Peace (Prize) in our Time!

Now that the Media Class rules in much of the Western World I suppose we should expect the news and life in general, to contain more fantasy than reality. Visitors to this website were surely not surprised to learn that Obama has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. After all, if a man can be planted in the Oval Office with his only claims to work experience being some years as a ‘community activist’ in Chicago and some 100 plus uninspiring days spent as a Senator, why shouldn’t a mere barren 8 months on the World scene be enough for a Nobel Peace Prize qualification?

In referring above to Obama’s meager resume of achievements, I have omitted his negatives such as his years in the Wright Congregation of Hate and Fantasy, his years of close association with a revolutionary terrorist, and his association with, and received benefits from, a convicted fraudster in Chicago. We could also mention Acorn but why pile it on? Perhaps there have been some great achievements in his academic history? Well, apparently no-one is allowed to go there because he has put all such records beyond reach. All we have to go on to decide if Obama is remotely qualified to be in the White House, are two self-serving auto-biographies, one of which was ghosted by the afore-mentioned revolutionary terrorist, and neither of which can be authenticated because of the concealment of his records. Finally, we know not where he was born and whether or not he is an American-born citizen entitled to run for the Presidency. If such a cloudy resume can get a man into the White House, surely adding a ‘Peace Prize’ in the absence of any peace anywhere, tells us that fantasy now reigns supreme. How else can all this be explained?

Well, let’s try! First, the Nobel Prizes for anything have long been permeated by Leftist politics. The prizes for physics and medicine are perhaps the least political, but even there I am sure, Leftist orthodoxy plays a part. The prizes for literature and civic matters are purely political. I imagine that the Nobel Committees are, like UN committees and the many other ‘World’ bodies, stuffed with self-important, waffling do-good dopes, smooth-talking opportunists and a hard core of Leftists who define the agendas. I doubt they are all that different in composition from the ‘Peace Committees’ of artists, scientists, writers and progressive religious leaders who advanced Communist causes from the 1930’s to the 1970’s.

Obama so far has done nothing to advance ‘peace’ anywhere and indeed the cretins of the Far Left, who cannot spot a Leftist agenda even when it stares them in the face, are angry that he has not yet handed Iraq and Afghanistan to Bin Laden. The smarter brains on the Left, including those who manipulate the Nobel Peace Prize awards, realize that he is busy weakening the US. The same people who yearn for law and order to be abandoned on the streets so that the criminal classes can get their fair share in life and anarchy can be a prelude to revolution, also yearn for the World’s policeman to be disarmed and demoralized. Obama is doing just that! In so doing he is making the world a more dangerous place. To be fair to Obama, I doubt he expected to get the Nobel Prize, not yet, anyway! I do not credit this man with having a master-plan in his back pocket for I think he is too self-preoccupied to think far ahead. I would not say the same for the people who have aided his rise to power and who dictate his agenda.

Obama is not dithering over Afghanistan. He does not yet know what he is going to do there but I doubt that he has any sleepless nights about that. Some observers, putting themselves in his shoes and remembering his electioneering chiding of Bush for picking the wrong place to fight Bin Laden (“It’s Afghanistan, stupid!”) think he is now between a rock and a hard place. I believe he has no concern about Afghanistan, Pakistan or any foreign threat to the US. He is only concerned with two things – his own continued place in the spotlight and doing what his Media Masters expect. No matter what disaster his Presidency causes in the world or at home, as long as he is advancing the Media Class agenda, the Media will present his every act as the act of a great statesman. When he collects his Nobel Prize, his shameless performance, expressing mock humility whilst agreeing that he is a grand guy, will be tailor-made for the Media to embellish as evidence that the whole world adores him. Obama is like the Emperor with no clothes but he does not need them for the Media possesses the power to clothe his image in the finest silks.

The Media Class is obsessed with homosexual issues and Obama’s dawdling on the decisions about Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea, is of little consequence in comparison. On 10th October the UK’s BBC website gave massive coverage to ‘gay’ concerns. As the BBC is, according to its own chroniclers, bulging with homosexuals, this is no surprise. Under the heading “Obama Letting down gay supporters”, Rajish Mirchandani of BBC News, Los Angeles wrote at great length about how American homosexuals are disappointed with Obama’s advancement of their cause. This prominent article (how do such articles originate within the BBC hierarchy?), which many of us might feel hardly counts as ‘news’, was written from the point of view that we must surely all share the disappointment. This weekend, disappointed homosexual activists have marched on Washington. The Main Stream Media, which openly despised, denigrated and downplayed the recent giant march of grassroots American conservatives, has fallen over itself to promote this one. It seems that Obama’s appointment of a homosexual (Kevin Jennings – who worshipped NAMBLA founder Harry Hays) to be the Safe Schools Czar is not enough. Nor is the President’s ignoring Afghanistan in order to attend a homosexual conference in order to show solidarity. Yesterday, Obama got their message and announced that he will remove the “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” military policy. This will pave the way for much more than just tolerating homosexuals in the military. Make no mistake where this is intended to lead, just as same-sex marriage legalization is about much more than marriage! The military will now be required to ‘address’ and redress homosexual issues. All personnel will be required to undergo anti-discriminatory training which will involve embracing sodomy, water-sports, fisting and many other unimaginable perversions as normal activities in the showers, cabins and foxholes. Cross-dressing will surely become a ‘right’ and we will realize that Corporal Klinger of MASH was merely a man ahead of his time. In short time, the military will lose many heterosexual personnel and become a hotbed (no pun intended!!) of sexual activity, for homosexuals are pre-occupied with sex. Could anything more damage America’s fighting ability? Meanwhile Kevin Jennings scandalous appointment fails to generate Media coverage. Compare this coverage to that of the Republican Congressman who might have played ‘stall-footsie’ with a cop. Since both Kevin Jennings and the French Cultural Minister Mitterand have survived exposure, I suppose we must consider Harry Hays like Corporal Klinger, a man ahead of his time in recognizing that young boys benefit from the sexual attentions of older men! We are living in revolutionary times.

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