Peggy Noonan – Revolt of the Accountants

On this website we have several times disparaged the Peggy Noonan Opinion columns that appear each weekend in the Wall Street Journal. The one-time speech writer for Ronald Reagan, perhaps piqued by exclusion from the Bush Presidential circle, appeared to be experiencing the same Obama leg thrills as the obsequious Chris Matthews, but this flirtation has recently soured. Noonan has become increasingly critical of Obama and his comrades over the last month or two and now this weekend she has written an Opinion piece that deserves high praise. She has drawn attention to the steady descent of the US to the status of Greece as a result of Obama’s policies.

I have not read the Vanity Fair article by Michael Lewis that she has drawn upon but apparently in a piece entitled “Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds”, Lewis outlines Greece’s economic catastrophe. Greece is, he notes, “a bankrupt nation, its debt, or rather the amount of debt that has so far been unearthed and revealed, coming to more than a quarter million dollars for every working Greek”. According to Lewis, Greeks now flock to Government jobs, which pay 3 times those of the private sector and which offer very early retirement on pensions. The result of all this is not just to depress the private sector that actually creates wealth but to grant power – and therefore rampant corruption – to those who work for Government. The outcome is that everybody in Greece is either on the take or expects to pay bribes, creating a society infested with corruption.

Now anyone in Western Europe will recognize such a downward trend for it is developing everywhere. In the UK it was once true that public servants were extremely honest – and were expected to be. Public servants, including teachers, civil servants and policemen, kept a very low political profile. When I was a boy we had no idea who our teachers voted for, if they voted at all. In the 1970’s this began to change as Government employment grew and grew. By the 1980’s, Local government Chief Officers and their staffs were openly standing for election in neighboring boroughs. All were on the Left, of course. It is now commonplace in the UK for uniformed police officers to march in homosexual parades and there is no better example of the politicization of the police force. Today, in the UK, public servant corruption is widespread, especially in big cities and election officials routinely appear in Court on charges of voter fraud. Predictably, since this fraud benefits the Left, the Media Class treats it all as low-key, but in any case, the modern brainwashed generations of citizens are hardly shocked and never outraged.

Noonan’s significant point is that the rapid growth of Government is having an impact on what many Americans hold dear as the ‘American Way of Life’, and that whilst there are increasing numbers of people who welcome this, many Americans are now greatly alarmed at the prospect of their country acquiring the Greek culture. Americans who email her are saying that too many are “gaming the system” with “I got mine, you get yours”. The consequence of the growth of Government intrusion and taxation is the pre-eminence of the accountant – and she could have added, the tax expert and lawyer. Instead of engineers who build things and business people who build businesses, the smart people get into professional accountancy. All citizen taxpayers are forced to become accountants if they cannot afford the experts. The rulers pass tax laws that can only be navigated and avoided by those who can afford accountants and tax lawyers and as a consequence the rulers and the very rich know they will not be paying the taxes they are levying on the rest of the citizenry.

All this is unarguable but those who value the ‘American Way of Life’ – and perhaps we should make that ‘the traditional Judeo/Christian way of life’, for there is more than a financial aspect to the destruction of our culture – need to understand the whole picture. Noonan of course does not recognize the revolutionary culture war that is unfolding under her nose, nor its cause. The suffocating growth of Government is deliberate Leftist policy, for Government is the road to totalitarianism and economic serfdom and is the means by which the Left gets to implement the policies that will both save us all from ourselves and grant power to those who know best. Big Government has long been the Socialist aim and route to success but we might question why it has only become so victorious now (in the US and Western Europe), at a time when it appeared that the Russian Communist experience had forever discredited it. The answer is that a new Ruling Class has arisen and that this Class has a primarily social agenda that can only be implemented speedily through Government power. Thus the Media Class, using its puppet Democrat Party and President, has forged an alliance with the Left to grow Government exponentially. The deal, not necessarily consciously arrived at, is that Government will become all-powerful so that the Leftists can harness and then throttle the private sector, redistribute incomes and resources and direct the masses, whilst the Ruling Media Class gets to impose its revolutionary immoral agenda on an unwilling people through the awesome power of Government.

On this website we are constantly drawing attention to the issues of homosexual activism, abortion, the infantile nature of pop music, the reduction of entertainment and the Arts to either political propaganda or moral corruption and the complete dishonesty of the News Media. We also warn about the loss of free speech, free association and the growth of lawlessness, not just on the streets but in Government and the judiciary. We have however not often included the issues of the growth of Government as a means of redistribution of wealth and a means of changing the culture, so the Noonan and Lewis articles fill a gap we have left. But in the end, as we make clear, all are a seamless whole. Many TEA Party activists are fired up by excessive taxation and its effects on the American way of life but they ignore the moral aspects of the culture war at their peril. Radical and Right would prefer not to have to mention the nauseating and unhygienic topic of sodomy or the many better-left-private topics of masochism, sadism, water sports, ‘rimming’, gerbil insertion, cross-dressing, near-strangulation and a host of other perversions. Unfortunately, as a result of the emergence of the Ruling Media Class, these topics are being forced into the center of contemporary politics. Our Ruling Media Class has made homosexuality the litmus test for politicians. Not a day goes past that it is out of the headlines. Today it is a gang-rape amongst Latinos and yesterday the suicide of a troubled young man. Tomorrow it will be the turn of a New York politician to be pilloried for making a reasonable but critical reference to homosexuality. Same-sex marriage may well be the latest legislative thrust by the Media Class but it is only a stepping stone to the suppression of Christianity, the suppression of free speech and the opening of all doors in every school to homosexual recruiters.

In Austria, we can celebrate the advance of the Freedom Party in yesterday’s elections. The Party, which is opposing the process of swamping the native people by mass immigration and the devastating intrusion of Islam, increased its vote from 13.4% to 17.1%. I can confidently predict that this success will have been gained despite the opposition of all Leftists and massive campaigning by the Austrian Media and the rich Show-Biz World. I only wish it had been 57.1% or more but maybe the tide is turning in Europe. In Holland, Geert Wilders, being charged under laws that have been designed by the Ruling Class to stifle free speech, is facing the kind of hostile judiciary that awaits Nationalists, conservatives and Christians all across the Western World. I note that the BNP has not yet mentioned Wilders’ trial. Nick Griffin has forgotten the old saying that ‘Those who do not hang together will hang separately’.

In the interests of truth I must report that here in central California we are experiencing something of an October heat wave. An unusually cold summer is departing with a sting in its tail. Could it be that Al Gore and the UN were right all along?

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