Philadelphia Amtrak Crash

It is now 8 long months since Brandon Bostian, an Amtrak engineer, drove his computer-packed passenger train bound for New York, into a bend at 106 mph. This was twice the permitted speed and consequently the train derailed, killing 8 passengers and injuring more than 300.

Now if the permitted speed had been 5 mph and he had driven at 10 mph, we might consider his driving to have been incompetent, hurried, or irresponsible, but hardly criminal. To drive the train into a bend 56 mph more than the permitted speed is surely dangerously reckless, under the influence of a drug or alcohol, or suicidal. According to the Authorities who were at the scene of the cash, Bostian was ultimately tested for drink and drugs and cleared of both. At least so it appears from contemporaneous Media reports.

The crash has now been investigated ever since May 12th 2015 and so far no conclusions have been released. In the meantime Amtrak has paid out millions of dollars to survivors and the relatives of the dead. More payments will be made, so this ‘accident’ is costly to insurers, Amtrak and taxpayers.

Thanks to modern technology, the speed the train went into the bend is beyond dispute. Nor can there be any dispute over the speed permitted by Amtrak. It may be that the track on the bend had an obstacle or that the track was not in good condition, but given the excessive speed adopted by the engineer, the prime cause of the crash was the engineer’s judgment.

It is our experience that when a car or truck driver causes a deadly accident by excessive speed, an arrest is quickly made and a Court appearance soon follows. Is such an incident treated as a felony? Perhaps a website visitor can enlighten our visitors.

Those who have been following this website since May 12th will be aware that unofficial investigators on the Internet soon uncovered Brandon Bostian’s private life of homosexual activity, activism and sordid exhibitionism. Pictures and other material were posted as proof and as far as we are aware none of this was refuted by Bostian or his lawyer. The Mainstream Media, given that Bostian was a sodomite, (which is to say ‘one of their people’) ensured that his private life was kept from the public.

It is possible that his reckless driving had nothing to do with his sexual activities but it is also a possibility that they are connected. The lives of very active homosexuals are driven by their addiction to sex, a quest for enhanced thrills from drugs and other abnormal activities, they are mentally unstable and frequently suicidal.

The dead victims of the crash have been laid to rest and the injured have all been released from hospitals. Nevertheless for many, lives will have been greatly changed and not for the best. Financial compensation will not bring back lost ones or heal some injuries.

This rail tragedy, on the face of it, was a horrendous crime and yet the MSM is looking the other way. The same MSM that has made martyrs out of Gentle Giant Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and other single deaths of petty offenders, has displayed no interest in the 8 dead victims of this one incident nor the many others whose lives have been forever changed. The National Transportation Safety Board investigators also seem to be sitting on their hands for what seems to be a pretty straightforward enquiry. In comparison, the Russian plane that more recently went down in the Middle East has led to a flurry of investigator information and semi-official conclusions.

Just as Black crimes are concealed by the MSM and the Obama government, we believe that homosexual crimes are also hidden from the public and justice denied to good citizens. Police officers who have simply done their duty, or who acted to protect their own lives, have been speedily and very publicly dismissed from their jobs, hounded from their homes and some have quickly been charged with felonies and more.

The MSM and the authorities have allowed Brandon Bostian to quietly fade out of sight. Is he on full pay or has he returned to Amtrak duties? Luckily for him, under our new Revolutionary government, he is part of a very protected minority. If Bostian is innocent of the deaths and injuries, then let us hear what caused the crash on that fatal evening and put him in the cab of the next engine.

Global Warming Watch

It is being repeatedly claimed in the MSM that El Nino is hitting California. We can refute this as far as Middle California is concerned. The rain that has reached here so far this winter has been less than moderate, though typical for most winters. More importantly, the weather forecasters are wrong from hour to hour and day to day when predicting rain and they repeatedly misuse the term ‘storm’. Hopefully El Nino will arrive but it has not arrived yet. We point out that if the forecasters cannot accurately predict rain from one day to the next, what chance predicting weather, 10 and 20 years ahead.


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