Palin Resignation Agitates The Media Class

The Media Class and its Leftist allies have surely never been as hate-filled about anyone, politician or Christian, as they have about Sarah Palin. Even Margaret Thatcher when she was the UK’s Prime Minister did not receive as many vitriolic personal attacks and neither did Ronald Reagan when he won the Presidency. True, the Media Class was then not all-powerful in either country but Palin has only been the governor of a minor State and an unsuccessful VP candidate. We surely have to look beyond Palin herself to uncover the reasons for the current Media Palin-phobia.

The last US election was a watershed and signaled the ascendancy of the Media Class to dominating political power in Washington and many States. The Media Class contributed record-breaking campaign contributions that enabled Obama not only to bury the aspirations of the Clintons but also enabled him to have a formidable national force of paid operatives. After outspending Mrs. Clinton, he was able to immediately hugely outspend McCain and still have vast sums left over. No White House occupant has ever enjoyed such financial funding and we should not overlook the crucial importance of this in a geographically large and well-populated country. Not only did the Media Class provide Obama with the deepest pockets but it also funded his Party to complete victory. If anyone doubts this, he need only look at the funding that has enabled the grotesque Al Franken and his army of lawyers and operatives to hi-jack the Minnesota Senate seat. True, large sums of Obama money also came from rich people not directly a part of the Media Class but this gravitation of the rich to the Left and to the Media’s chosen one is surely to be expected. Those with excess accumulated wealth and social aspirations can be expected to make common cause with a ruling Class. It has always been so and in Russia we see wealthy people eager to be associated with the Putin gang and in the UK the wealthy have long deserted conservative causes in order to support and socialize with the new Media/celebrity Left.

Hidden behind the Obama/Democrat successes in the US we must not forget the contribution of the wealthy and very Media Class-connected homosexual movement that secretly targeted Christian Republican candidates. Using unlimited funds and a network of well-paid activists, the homosexual activists unseated many unsuspecting Christian Republicans. Underpinning all this anti-conservative funding was the Media’s control over information and news. Such control must properly be described as propaganda, though since conservatives, Christians and Nationalists failed to recognize and expose the real enemy, the Media was able to continue to pose as purveyors of news. The result is that we now have a Media puppet in the White House and a Leftist majority Party in Congress that has many Media people and Media-connected people in its ranks. The bulk of the elected Congressional representatives who have no direct connection to the Media Class are well aware that they risk destruction should they stray from the Media Class agenda. This agenda, now being accelerated by Media Class political domination represents a seismic shift in the course of US history. Some like Pat Buchanan call the social and moral upheaval we are now experiencing, the Culture War. This is not a wrong description but Buchanan and those who agree with him have failed to identify the force that has unleashed this Culture War. On this website we argue that the force responsible is the accession to power of a new Class and that like all new Classes this one is pushing through a revolution. Revolutions are always ruthlessly pursued for they require the destruction of the old culture and its adherents in order for the new culture to thrive. Revolutionary forces rarely command a majority of the people who have nothing to gain from the new order and are attached to conservative values that have stood the test of time. Thus the revolutionaries must eliminate all the vestiges of the old order and its representatives.

This brings me back to poor Sarah Palin and her unprecedented victimization by the Media Class and its Leftist allies. Last Fall the Media Class was on the verge of a great victory as it enabled Obama to defeat the Clintons. Selected for his opportunism, his vanity and empty self-confidence, his skin color and his dependence on Media spin, it must have been clear to his backers that Obama was always going to be a potential liability in the White House unless his public image was protected and promoted at all times by the full force of the Media. On the campaign trail Obama could not be allowed to reveal his great limitations or his real political beliefs, shallow though they are. With the stumbling Biden as Obama’s side-kick and the opposition led by the uninspiring McCain, it looked as though Obama could be presented as a shining star in a dark sky. Then, McCain chose Palin as his running mate and the election campaign in the country was transformed into a genuine competition. It was not that Palin was very talented (and in the opinion of this website she was never Presidential material), but in contrast to the others she was both a star and a heavyweight. If this was not bad enough from the Media’s point of view, she was also espousing Christian values and igniting the Nation’s conservative base. Since the Media Class dare not let real political issues loose in the campaign (for Obama would be seen as clueless and there was a very real danger that the unpopular secret agenda might surface), Palin had to be destroyed on a personal level. This required techniques that the Media Class has been perfecting over the last thirty years and so Media ‘investigators’ descended on Alaska, and Palin, her family and friends were covered with slime. It is never hard for the Media Class to find and exploit any person’s potential enemies. There are always people who are envious or resentful in any person’s past and if none can be found there are those who will invent something for money or fleeting fame. So Palin, her family and friends were damaged enough in the election campaign to remove the danger of an Obama defeat.

In the post-election period that we now inhabit, we have a Media Class that no longer worries about a possible last-minute defeat. Instead it is in power, pressing ahead with its revolutionary agenda and busy eliminating all potential enemies. It is possible that the Media Class sees Palin as a potential enemy for the future, but I think it more likely that the continued vendetta against her is intended to serve as a warning to all conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. Just as the Californian beauty Queen was savaged for her public test-failure on same-sex marriage so Palin is pursued and savaged. The lesson that is being administered is that any politician or public figure who dares to express a Christian view can expect to have family and self eviscerated in public.

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