Outside Leeds Crown Court

The British National Party duo and the right to free speech went on trial today at Leeds Crown Court. Having just returned from Leeds, Mr Radical only has time this evening to post some images from outside the court earlier today – but not, he suspects, the sort of images you can expect to find in the mainstream media. For those interested to know what it is like to be at such an event, or for an alternative view to the ‘rowdy scenes’ reported by the BBC, he presents a very brief selection:

BNP supporters outside court; their opponents are sporting the red flags at the far end of the street

BNP supporters outside court

Eventually, the BNP supporters got to share a little of the sunshine as well

BNP supporters in the sunlight outside court

The sun reflects off a colourful array of our national flags


BNP supporters enjoy some traditional entertainment

BNP supporters enjoy some traditional entertainment

The BNP supporters probably out-numbered their opponents. I shan’t post any more pictures here, but those curious can still view a representative selection from the previous hearing:

Radical and Right Archive 17 January 2006 – Diary of the first day of BNP Trial

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