Peggy Noonan Still Doesn’t Get It

The Peggy Noonan Opinion articles that appear every weekend in the Wall Street Journal are meant to give an overview of contemporary Washington politics and at the same time dig below the surface to find and report on the subterranean streams that influence American public opinion. Noonan, whose claim to fame is that she was once a Reagan speech-writer was never invited into the inner sanctums of the Bush regimes. Whilst some of her criticisms of George W Bush were valid, it was always possible to detect venom in her articles that owed something to sour grapes. Noonan is no fool when it comes to Washington politics but the old adage about ‘a woman spurned’ seemed relevant in the attacks she frequently mounted against the hapless but patriotic Bush. Resentment eventually drove Noonan to write nice ‘schoolgirl with a crush’ stuff about the obviously shallow and narcissist Obama. Now, two years on and with Obama exposed as a Leftist who is also incompetent and dangerous, Noonan is over her crush. She has written several very critical articles about him and got in some good shots but this week she has been offering advice to the incoming Republicans. Her current article “To Run or Not to Run. That Is the Question” starts with a look at the factors likely to influence, motivate or deter the potential Republican candidates for the White House in 2012. She makes some good points, including the family pressures that might operate away from the public eye. Noonan hints at the personal scrutiny that the families of Republican candidates get and why many families of potential candidates might tell their spouses to forget launching a bid for the White House.

Nowhere in her article does Noonan mention the central role that the Media plays in the process. She writes as though candidates of the Left and Right operate on a level playing field. All conservatives, thoughtful Christians and Nationalists know this is just about as far removed from reality as it is possible to venture. I suppose it is possible that Noonan, being a longtime insider both in Washington politics and the Mainstream Media, has developed myopia. Perhaps she doesn’t want to bite the hand that both feeds her and confers importance on her and so deliberately writes as though the Media is simply hungry for gossip and salacious stories. She does not explain why the MSM is only interested in scandal and the shortcomings of those on the Right and goes to great lengths to cover up or quickly bury all things that might harm Leftist politicians. Neither does she touch upon the propaganda role of that other branch of the Media Class, the Entertainment Industry.

On this website we make the following observations that eclipse whatever pertinent points Noonan makes in her article. First, the Media Class has its own agenda which is both predominantly Leftist but, more importantly, concerned with imposing a social/moral revolution. The determination of the new Media Ruling Class to recreate American society in its own image is leading to the destruction of all those social institutions that have made America successful. It is also leading to the weakening of our defenses and our economy. This preoccupation with making a social/moral revolution explains why the Media Ruling Class has elevated homosexual issues to the top of the Nation’s priority list. How else can we explain why creating a homosexual culture in our military has become a major drive at a time when the World’s Islamic Imperialists are threatening to destroy us? How else can we explain this insane priority when we are fighting bloody wars in the East, face a nuclear North Korea and have a state of anarchy on our southern border. How else can we explain this when two major powers – China and Russia- are more hostile than friendly to the US, and in Latin America enemies are becoming more belligerent each day? How else can we explain the Ruling Class push for same-sex marriage when heterosexual marriage, the bedrock of a stable society, is being destroyed and the birthrate of the American people is dramatically falling? How else can we explain our open borders that invite in the enemies of the American people and the criminal and dysfunctional?

We predict that the moral issues that spring from our Judeo/Christian heritage will continue to be the litmus tests that the Media Ruling Class will apply to all political candidates and especially those who seek the Presidency. This will not impinge on Democrat candidates since that Party has been purged of all seriously moral members. The Media Class, as we saw in the recent elections, does not have complete power over the news, at least not yet, and so some moral conservative candidates for office did escape or survive the Media onslaught. But those who were singled out because they were most outspoken about their Christian and traditional values- and especially if they were women or minority members- were relentlessly destroyed by the MSM. We predict that any potential morally conservative Presidential candidates who are gifted and appealing (as was Ronald Reagan but who preceded the ascent to power of the Media Class) will be targeted in the run-up to the next election by the MSM like never before. Their pasts (unlike the hidden past of Obama or the murky pasts of Gore, Clinton and Kerry) will be picked over and over along with those of their families. If nothing is found then they will be smeared with lies about their past sexual behavior or invented charges of racism. We have only to look at the Media treatment of Meg Whitman who was smeared with a fatal racism charge that was framed inside the immigration issue. Whitman, despite deep pockets that enabled her to promote her campaign far more fully than most Christian candidates, was challenging a Senator whose commitment was primarily to the homosexual agenda. This not only gave Boxer the support of San Francisco’s wealthy and militant homosexual enclave but also that of powerful Hollywood, a major force in California. These plus the massive Public Service Union army (easily mobilized to vote) and the immigrant vote both legal and illegal were crucial, but the Media’s relentless and totally biased promotion of the house-keeper issue (in itself a storm in a tea-cup) tipped the balance.

The Republican Party will be fortunate indeed if a good conservative candidate survives the Media smear machine. At the present time the MSM is busy sowing discord between the socially conservative and fiscal elements of the Republican and Tea Party constituencies. It particularly seeks to paint the social conservatives as extreme and an albatross for the Republicans, for the Media Ruling Class detests the social conservatives above all else. There are many Republican insiders, especially the longtime denizens of the corrupt Washington social scene, who are eager to jettison the social conservatives even if this means losing elections. They are either compromised or addicted to favorable Media exposure and we covered this in a previous article.

And so, Peggy Noonan in her article never mentions the Media Class elephant in the room and only on this website will you come to see and understand the elephant and his role.

In the UK, where the Media Class has now purged the Conservative Party along with all the others except for one, the loss of National integrity continues along with the loss of freedom. The Islamic Imperialists continue to enjoy the favor of the MSM and its political pawns and so make further advances each day, relegating the native people to second class citizenship. Prime Minister Cameron is busy advancing the Media Class social agenda, and the few remaining Christian people are now silenced on moral issues and unable to educate, foster, adopt and campaign. Only the less-than-perfect British National Party and the protesting proletarians of the English Nationalists remain to resist the swamping of the British people. For the much-persecuted BNP last week brought a small but welcome victory. Some two years ago during the election campaign, five BNP members were out leafleting on the streets of Swansea. They were soon followed and closely watched by uniformed Welsh policemen, obviously meaning to intimidate them. When this intimidation did not work, and allegedly responding to a ‘complaint’ from a Plaid Cymru opponent, the police arrested all five BNP members. They were then subjected to the kind of interrogation that can only be described as a fishing expedition and detained for thirteen hours in a police station. When released they were informed that prosecutions (though no specific charges were made) would follow. This threat was kept over them for months though no charges were ever brought.

There is no other way to describe these police actions than neo-totalitarian and intended to criminalize the opposition to the (social and political) revolution that is being imposed on the British people. The five BNP members refused to be intimidated and pursued the Swansea police with a legal challenge. Now this Welsh Police Force has settled out of Court and each BNP member has received an undisclosed compensation. I doubt that it is much but I can understand why the five would be unwilling to take this through Courts which no longer can be trusted to uphold the law and the old, long held right to freedom. What is most important and will only be pointed out on this website, is that the British people, except for the small minority who visit the BNP website, will be unaware of the original persecution or the subsequent legal victory of the BNP heroes. The Media Class and its political pawns will ensure that such news is completely purged.

On this website we often comment on the steady destruction of music that has accompanied the Media Class rise to power. Music, along with cinema, theater, comedy and much other Art has been debased, infantilized, sexualized, used as a political propaganda tool and brutalized. The ubiquitous electric bass and guitar, amplified percussion and electric keyboard, (all at deafening levels of volume) along with moronic lyrics and juvenile shouting dominates Rock and Rap. One ‘music critic’, Jim Fusilli, wrote in a serious paper a long article last week about a Rock group called Grinderman. He wrote “Grinderman?opened its North American tour here by delivering the aural equivalent of blunt-force trauma and managed to make it a good thing. Most songs began with a pounding beat on the toms, matched by the pulse of a bass, then Warren Ellis issued squalls, squeaks and squeals on electric guitar and violin. Prowling the narrow stage, Mr. Cave, abandoning any trace of elegance discharged torrents of sinister, occasionally profane lyrics. With the hammering music unfocussed and delivered with little ceremony, the set was mesmerizing, reflecting the spirit of Grinderman?”.I rest my case!

My informant in Starcross, Devon, a low-lying village beside the Exe Estuary, this week confirmed that high tides are still failing to flood the village. Indeed, they remain the same level as always. We are still waiting for a global warmer to email us with an explanation as to why the sea that is connected can supposedly greatly rise in some parts of the world and not in others. Meantime, here in California it is pretty cold and wet. I am not complaining, just keeping you informed with the truth.

I regret the long delay in this article but I have unexpectedly found myself home-teaching my six-year-old. This combined with being a house-husband is severely limiting my time. One’s children come first! Any volunteers to contribute articles please contact us.

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