Pleasanton Tea Party and other matters

On 15th April, all across the US, great numbers of ordinary citizens gathered in large and small towns to peacefully demonstrate against high taxation and oppressive government. It is worth noting that conservatives demonstrate at Fairgrounds and in parks and only occasionally on streets and in public squares. Always peacefully! The police that attend such events are only called upon to direct traffic or protect the conservatives from angry and potentially violent Leftists. This is in stark contrast to almost all Leftist demonstrations which invariably involve marches that are deliberately provocative and frequently end up with violence and the destruction of property. Conservatives stay away from them for they recognize the right of others to enjoy free speech. This is true of the US but it is also true of the few Rightwing and many Leftwing demonstrations that take place in Europe. The BNP, the only significant Rightwing Party in the UK never marches and rarely publicly demonstrates because it is fearful of Leftist violence against its members. The Left in the UK openly boasts of its intentions to ‘smash’ the BNP! We are all so used to this contrast between Right and Left tolerance and intolerance that we hardly notice. We are not surprised, disturbed or outraged when Leftists employ violence for it is both commonplace and expected. In contrast, any violence associated with the Right, even though it is the Right that is under attack, is considered by most to be alarming. There are two reasons for this double standard in public reactions and both have to do with the Media. First the Media frames demonstrations and any accompanying violence in selective language. Conservative demonstrators are always reported as ‘Far’ Right or ‘Extreme’ Right whereas Leftist demonstrators are rarely referred to in defining political terms. Instead, its violent thugs are called ‘protestors’, or ‘activists’ or ‘anti-Racists’. Often Leftist thugs, bent on denying free speech are blessed by the Media with approving names such as ‘Human Rights’ activists. Secondly, the Left is always reported in terms that imply that their motives are unselfish and progressive – their tactics may be a little violent but they are pursuing high ideals or are understandably outraged and provoked.

I point out this Media double standard because the mass of people never actually witness a demonstration by Right or Left, but rely on the Mainstream Media (MSM) for their news. If the Media says that the Rightwing crowd was small and show pictures to match then the couch potatoes and those who are too busy making a living or caring for family to get involved in politics, assume that the crowd was small. The Media always avoids posting up the ugly face of Leftist violence and selects the least obnoxious for interviews. The unusual thing about the US Tea Party rallies is that quite a lot of those ‘too busy’ people are getting involved, making it that little bit harder for the MSM to get away with lying propaganda. I attended the Pleasanton/Livermore/Dublin (California) Tea Party rally last Thursday at the Pleasanton Fair Grounds. I also attended the event last year in a local park. Both times I had my young son with me so I only attended as a curious observer and could not stay for long. Last year there were between one and two thousand people gathered in the park, though as the event went on for 5 or 6 hours, and people were coming and leaving all the time, the total number must have been much higher. This year, in a much bigger venue, the total must have been four times as big. This was a big event, especially by Pleasanton standards. The crowd surrounding the stage must have numbered about two-thousand but there were thousands more around the many booths. All were peaceful, needless to say! At the entrance to the Fairgrounds were a handful of Leftists with signs. They were a joyless little crowd and I would guess were teachers on sick leave! The big patriotic, flag-waving crowd ignored them.

It is impossible to categorize the Tea Party people! Rich, poor, old, young, middle-aged, manual workers, techies, pony-tailed bikers, small-business people, more women than men (this was a work day and many must have taken a day off work), many White people but a significant number of Asians and a few Blacks. There was a carnival atmosphere and no hate, only the Stars and Stripes everywhere. Almost everyone in the vast throng carried posters on sticks, or had shirts or hats with printed comments. Some were standard slogans but more were the results of individual thought and expression and were both humorous and profound. If I had had the time and forethought I would have had one that might well have been completely original: “Get the Red out of the White House”. I saw no-one from the MSM though I suppose there were some reporters grudgingly there and desperately searching for a loner with a message of hate. The local Media has grossly under-reported this giant event but who will be surprised by that? As I left at 4.30pm long lines of cars and trucks were still arriving. Obama has since made taunting remarks about these gatherings. To a Democrat audience he poured scorn on the Tea Party protestors and his followers became ecstatic and roared approval. I could not help thinking of how Stalin must have poured scorn on the Trotskyists and ‘wreckers’ to the baying Party faithful in the late 1930’s. Human nature does not change and those Leftists who covet power and the destruction of all opposition are still with us. It was little more than a year ago, and for the benefit of an election campaign, that Obama posed as a unifier and healer and claimed that he would get rid of the old politics. Now he taunts those who disagree with him and his henchmen are all over the Media denouncing those who dare to oppose as seditious and inflammatory. With a colluding Media Class Obama and his comrades can get away with anything – at least until November. This is not the Soviet Union however, not yet, and today there is an Internet, a maverick and popular Talk Radio and even a US TV station that reaches millions with the truth. Obama, the cocky and shallow know-nothing may soon regret taunting ordinary Tea Partying Americans and arousing even further their wrath.

On this website we always caution visitors against assuming that what they read in the MSM has anything to do with the truth. This is especially good advice for any American attempting to learn about the imminent UK election. The Wall Street Journal, in line with almost every other Media outlet, has a policy of not mentioning the BNP. Any other UK Party can be mentioned, but not the BNP! How can this be honest reporting when the BNP has about 350 candidates standing for Parliament, with more to be announced in the next few days. I doubt that the Greens, the UKIP, the Respect Party (Islamist) and even the Welsh Nationalists can match this number of candidates. The BNP also has some 750 candidates competing in the simultaneous local elections. Sadly I have to report that even on the Free Republic website there is an embargo on news about the BNP. I have just carefully read the report by Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (some 4 pages long at the source which is National Review Online) and which is entitled “Your Guide to the 2010 British Election”. After writing about the 3 main Parties, Murray writes “There are other minor parties including the Nationalists who champion independence for Scotland and Wales and the Far Left Respect Party.” Murray then writes at length about the UKIP and mentions representatives from Northern Ireland. Not a mention of the BNP, yet the UK Media has been running slanderous stories about the Party for months as a run-up to the election and constantly ‘warning’ voters that the BNP represents a terrible threat to both the Labour and Conservative Parties. The Leftist Establishment of the UK, the Labour Government, the Tory opposition, the Union leaders, the Show-biz world and the whole powerful Media Class have devoted massive resources to destroying this Party, yet Mr. Murray cannot bring himself to mention it. My advice to our website visitors who want to know what is going on in the UK elections, is, go to the BNP website! Just as a matter of fact, it is easily the most visited website of all the UK’s Parties! Need I say more?

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