Our First Anniversary

On 14th July, we should have marked the first anniversary of this website, for it was one year previously we opened with a piece on the just-happened London bombings by Islamic terrorists. Since the underlying purpose of our site is to reveal the agenda and techniques used by the ruling Media Class, we had intended to open with a general piece about the rise to power of the Media Class, particularly in the USA and the UK. However, the London bombing outrages were too important to ignore, following on from the Madrid bombing and other Islamic terrorist attacks on innocent civilians around the world.

Looking back through the subsequent pieces we have posted, it is clear that the war against terrorism (sorry for the use of this dangerously misleading metaphor, Mr. Soros!) has dominated our agenda simply because it has dominated the Media’s agenda, too.

As each day goes by, it becomes clearer that the assertiveness of militant Islamic Imperialism is now shaping world events. Not that you would get that interpretation from the mainstream media. Way back in the 1980’s, when I first began writing about the relentless promotion of the permissive ideology of the Media Class in the West, I frequently told my conservative friends and associates that Islam would be the great obstacle to its world domination. I was spot-on, as it turns out, but I did not anticipate that the brand of Islam that would spearhead opposition would be so barbaric and territorially expansionist. I had seen for myself the revival of the religious devotion of the masses in Tunisia, and been impressed by reports of similar revivals in Algeria and Egypt. It was clear that both the poor and the intelligentsia (always a dynamic cocktail) in many Muslim countries were rejecting the decadent values that our Media Class portrays as Western values (they are, in fact, Media Class values!).

It seems to me to be a tragedy that the great world religions of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism have been forced into conflict with Islam, but the resurrected intolerance of Islam and its renewed drive for world domination by violent conquest sets it against all others. This unstoppable conflict between Islam and the rest of us that we now see and experience daily can be attributed to various causes but no single one with certainty.

The imposition of the state of Israel on the hapless and powerless Palestinians (a classic example of both the law of unintended consequences and the road to hell being paved with good intentions); the failure to resettle the displaced Palestinians in subsequent years; the humiliation of combined Arab military forces by the Israelis time and time again; the presence of great oil reserves in the otherwise most-reactionary countries of the Middle East; the enabling of mass immigration from the Third World to the First World by elites, Leftists and Big Business, have all surely played a part. It matters little, since the genie of Islamic Imperialism is now out of the bottle and will not be put back except by force. The Muslim “masses”, and they are masses, have fallen under the influence of evil and dangerous ideologues who make Hitler, Trotsky, Lenin and even Stalin look both rational and humane. Despite the assertion by the very rich and devious Mr. Soros that we should not be defining the current situation as a war on terrorism, there is now a war going on around the globe.

Our enemies are trying to take advantage of two factors. One factor is that of appearing not to be linked to a government and a territory. The other is the mass immigration by Muslims into the West. The terrorist leaders thought that the first factor would enable them to plot and organize in colluding nation states with impunity. Afghanistan and Iraq were two such states but there are several others, notably Syria and Iran.

The second factor, mass immigration, has provided the terrorist leaders with at least a fifth column in the European back yard and increasingly much more.

After 9/11, George W Bush did what a president should do and that is lead. His declaration that the USA would engage the enemy in a “war on terror” (sorry, Mr Soros!) was his greatest pronouncement, and the subsequent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, were his greatest decisions. His steadfastness since, despite the military setbacks and the unrelenting attacks on his integrity, has also been truly heroic. He has made umpteen mistakes (seeking UN approval and allowing this to delay the invasions, not demanding ruthlessness in crushing Sunni opposition in the triangle and in Baghdad, not sending more troops and making incursions into Syria, and not stumping the US constantly in order to bypass the media and reach the people, to name but a few) but so do all leaders in time of war. Ever since the twin invasions, Mr. bin Laden and his lieutenants have been fugitives and forced to fight a war of defense, leaving offence to disconnected cells in the fifth column populations. Several governments in the Middle East, notably Pakistan, have provided vital information and others have been cautious in allowing terrorists to use their territory with impunity. All of this has given the US a respite from further 9/11’s.

Unfortunately, the Western Media Class and its political hacks have done everything possible to aid our enemies. We have drawn attention to their motives and techniques on this website and though other excellent websites have also exposed media lies, only this website has drawn the big picture and explained the grubby, short-sighted and self-serving motivation of the Media Class. In between commenting on the war on terror (sorry Mr. Soros!), we have written on many other aspects of the Media Class’s devious agenda, including media treatment of issues like capital punishment, same-sex marriage, global warming, hurricane Katrina, forced multi-racialism and free speech (and its demise in the UK). We hope that occasionally, amongst our visitors there will be some influential conservative or nationalist who reads us, gets converted, and spreads our message. We also pray that the Media Class and its rich Leftist supporters do not gain control of the Internet and further stifle free speech.

In this next year, no doubt we will again be preoccupied with the war on terror (sorry Mr. Soros!). It will continue to dominate the news and our lives and the Media Class will continue their efforts to undermine it in order to destroy George Bush and anyone who supports him.

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