Outside Leeds Trial of the Free Speech Two

The trial of the Free Speech Two, Nick Griffin and Mark Collett, continued today at Leeds Crown Court. Verdicts have not yet been returned. We continue our reporting with pictures of today’s proceedings outside the court.

The BNP and Free Speech supporters gather in their regular alloted space; around 200 members and supporters showed up in the course of the day.

BNP supporters outside court

By contrast, their opponents never mustered more than 20 today and they gave up altogether around lunchtime. One cannot help but notice, the police keep a closer tab on this crowd …

BNP opponents outside court

… but the BNP are not allowed everything their own way, “You can’t raise that flag-pole just here, son”

You can't raise that flag-pole just here, son

Radical-and-Right SNAP WORLDWIDE SCOOP (at least, we’re fairly certain you won’t find this one in the mainstream media)! POPE JOINS FREE SPEECH PROTEST IN LEEDS! The Pope arrived unexpectedly outside Leeds Court to offer his own personal encouragement to Mr Griffin and Mr Collett! No doubt still feeling a little bruised after his recent attempt to reopen a theological discussion on the merits/demerits of the Islamic faith, he was well disguised (so we’ve blurred the image to save any embarassment). Here at Radical-and-Right we, of course, saw through it straight away!

The Pope arrives unexpectedly outside Leeds Court

However, the seriousness of the proceedings, the fundamental issue of freedom of speech, and two men’s liberty, were never far from mind.

Police made a smart job of cordoning the precinct as the two defendants left court at the close of day. The pair then answered questions for BNP TV as members of the press, officials, and BNP supporters gathered round – they listened intently; many had been stood patiently all day.

The two defendants answered questions for the TV - their supporters listened closely

Mr Griffin and Mr Collett thanked their supporters.

Mr Griffin and Mr Collett thanked their supporters

Leeds Trial Shock

Further to our headline yesterday, 8 November 2006 (see archive November 8, 2006), we have no more information beyond that which is available (in the public domain) in the daily crown court list, which states: “Order made under Contempt of Court Act 1981”. The ramifications of this order, if any, will not be known until the after the case is closed.

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