Polanski Furore Revisited

Our previous article placed the Media and Show-Biz outrage over Polanski’s arrest and detention into the context of the US Media Class’ ascent to political power. As we constantly point out, the Media Class now seeks to use its political power and Media domination to impose its morals on American society and indeed on the World. Those morals, or rather the lack of them, are dictated by the rich Media Class base in Hollywood and Show-Biz. It is not surprising therefore that Hollywood, now emboldened by having put its man in the White House, feels able to take center stage in demanding that one of its many perverts should be above the law. After all, what Polanski did with a 13 year old child, is probably commonplace in Beverly Hills and everywhere else where the Media Class works and resides. No doubt, in a political world now wholly corrupted by the new Class, and with increasing numbers of politicians being drawn directly from it, there are many in Washington and other government enclaves who also enjoy sex with children. My guess is that many young boys are now experiencing the ‘pleasures’ and ‘liberation’ of sex with older men, and some of those signatories of the Hollywood petition are impatient for the revolution that will legitimize their appetites.

Although the News Media provided little coverage of Polanski’s crime but much coverage to the Show-biz outrage, Internet bloggers and conservative news websites did what they do best, and that is inform us! Those who only get their information from the Mainstream Media (MSM) might have concluded that Polanski merely gave in to a sudden and partly understandable sexual impulse when confronted with a nubile and experienced would-be starlet. The facts of his crime however suggest an experienced predator and pervert at work. It seems that Polanski lured this girl (and her mother – significantly no mention of a father on the scene!) into his orbit with promises of Media exposure that required photo shoots. On the first shoot he persuaded her to pose topless and then naked in a tub, where he stripped and joined her. On the next shoot at Nicholson’s house he plied her with alcohol and a drug before intimidating her into a full session of sex. This session involved not just straightforward sexual intercourse, but also oral sex and then sodomy. It is the latter act that really marks Polanski out as a pervert and a man for whom inflicting degradation is a compulsion. I can think of no perverted sexual act worse than sodomy to inflict on a child. This girl, even if she had had intercourse previously with her peers, was surely traumatized and corrupted by this experience.

Sodomy gets little mention in the torrent of sex articles that the Media employs to spread its message, not because it is rare, but because it is still shocking to normal people. After all, we who are parents go to considerable lengths to inculcate our children with clean habits. We teach our children that excrement is dirty and unhygienic and that a regimen of showering and hand-washing is necessary to be both healthy and civilized. One of the things that the very sick, the handicapped and the dependent elderly most dread is the involvement of others in their bowel movements. It is surely in our nature to be deeply private and personal about anal functions, and only those who seek pleasure from perverted acts, inflicting humiliation or being degraded, are ‘turned on’ by sodomy or other anal sex acts. This is a major reason why homosexuality, when expressed in sexual acts, is unavoidably perverted. Polanski’s sodomizing of this young girl revealed his true nature as a pervert and we can assume that he has been driven by such appetites throughout his life. How many children and their parents has he bought off with money?

We can be sure that Hollywood, indeed the Show-biz and Arts world generally, does not share the revulsion for sodomy that is widespread amongst normal people. Indeed, on this website we predict that the Media Class objective is to use its Media outlets and its legislative power to both popularize sodomy and all perversions and to remove the old barriers that prohibited sex with children. The Media Class allies on the Left, once keen to protect the children of the poor, are now fully complicit in the sexual and moral revolution that will sweep away the old Christian standards. It is against this revolutionary background that we should view the brazen signatories of the Polanski petition and the films of Scorcese, Lynch, Wenders, Woody Allen and the rest.

I note that since our last article there has been little Media mention of the death of poor Bill Sparkman. We can expect Media attention to erupt again if his death can be even remotely linked to his part-time job as a Government employee. If not, he will disappear from the news just as surely as has Cindy Sheahan.

Yesterday I had an educational (for me) l conversation with a friend. She is of Vietnamese extraction, resides in the East Bay of California and converted to Christianity some three years ago. Her husband is of Chinese origin and also a practicing Christian and they send their 4 year old to a Christian school. They are anti-abortion and attend an Evangelical Church. I think they would describe themselves as ‘born again’ Christians and very much try to live their everyday lives as Christians. I never talk politics with friends unless I am sure that they share my conservative views but I assumed that this friend was conservative on moral issues, given that she attends a Church and sends her child to a private Christian school. Without thinking, I mentioned that I considered Obama to be a catastrophe for America and I was shocked when she replied that she had voted for him and had no regrets. I pointed out that he was a campaigner for abortion and same-sex marriage so how did that fit in with her deeply-held Christian beliefs? She quickly said that she did not want to get into politics but then said that she was so against Bush and hated war. I changed the subject and we remain dear friends.

I have since pondered her vote for Obama. Surely, here is the power of the Mainstream Media for it spent eight years and more daily labeling Bush as a war monger with links to ‘Big Oil’, whilst at the same time erasing the memories of 9/11 and the shocking attacks on the US. My friend, like most non-political people immersed in family and work duties, gets her news from the MSM. In so doing, she will have been swamped with defeatist Iraq-war news, a daily casualty count, pictures of Iraqi citizens as innocent victims of US bombing, constant accusations of the torture of suspects and regular Leftist accusations that the war was based on falsified information. As we often pointed out on this website, the inarticulate President Bush, having reacted to 9/11 in the only credible way, and having protected the US mainland from further attacks, failed to confront the Media’s virulent and relentless opposition. There is no alternative for Republicans, conservatives, Christians and Nationalists but to stump the country speaking directly to the people and to fully exploit those few maverick Media outlets that will carry views contrary to the Media Class agenda. President Bush was hopeless at this and so allowed himself to be demonized and the Iraq war to be undermined amongst the population. My friend, gawking at the propaganda spewing from her TV set, still has no idea of the disaster that is Obama in the White House. In those eight and more years since Bush was elected, she has neither seen nor heard on her TV screen any mention of the death toll of US babies through abortion. No daily body count of innocent babies!

Many of these young Christian converts come to their new Faith already Media and Educationally brainwashed with mushy stuff about ‘Peace’, ‘Inclusiveness’, ‘diversity’ and tolerance of all things sexual. Their Churches too have become too tolerant and fearful of being painted reactionary, and so largely avoid the topics of abortion and homosexuality during sermons and fail to mobilize their congregations at election time. The modern Church pop ‘hymns’ give the game away for besides being tuneless, rhyme-less and lyric-challenged, they have nothing to match “Fight the Good Fight”, “Onward Christian soldiers” and ‘He who would Valiant Be”. Aid for Africa and missionary work in Mexico are exalted whilst babies are torn apart in the nearest hospital. I suppose it is a waste of time to hope for a re-birth of muscular Christianity!

When the vainglorious Obama and his angry wife set off for Copenhagen in a blaze of publicity, I assumed like Rush Limbaugh, that they had been tipped off that Chicago would be chosen if they made an appearance. We were wrong, and the celebrity couple experienced the humiliation of Chicago being eliminated at the outset. Over-confident and desperate for headlines, I suppose they couldn’t resist the Danish stage, especially as Europe, so we were told by the European Media back in the election campaign, just worshipped them. I can imagine the explosion of anger once they got back to their plush suite but I can also imagine the ecstasy in the Clinton camp. Every cloud has a silver lining for someone! Chicago is a cesspit of Leftist corruption and a killing field of Black American kids and the Olympics would have been the usual tax-payer disaster, so we can all congratulate Rio de Janeiro on winning the poison chalice. This little Obama jaunt will have done nothing for his opinion poll numbers and it has been a bad week for him on the economic front for official unemployment went up to 9.7 and the DJI fell. It has been unusually hard for the Media to portray bad economic news as good, but they cannot be faulted for trying. The Wall Street Journal never fails to print the previous day’s index in it’s “What’s News-Business and Finance” front page column but on Friday 2nd October it failed to mention the stock’s news for the previous day. That was the day stocks fell 203!

Finally, I must mention the Letterman scandal that surfaced this week. This unfunny late-night celebrity used his latest program to reveal that he had just been before a Grand Jury. I doubt he welcomed being ‘outed’ but his Grand Jury appearance forced his hand. He has been having some kind of sex with various members of his TV team – this despite having recently married his long-time girlfriend and mother of his young child. A TV colleague, short of money, attempted to blackmail him and the matter is now in police hands. On this website we would not be surprised at anything to do with Show-biz types but presumably Letterman feared exposure. Maybe the sex has not been very normal. Letterman has calculated that being bold about it all will limit the damage to his TV career. What was sickening was his audience’ response. For they laughed and applauded his every revelation! I assume his audience does not reflect ‘middle’ America but who knows? Letterman is an open Leftist and enjoyed using his show to attack Sarah Palin and promote Obama, so I hope this scandal will end his career, but somehow I doubt it.

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