Polanski Goes Free – The Media Class Has the Power to Pull Just About Every String

On 29th September 2009 and 3rd October 2009 I wrote extensively on this website about the arrest of Roman Polanski in Switzerland and the attempt by LA law enforcement to extradite him to the USA to serve a prison sentence. I noted that a host of prominent American Media Class people were very publicly campaigning for his release and that it was reported that “the Swiss Media has rounded on the Swiss Authorities”. I also wrote “I would not be surprised if Polanski gets released before extradition takes effect.” In the intervening period nothing has appeared to happen except that Polanski was released from jail in Switzerland. Now, claiming that the US had not pursued Polanski more energetically in the distant past, the Swiss Authorities have announced that they will not be handing him over and that he is free to come and go in Switzerland as he pleases. The excuse being used by the Swiss is just about the flimsiest possible and we can assume that the Media Class pressure behind the scenes was too powerful for the Swiss Authorities to resist

In US Media reports there are no disapproving comments concerning the Swiss decision and on this website we would not expect any Media criticism. It would be difficult to find a Media Class notable, especially amongst the Hollywood and Entertainment gang, who considered Polanski had ever done anything more than mildly bad or abnormal. The reports that I have read only mention that Polanski had been charged with raping a 13 year old girl at the home of Jack Nicholson back in 1977. In fact he had lured the girl to Nicholson’s home more than once, plied her with drink and drugs and then not only raped her but (probably more significantly) sodomized her. To many of us parents who exist outside of the Media world of Hollywood Leftists and Show Biz billionaires, it doesn’t get much worse than that in terms of child abuse. Unfortunately our new Ruling Media Class is infested with perverts who hunger for every kind of sex except that between man and wife. It is the intention of this Ruling Class which funds the current man in the White House and his Democrat comrades and which controls the news and entertainment of the masses, to carry out a moral and social revolution so that the Polanski’s of their world will no longer be inhibited by old-fashioned Christian laws.

In our previous article, Mr. Radical drew attention to the immediate reactions of both the UK’s BBC reporters and the Christian Church victims of the Uganda bombing. Why are they surprised and shocked by Muslim violence, especially against Christians and Westerners? The murderous onslaught against innocent civilians is taking place daily all around the globe and there is no shortage of killers, both men and women. All are motivated by Islam which Western politicians still insist is a religion of peace and which Christian pastors tiptoe around because the one thing they fear above all else is being labeled ‘bigoted’ by the Media and their other Leftist enemies. Now President Obama’s spokesman has added to the air of unreality that surrounds the Uganda outrage. It seems that Obama is especially hurt because the Muslim terrorists have chosen an African setting and in the process have not done the long-term prospects of their jihad any favors. Anyone who doubts that Obama is advising the terrorists as though they were members of an otherwise legitimate political/religious movement should visit the Rush Limbaugh website and read his comments for Wednesday 14th July. I have been tracking the Media reports and the WSJ front page “What’s News” items are typical. One said “The Somali group al Shabaah claimed responsibility”. Two other reports of Muslim terrorism read “A judge sentenced two Chicago area cousins to prison terms over a plot to kill US soldiers in Iraq”, and “Three men received prison sentences in the UK for roles in a plan to bomb trans-Atlantic flights”.(Tuesday’s WSJ). Only the word ‘Muslim’ is always absent!

If I seem to be beating up on the WSJ I had better praise the editor for a lengthy article on Monday July 12th by Professor Patrick J. Michaels who was a professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia from 1980 to 2007. Find it and read it if you have been tempted to swallow the recent Media reports of an ‘independent’ review of the Climategate scandal. The review committee was touted as independent by Sir Muir Russell but it transpires that one of the four academics on the panel was Sir Geoffrey Boulton who was on the faculty of East Anglia’s School of Environmental Sciences for 18 years. As Prof Michaels writes, the report is a whitewash.

I suppose we must expect a world dominated by the Media Class (a Class that makes its money and gets its power from fantasy) to be akin to the world in which the Emperor wore no clothes and only the little boy noticed. I often feel like that little boy. Here in the US we have an organization called the NAACP which exists solely for African Americans (provided they are Leftists and rage with a sense of grievance) and it is accusing the Tea Party Movement of being racist. I have attended two Tea Party gatherings and both had a smattering of Black participants so clearly the charge is baseless and motivated by Leftist political calculations rather than by fact. However, sometimes the most obvious things escape our notice when we are constantly subjected to lying propaganda. Here we have an all-Black organization that exists solely to advance the interests of Blacks and it is accusing another organization of being racist!

Hollywood has just launched another film intended to ‘sell’ homosexuality as normal. Rather cunningly it is presenting a lesbian same-sex marriage from the point of view of the children involved and is called ‘Kids’. No matter how the critics try to sell this film, it is propaganda intended to manipulate your opinions. You can bet that one thing the film avoids like the plague is how the women involved overcome the lack of a penis between them (no pun intended!) Shun this garbage!

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