“Outing” the influence of the Media

It is unlikely that the casual newspaper reader or TV watcher will have read the recent news that Walgreens, the giant US pharmacy chain has donated $100,000 to the upcoming “Gay Games”. The company would probably prefer that only the homosexual “community” is made aware.

Walgreens is most certainly not the only big company to contribute to homosexual organisations, Nike being another. There was precious little coverage either of the decision by the Target chain to ban the Salvation Army Christmas bell ringers from its stores. The Salvation Army (like the Boy Scouts of America who are often now denied a meeting place and funding), is considered anti-homosexual.

Big business organisations, when “outed” by Christian activist groups, make it clear that they will not back down, even when threatened with customer loss. Some put up a smokescreen defence, but back down they do not!

We are often informed on the business pages of newspapers that companies are targeting the homosexual market in their advertising because it is such a lucrative one. The argument in this context is that homosexuals, with no families to maintain, have lots of disposable income. If this is true, one wonders why companies have to sponsor their activities or give in to their pressure.

Now there are three possible reasons why big companies, who, after all have shareholders to please, take such a stubborn stand.

One is that their top executives are homosexual or bi-sexual. This is unlikely. The second is that homosexual “rights” are dear to their hearts and showing support is an over riding principle. Personally, I don’t buy that one either, since it is hard to think of a better cause than the Salvation Army.

The third is that the executives have concluded that pleasing the Media Class, and promoting its agenda, is a lot less problematic than getting in its crosshairs. Being on the wrong side of the Media Class is costly in terms of constant bad publicity, as Walmart or gunmakers will attest to.

Expect big companies increasingly to donate to homosexual causes, support abortion rights, and get hostile to the Boy Scouts and Salvation Army. As the Media Class consolidates its power, so will business accomodate its agenda and do so more openly.

I expect the Boy Scouts and the Salvation Army to cave eventually unless they want to be treated in the same way that the BNP gets treated now in the UK., i.e. be denied bank accounts, places to meet without great harrassment and members denied employment.

In order for Christian groups, nationalists and conservative politicians to be able to resist this outcome, they must understand their enemy and his power. They could start by regularly reading this website.

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