Polanski – Media Class Closes Ranks!

In 1977, Hollywood celebrity Roman Polanski and his pal Jack Nicholson lured a 13 year old girl to Nicholson’s House for a photo-shoot. Once there, she was plied with alcohol and a drug and then Polanski had sexual intercourse with her. We do not have to use the word ‘alleged’ in this article for after being charged with rape and sex with a minor, Polanski entered into a plea bargaining deal with prosecutors. He then did two things. He skipped the country and went to Europe and he arrived at a financial settlement with the girl’s parent. Ever since then, Polanski has been a fugitive from the US but has been welcomed in France as a ‘talented artist’ and has continued to make films. It is an irrelevant fact to his crime, but I will mention that he has received awards from his buddies in the Arts world for some of his films, including one from Hollywood which he was unable to collect because he was a fugitive and would have been arrested by the LA police.

Polanski, who was 44 at the time of the rape of the juvenile, obviously craved sex with under-age girls otherwise he would not have taken the risks that were involved when planning this incident 32 years ago. Usually, such cravings are never assuaged and such offences are rarely isolated, so we might hold the suspicion that this particular offence was just the one that he was caught for. We might also wonder whether Nicholson and other friends shared his cravings but were a little less reckless or plain lucky. On this website, we regularly point out that Hollywood, indeed the Arts/Entertainment world in general, is a magnet for perverts, neurotics, psychopaths and libertines and that is why a powerful Media Class taking political power is the catalyst for a culture war that will sound the death-knell for a Christian nation.

Last week, Polanski left his safe haven in France and slipped into Switzerland to collect yet another Show-biz award. This time the Swiss police had information about his moves, and at the request of the LA police, nabbed him at Zurich airport. He is, at the time of writing, in custody. He faces extradition to the US to receive his long-delayed and well-deserved punishment. The Media Class is outraged and on the attack. Not so many years ago, few people would have dared to publicly align themselves with an admitted pedophile, but in 2009, the Media Class has power in the US and many other countries, and is increasingly confident about imposing its new revolutionary morality on society. It is also confident that its members are above the old (oppressive, judgmental Christian) laws that must be swept away. Consequently, the Media Class is brazenly presenting Polanski as a victim.

A typical headline was this one on the Comcast news: “Outcry over Polanski’s detention. Politicians and Hollywood heavyweights have rallied behind Director Roman Polanski following his arrest”. We are told elsewhere that the “Swiss Media has rounded on the Authorities”. Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has expressed outrage and there have been calls to “fix this terrible situation”. British novelist Robert Harris is reported to have described the arrest as “disgusting treatment” and a “cultural scandal”. Now, French President Nicolas Sarkosi has also thrown his weight behind the outrage. Weinstein, Sarkosi and Polanski are all Jewish and so might be coming to the defense of a fellow Jew, but I prefer to see all this as the expression of the power of the Media Class and its revolutionary social and moral agenda. Several arguments, all of them lacking any intellectual or moral credibility, have nevertheless been boldly advanced by Media and Arts people on Polanski’s behalf. They are (1) that he is talented. (2) He is old. (3) He was lulled into thinking that he was safe in Switzerland because he had been there before without arrest. (4) He has been married now for many years. (5) He has not been charged with such offences for many years and so must be cured of the compulsion for sex with young girls. (5) At his original trial he was tricked into an admission of guilt because his plea bargain was welshed upon by the prosecutor. (6) That the 13 year old girl was consenting. (7) She was not a virgin. (8) In Polanski’s own words, “there was no victim”. (9) She has publicly forgiven him.

Most of the above special pleas are both outrageous and without legal credibility, especially those that relate to the girl’s complicity but her current forgivingness is surely related to the financial settlement her mother once made with Polanski. I have to wonder at the girl’s parent who allowed her to go to the home of a Hollywood type without a constant chaperone. I suppose this was an example of the fascination many people now have with celebrities and celebrity and the willingness to do anything (including sacrificing your child) to enter into the Media Class or rub shoulders with the famous. The Media Class corrupts all those who are exposed to its propaganda and morals and sadly that is much of the population.

The policemen who have followed and upheld the law, both in Switzerland and in L.A. had better batten down the hatches, for they will get the same Media Treatment that befell Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin and the cop who arrested the Black Ivy League professor in Boston. I would not be surprised if Polanski gets released before extradition takes effect, for I doubt the politicians and elite of LA want Polanski tried in a courtroom there. No politicians anywhere in the Western World, will speak against Polanski, unless they wish to risk the eternal wrath of the Media Class and the ire of deep pockets like Harvey Weinstein and George Soros. On this website we say that the shocking Media and political campaign to defend Polanski can only be understood in the context of the ascent to political power of the Media Class and its resulting assertiveness.

There is another possible crime that keeps ominously featuring in the Media headlines and it is the death of 51 year old Bill Sparkman in Big Creek, East Kentucky. I say ‘possible’ because as yet the authorities have not ruled out suicide or accident. Sparkman was found hanging from a tree in a cemetery in a rural area. He was naked (except for his socks), gagged, his hands and feet were bound with duct tape and his feet were still on the ground. It appears likely that this was a brutal murder but as the police have not yet confirmed this I suppose it could be a case of sado-masochism. Much Media fuss is being made of the suggestion that Sparkman had the word ‘Fed’ scrawled on his chest. If it turns out that his death was a result of consenting sado-masochism, we will not see the case in the headlines again. Indeed it will disappear from the national Media outlets. What the Media is hoping though is that the word Fed will turn out to be connected, no matter how tenuously, to his murder, for then he will become a ‘cause celebre’. This will be enough to substantiate an orchestrated charge that the ‘Right’ has recklessly been fomenting violent anti-Government sentiment. It will present the Mainstream Media (MSM) with an opportunity to demand that all criticism of Obama and his agenda should cease forthwith. Every op-ed column will be filled with outrage, every Sunday TV talk show host and Leftist politician will cry crocodile tears for Sparkman, and celebs around the country will write songs and poems of protest. There will be candle-lit vigils to commemorate Sparkman’s life and marches. We will see a powerful ruling Class using its formidable powers and this single event to stifle ideological opposition.

Meanwhile, the unsolved murder of poor Jim Pouillon remains unreported by the MSM. Jim was an elderly, very handicapped man who was a protester against abortion in Michigan and who was gunned down from a passing car. Another elderly protester against abortion was physically attacked by two Feminists, one of whom was employed by a local school. Surely I do not have to explain to visitors to this website why such crimes are of no interest to the MSM. Rush Limbaugh, who I greatly admire, persists in referring to the “State controlled Media” which constantly lies and distorts in pursuit of an agenda. What do you mean by the word “State”, Rush? Who are these State operatives and why did they not once act on behalf of President Bush in eight years? Read this website Rush and you will learn that the Leftist Media Class now controls the State and that you and Fox News and the little band of conservative Talk Radio hosts are mavericks of that same ruling Class. This is why you and they enjoy more influence than all the Republican politicians put together.

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