Opinion Polls – The Latest Weapon of the Media Class

Our Ruling Media Class, not content with it’s near-monopoly of the Mainstream Media, is now employing the Opinion Poll process to ensure the re-election of its man in the White House. Monday’s Wall Street Journal (seemingly a conservative newspaper but only in its editorial columns) printed an article that rounded up the output of four Opinion Polls. All were intended to reinforce the message that Obama is surging into such a lead that Romney is finished. Since the article was written by John D. McKinnon, we should not be surprised that this article is yet another example of Leftist propaganda.

Some years ago, on this website, we drew attention to the myth that the WSJ was a conservative newspaper. We said then that although the paper regularly carried Opinion Pieces that were mostly conservative, and printed conservative-leaning editorials, all its other pages, including supplements, were saturated with Leftist propaganda. We named most of the regular reporters whose daily articles were wholly biased in order to advance the Media Class Revolutionary Leftist agenda. Amongst those we named were McKinnon. All of the ‘journalists’ we mentioned sooner or later ended up being employed by more openly Leftist publications or ended up working for Democrat organizations. McKinnon has since emerged as a regular contributor to Leftist publications, so it was no surprise to see him back in the WSJ. It is highly significant that these Leftists can move seamlessly and comfortably from the print MSM to openly Democrat organizations, to Soros-funded ‘Front’ organizations to TV and back to newsprint. This is evidence of membership of, and/or a servant of the Ruling Class.

The most significant aspects of McKinnon’s WSJ article of September 17th is that he only mentions Opinion Polls that show significant Obama leads on issues of taxation and all are operations sponsored by MSM organizations. Thus he reports on a Washington Post/ABC News poll, a USA Today/Gallup, a CNN/ORC International and a CBS/New York Times poll. Missing are such polls as Rasmussen, a genuinely non-partisan poll that consistently puts Romney and Obama neck-and-neck or Romney with a small lead.

Visitors to this website would be advised to ignore all Opinion Polls connected to the MSM and Universities, for these are all deliberately skewed to the Left and intended to boost the morale of Obama voters and to demoralize conservative voters. The Media Class knows the value of creating a bandwagon effect. Rasmussen does not always issue results that are cheering to conservatives but they are likely to be honest. As it happens, today Rasmussen has issued two polls-one for Colorado and one for New Hampshire. Both are considered swing States and part of that group that will determine who wins the Electoral College in November. In Colorado, Romney is up by one and in NH he is up by three. In 2008, Obama comfortably won both. These results run counter to the WSJ’s own Polls and we confidently predict that they will not get a mention by the AP, Reuters and Comcast, nor any of all those News outlets that are part of the MSM campaign to get Obama re-elected.

This week, the Comcast News has speculated that Racism is playing a part in this campaign and is negatively affecting Obama’s support. Since the MSM regularly trumpets that African-Americans are supporting Obama almost 100%, a rational person might expect that Comcast is about to accuse the African/American ‘community’ of racism, but no, it is claiming that it is Whites who are voting against Obama from racist motives. Rational and honest people might see Black voters as racists and -dare I say it- tribal.

Since Jews also are likely to vote overwhelmingly for Obama, and rich Jews are amongst the biggest contributors to the Obama campaign, a rational and honest people might see Jews as anti-Christian and/or religious bigots. Yet the MSM, so quick to find racism and bigotry on the Right, turns a blind eye to the very real racism and bigotry on the Left.

Still, on this website we find all this absolutely predictable, for we understand that the MSM and the Entertainment world are acting out of Class interest, are pursuing a daring Revolutionary agenda and since they are playing for the highest stakes, enthusiastically lie, cheat and intimidate in order to win.

The UK’s BNP website is worth a daily visit, partly in order to find some real UK news (since the Media Class in the UK is as powerful and propagandistic as that of the US) and partly to see where the US is heading under Obama. Radical and Right reject many of the BNP’s policies and beliefs but we argue that the British people can only save themselves from extinction via totalitarianism by voting en masse for the BNP. Today, the BNP Website is reporting back on the violent arrest and detention of Mr. Mike Whitby back in April of this year.

Mr. Whitby had committed a number of crimes. He was a member of the BP. He was contesting the election for Mayor of Liverpool. He was not an actor, reporter, film producer, celebrity or any other category of Leftist, so was guilty of being an ordinary Englishman. He was not a homosexual, not a campaigner for abortion or free condoms and was almost certainly against illegal immigration. I am guessing he was also against same-sex marriage, the EU and the UN. Worst still, he was actually expressing these counter-revolutionary views in public until he was denounced by the local Newspaper editor. One can see why the Liverpool police in large numbers raided his home after dark, smashed down his doors, hauled him off to the local police station, searched his house, removed many of his personal belongings and computer and held him in custody so that some evidence could be found to support some serious charges.

Since his dramatic arrest was widely reported (yes, you can guess, the MSM was on to this like a flash and outraged by his mere presence in Liverpool) Mr. Whitby’s election campaign was very effectively ended. Eventually he was released without charge and able to go home, suitably traumatized-as was his family- in order to begin repairing the damage done to his modest home. Even if Mr. Whitby has not been deterred from his dangerous and counter-revolutionary activities, we can feel re- assured that many of his neighbors, and any Liverpudlians who might harbor similar views, have now learned to keep their traps shut.

In the ensuing months since his release from custody, Mr. Whitby has been left fearing that he might, any day, be charged with something and brought before a local Court, where Judges and Magistrates these days take a very dim view of his kind of free speech. This week, Mr. Whitby has been notified by the police that he will not be charged with anything. What a lucky man and how fortunate that contemporary British Justice is so benign! If he is foolish, he might try to pursue wrongful arrest, but he should (A) Consider himself lucky to be living in a democracy where free speech is guarded by the Press, and (B) realize that the Judiciary in the modern British Utopia is not willing to listen to old-fashioned nonsense about England’s past beliefs in freedom. In the modern UK, which has embraced multi-culturalism, multi-racialism, homosexual liberation and all the great modern (revolutionary) concepts, there is no room for his kind of bigoted dissidence. He is lucky that he does not live in 2020, when people like him will be removed permanently, and not just for a few days. The MSM will not be reporting the absence of charges against Mr. Whitby, otherwise the native people might be distracted from their dose of nightly soccer on TV.

I advise Americans to follow these UK events, because this week, a Citizen of the USA in LA, allegedly a Coptic Christian and with an alleged dodgy minor financial record, had his home raided and was hauled off to jail. It has not yet been claimed by the appropriate authorities that he has committed any crime. Nevertheless it seems that his incarceration was justified because people in High Places have denounced him for causing Muslim anti-American riots around the world by posting stuff on the Internet that Muslims don’t like. No less than the Secretary of State herself has announced that he has caused the death of the US Consul in Benghazi and three other Americans. Now the President has also, and without hesitation, convicted him of causing world-wide rioting. Many American officials have apologized to the rioters and their supporters for his disgraceful Internet activities. Surely, even if this man has exercised his Constitutional right of free speech and has committed no crime, he should be heavily punished for he has disrupted the President’s election campaign and annoyed the Presidents Muslim relatives around the world. The MSM has justifiably celebrated the man’s arrest, understandably ignored issues of free speech, publicized the kind of information that will enable distressed Muslims to find him and gain relief by sawing his head off, and on TV repeatedly called for new laws to stop his kind from causing offense to certain groups defined as victims.

The USA and the UK are heading in the same direction for both are now ruled by a Media Class and its allies.

Weather Report – Cooler than normal in central California and cool as usual in the UK.

Music Choice – Ernesto Lecuona, who was born in Havana, Cuba in 1895, was an expert piano player and Cuba’s greatest composer. He wrote hundreds of pieces of music and many outstanding tunes, some of which became popular in the US and Europe. His best included the lovely melody ‘Sibony’ and ‘The Breeze and I’ (which we once recommended, sung by Caterina Valenti). Perhaps his best known melody was ‘Malaguena’, a dramatic piece indeed. Lecuona left Cuba in protest at the Castro regime and moved to the USA. He died from asthma in 1963 and asked that his ashes not be returned to Cuba until the Castro regime is overthrown. This will not have endeared his music to America’s Leftists and the Hollywood elite but on this website we hold that even if he had been a sympathizer of Hitler or Stalin, his music would have been ours to enjoy.

Stan Kenton, the greatest bandleader, composer and arranger of modern times and who lived in Hollywood, would not have cared about Lecuoma’s politics for Kenton was only interested in quality music. In January 1955, when adult taste dominated popular music and the WSJ’s Jim Fusilli would not have found a job as a music critic, Kenton’s music was at the height of its popularity. Kenton was fascinated by Cuban and Puerto Rican music and frequently recorded with Cuban percussion. He recorded Lecuoma’s ‘Malaguena’ with a 23 man orchestra and we recommend this powerful interpretation which was arranged by Kenton, himself. Listening to it again, I regret that Kenton and this orchestra never recorded Ravel’s Bolero. Enjoy ‘Malguena’!

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