Pataki Promotes Trump Campaign

George Pataki, a former Republican Governor of New York has just joined Hollywood Leftist George Clooney in the promotion of Donald Trump. We can expect to see The Donald’s poll numbers move even higher as the result of personal attacks from the two Georges.

Pataki, as far as I know, has never tweeted that Barrack Obama is “unfit to be President”. Nor, as far as I can discover, has he ever tweeted that Hillary Clinton is similarly unfitted for high office. Yet fellow Republican candidate Trump has said things in the current primary campaign that have not only driven Pataki to Twitter to denounce him but to announce that in the event of a Trump Republican victory, he will not vote for him. We have to presume that he would be happier with a Clinton, Biden, Squaw Warren or Michelle Obama occupation of the White House for another 4 years of the transformation of America..

Not so long ago Trump was obliged to sign the Party loyalty oath and we presumed that the other 16 contestants were also required to do so. Apparently not, unless Pataki has decided not to honor his signature. He has called upon the remaining 15 comrades to publicly pledge ‘no support’ for a Trump White House candidacy.

Trump’s tough stance on mass illegal immigration, his mentioning that rapists and killers are coming over the open border, his derogatory remark about Fiorina’s hair and his smart, legal financial moves that made him a billionaire, have together proved too much for Pataki, or so we are to believe. It is claimed that Pataki has taken financial contributions from Trump in the past but presumably at that time he was unaware of Trump’s business methods and his rough and ready verbal treatment of women.

We must assume that Pataki entered the current Republican primary race with the intention of winning the nomination, but we have to wonder whether he is in touch with reality, for surely no-one else thought he had a chance. Still, it might irk him that another New Yorker, who everyone said had no chance at the start, is now way ahead of the rest of the field.

Pataki has framed his attack on Trump in terms of moral outrage and gross character deficiency, as though the Presidency and the Republican Party are the preserve of people with high standards. On this website we see no high standards anywhere in contemporary politics. All we see is a Revolutionary Presidency in which arbitrary, lawless edicts emanate from the White House, unopposed by the Republican establishment, and rubber-stamped by the Federal Judiciary.

What is Pataki’s game if his attack on Trump (and Trump’s grass roots support) is not one of principle? It might be envy, resentment and bruised ego, given Pataki’s own basement poll numbers. But his call to all the other candidates to effectively excommunicate Trump from the Republican Party (for that is what an immediate concerted ripping-up of the loyalty oath amounts to) has to be more than personal. We think Pataki is acting on behalf of an inner Republican/Business cabal that is desperate to take down Trump before he is sealed in the role as de facto leader of the Party’s grass roots. The Pataki call for all to disown Trump will put the other candidates on the spot, not only isolating Trump but Ted Cruz also.

For many, the attack by Pataki, like attacks by Hollywood celebrities, will simply promote Trump’s standing among the grass roots and in the polls. It will be interesting to see which contenders, if any, are willing to join in disowning The Donald.

A website visitor has asked for a comment on the UK’s Labour Party leadership victory of Far Leftist Jeremy Corbyn. The reasons why Western Social Democrat Parties have moved to the Far Left are complex and can be compared to the US Democrat Party’s embrace of a Revolutionary agenda. More comments tomorrow!

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Here in central California the temperature has dropped dramatically to below normal for mid September. Man-made Global Warming (MMGW) has been postponed.

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