Pelosi Victory Is Good News For Broad Right

Nancy Pelosi’s easy victory over challenger Tim Ryan despite a secret ballot, indicates that the Democrat Party remains resistant to change and in the grip of an oligarchy of rich, old Stalinists. The House Democrat Leader, received 134 votes to Ryan’s 63. This suggests that two thirds of the House Democrats are happy to continue with a leader who has presided over three general election defeats in a row.

Pelosi, whose leathery countenance, rasping voice and grim personality will be the face of the Democrat Party once Obama leaves office, totally lacks appeal except to those who work in the funeral business. She will not improve with age no matter how much she spends on face work and will remind voters of Dracula and the un-dead. She makes Hillary Clinton look vivacious

Apart from her lack of visual appeal, she is White, very rich and forever associated with San Francisco, the city of sodomites, transvestites, late-term abortion, extreme wealth and homeless lunatics. Her appeal to the workers of the rust belt who have recently deserted the Democrat Party will be zero! Trump has cause to celebrate her victory and what it says about the current condition of the Democrats.

If Elizabeth Warren succeeds in strengthening her bond with the Mainstream Media, consigns Schumer to the side-lines, and becomes the face of the Democrats in the Senate, there will be a stark contrast with the up-beat, for-ever smiling Trump. To top this Party death-wish it seems that the Black, Muslim Keith Ellison is about to become DNC Chair. Obama may have been a disaster for America and a psychopath, but he exuded charm, youth and optimism.

Many Nationalists are expressing disappointment over Trump’s cabinet and personnel selections. Michael Savage is already crying ‘betrayal’ and claiming that it is a case of ‘here we go again’ and that voters have been duped.

On this website we are not yet alarmed, though the chats with Romney prove that few politicians have principles. Trump was only ever a Nationalist by instinct and not ideology. Moreover his environment has always been cosmopolitan, artificial, Far Left New York. He has thrived in business by being politically cunning and ideologically pragmatic and he won the primary contest with the same skills. His followers and the Far Left opposition have propelled him to the Right.

We have to cut him a lot of ideological slack. With little knowledge of politics and government he finds himself having to put together a cabinet of people who will know how to run government departments from Day One. He has behind him a very close election, a Nation more divided than at any time in the last 100 years, the opposition of a MSM that will stop at nothing to bring him down, an America with 20 trillion dollars of debt, and unfinished wars.

The evidence is that he is crafty, astute, a quick learner, a very strong personality, a man with stamina, smart at delegating, and aspires to the White House to achieve things for America. We think he is appointing people who know how to operate in government, who will overcome Congressional opposition and who have agreed to advance his agenda and not their own.

Certainly Betsy DeVos is not a Nationalist but she will create a revolution in education and not pander to the Teachers’ Unions. Ideological Nationalists do not like vouchers and they are wrong. If DeVos carries out Trump’s promise of vouchers for Christian schools, the results will be to rescue many, many children from the indoctrination that plants a moral cancer in America’s young brains. Certainly there are risks that in some States the vouchers will be used to enable Far Left politicians and other perverts to poke into school curriculums. It is up to the Broad Right to fight back. A Clinton Presidency would have accelerated the Far Left/Pervert agenda of criminalizing Christian schools and homosexualizing America’s children.

For Trump, liberating business energy, bringing back jobs, and reversing 20 years of illegal immigration, are the priorities and that was always clear from his speeches. If he achieves those goals and introduces school vouchers for all parents and de-funds Planned Parenthood and purges the DOJ and puts Constitutionalists on the Supreme Court, we will have much to celebrate. If Romney is satisfied to tour the world carrying out Trump’s pragmatic foreign policies, who cares?

Meanwhile, back here in Obamaland, the FBI is still straining to discover a motive for Abdul’s drive-and-slash attack in Ohio.

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