Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh!

Yesterday morning (25 Oct), Talk Show host Rush Limbaugh launched into one of his best ever attacks on the Mainstream Media. For over two hours, whilst taking occasional phone calls from listeners, he delivered a grand resume of the history of the build-up to the Iraq invasion, the Media’s record of double talk on Iraq from the Clinton days to the present, and the Media-orchestrated frenzy over the “outing” of CIA operative Valerie Plame. Rush was both fired-up and outraged, and in my view, with good cause.

This website supports the invasion of Iraq as a necessary central plank in the war on the Islamic terrorists and takes the view that Saddam had dangerous weapons which he probably would have made available to Bin Laden, albeit surreptitiously. He also provided a safe haven for terrorists and would have continued to do so for those on the run from the Afghan invasion. We believe that those who now claim that there were no WMD’s in Iraq prior to the invasion, should explain what happened to them and when, before dismissing the Bush strategy. This is an issue about which the Media people have never been interested, since their aim has been to undermine Bush, whilst at the same time pleasing the “Peace” Leftists who are their street rabble.

The Media Class cares little about Iraq or terrorism, but cares a lot about bringing down a Christian moralist President who can appoint judges, defend traditional marriage, and protect the US Constitution from sly destruction. In the Plame investigation, the Media Class is making yet another attempt to exert control over the political and legal process in the USA. This is not the place to detail why Plame and her husband should be totally discredited, though his appointment to an investigative role in Niger is a wonderful example of nepotism and deceit and deserved “outing”. Rush is right to be outraged!

He is though, missing the real point. Several times he said “this is a Media out of control”. In fact, what we are seeing is a Media Class which is taking control. Day by day, it becomes more bold in its lies and in its distortions of the news and of recent history. Its captive political party, the Democrat Party, has been pushed to the sidelines, as the onslaught against Bush is conducted by the big press, the TV channels, the stars of entertainment and the news agencies.

To underline modern media power, we can note that the only effective resistance to the attacks on the Bush Presidency is coming from Limbaugh and his colleagues in Talk Radio. The Republican Party, like the Democrats, is very much on the sidelines.

We think it is a pity, Mr. Limbaugh, that you are not reading this website and gaining the necessary insight into the modern political process. You would then be able to give your millions of listeners an even better service!

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