congressional contests in the States. Suddenly it looks as though the Democrats might not sweep to complete power. As I wrote in a previous article, there is nothing worse for the selfish adolescent than to have something snatched from the grasp. If Obama does not quickly recover a comfortable lead in the polls I think the Leftists in the Democrat Party and their Media masters will panic. Hillary may well find herself drafted for the VP slot and the hapless Biden dropped on some pretext. Meanwhile there are rumblings amongst African American activists and Media spokesmen that an Obama defeat will justify a violent explosion of anger across the US. Neither this threat nor the hysterical screams from sundry “Stars” of the entertainment world are likely to win over voters.

Many years ago, in the UK, I worked amongst some members of the Leftist elite in a public service bureaucracy. In those days they were best described as Fabian Socialists and they were incredibly superior. They also sipped wine and attended wine and cheese gatherings on their lawns. Whilst they awarded themselves substantial pay checks and enjoyed excellent working conditions, they reassured each other that their work was selfless and on behalf of the working class. The ‘working class’ that they ‘labored’ for was actually the underclass of feckless welfare- dependent people, many of whom were quite criminal. The people those Fabians despised were the decent hardworking families who stood on their own feet and often had to contend with maintaining standards whilst living cheek-by-jowl with the deadbeats. There was a glass ceiling in the Fabians’ workplace and it was there to hold back ambitious people from the working class who had not been to the ‘right’ schools and to University. I am sure that those Fabians have long been succeeded by a new generation of harder Leftists who have been toughened by the Marxist-dominated education system that now flourishes everywhere. But the sense of intellectual superiority remains. Many of this new breed have opted for journalism rather than public housing and welfare departments, for they believe that they can more effectively live their version of the ‘doing good whilst getting on’ life in the Media world. They are taught that journalism is all about changing the world, not, as some of us might think, reporting facts. A few, seeking the fast track in Leftist politics, become community organizers!

I was reminded of the superior elitists of my earlier working life when I read an article on the New York Times website of September 12 and headed “No Laughing Matter”. It was written by a journalist called Judith Warner and she had inadvertently (because not able to find the journalists’ enclosure) infiltrated a crowd of ordinary folk in a packed gathering of conservatives waiting to hear McCain and Palin. The elitist’s sense of superiority drips from her every sentence as coincidentally does her ignorance. Fortunately, she learned nothing from her spying and continues to feel superior. I have no doubt that when she is at the next wine-and- brie gathering with her journalist and arty friends, they will all continue to reassure themselves that killing unwanted babies, exploring anal orifices and painting pictures of Jesus with excrement are all the hallmarks of a truly civilized and progressive new world order. I hope the people that Ms. Warner looked down upon at the rally turn out in droves in November to elect McCain and Palin and that the journalists and other Leftists like George Soros find their brie indigestible.

Mr. Radical responded to one of my previous articles by coining a new word. I had listed the descending steps that would follow an Obama victory, for I am sure that abortion-as-birth control and same-sex marriage are not ends in themselves. They are brief stops on the road to legalized sex-with- young-boys, polygamy, marriage to pets, and infanticide when babies are an impediment to pleasure. Mr. Radical wants to add the termination of the elderly and I am sure he is right in a world where Christian morality has been replaced with moral relativism. Mr. Right calls it ‘INFIRMICIDE’. You read it here first, folks!

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