One More Cheer For Putin

Our recent article lauding Russian PM Vladimir Putin for his resolute stand against the West’s rich homosexual revolutionaries brought praise from several website visitors.   We believe that there is a large but mostly silent and intimidated minority of Americans who see Putin as no more lawless and a lot more patriotic and moral than our man in the White House. It would have been dispiriting but the norm for our troubled times if Putin had backed down and cravenly apologized for offending homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, sado-masochists and leather fetichists. We have become used to public figures cravenly groveling with remorse after the Media has unleashed an attack for daring to utter a moral sentiment. 

    Putin and the Russians – bless them – have responded to Media-inflated protests from the West by amending the law that banned same-sex couples from adopting. The new law will ban single people from countries where same-sex marriage is legal, regardless of the prospective parent’s sexual orientation. This comes right in the middle of the Sochi Winter Olympics and is clearly intended to close another loophole that homosexuals might have exploited to get their hands on vulnerable children. Putin is standing firm on his commitment to prevent Russian minors being exposed to homosexual propaganda. The self-styled ‘Human Rights’ activists are outraged claiming, without any evidence, that the ‘gay propaganda’ law has stoked anti homosexual sentiment across Russia. It is, of course, the homosexual demand for power that is stoking the sentiments of normal people. In Russia, where the revolutionary Media Class has not grabbed control of the Government, people are not intimidated and oppressed by new laws that promote the homosexual lifestyle. 

    Here in America our new Ruling Class is pushing full speed ahead to ensure that the Nation’s children are wholly corrupted at the youngest age possible. It is possible that in the near future there will be a stream of refugee parents from America knocking on Russia’s door seeking protection for themselves and their children. 

    America has a network of richly-funded homosexual organizations with misleading but official-sounding names. I doubt that each has more than a few members but with big budgets. They exist to provide suitable headlines and quotes for their allies in the Mainstream Media (MSM) and to create a false impression of widespread pro-homo public sentiment. This week I came across another example, the National Center for Lesbian Right’s in Sports Projects, which is promoting the right of 6 feet 4 inch self-declared transgenders with five o clock shadow to play in girl’s soft-ball teams. 

    In Kansas last week the homosexual band wagon continued with yet another State legislature caving to hidden pressure and setting aside the popular will as expressed at the ballot box. The AP reported approvingly that this negation of the democratic process was approved by no less than Sandra Meade, State Chairwoman of the leading Kansas ‘Gay Rights’ group ‘Equality Kansas’. She is obviously a very important person! 

    Meanwhile, unreported by the MSM, on February 2nd hundreds of thousands of supporters of real marriage once again took to the streets of Paris and Lyon to protest Hollande’s new misnamed Family Bill that is intended to make a mockery of marriage. As we previously pointed out on this website, Hollande has no personal commitment to marriage, preferring a string of girlfriends and affairs. We contend on this website that none of the agitators for same-sex marriage care a fig about marriage, which in today’s Western culture has little popular appeal and no favored status. The whole same-sex marriage bandwagon is merely another step by our revolutionary new Ruling Class on its way to the official suppression of Christianity and traditional morality, the destruction of the traditional family, the assumption by the State of parental rights over all children, and a truly hedonistic, degenerate and dependent population that prepares us for the ant-hill of Socialism. 

    Pete Seeger, who recently died, enjoyed MSM approval and promotion for most of his life. Born into a comfortable, well-connected and radical New York family, he proceeded to enjoy fame and fortune bewailing the lot of the poor and under-privileged. He moved in Communist circles when protest was fashionable. He wrote and recorded several songs that expressed the feelings of all those college types who enjoyed comfortable rebellion against comfort. His songs were childishly simple, always with a protesting message and an atmosphere of misery. Compared to today’s popular garbage they were masterpieces of composition however. When I was in my early 20’s and working hard to move my young family out of inner-city dirt, overcrowding and noise, I often heard his songs on the radio. The Leftist BBC loved him and he got played a lot, sometimes from live concerts. Even then, when I was politically unsophisticated, I sensed that he was smugly preening himself in front of approving young college audiences – he and they pretending that they were the folk of Folk Music. What struck me most about this smugness was contained in his wildly popular song about ‘little boxes made of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same’. As one of the real (ordinary) ‘folk’ (i.e. a working man trying to improve his family’s life), those little boxes in the suburbs from which we could travel to work, tend a little garden and be individual owners, represented a great step upward. I resented his sneering tone. 

    As the representative of our new Ruling Class preened himself in the White House with the Far Left leader of France’s Media Class, I was reminded of the great George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, and pigs at the trough. The First Lady, attired in a $12,000 gown, sat with her bejeweled dogs and dining on caviar, was probably not thinking much about the ‘folks’, though later her husband had much to say about them and his determination to make everyone equal. In a more rational world, one might have expected America’s urban ‘Black community’ to feel a little betrayed. However, that community is so ‘tribalized’ that I think its members are just satisfied to know that one of theirs is now dining at the biggest trough and that ‘Whitey’ is paying. 

    It is the same sentiment of ‘time for payback’ that is fuelling youthful Black violence against Whites, Asians and almost any other race within range. A tucked-away Fox News report revealed that last Friday night at the Florida State Fair, more than 200 Deputies could not contain young rioters. The reporter did not mention that the rioters were all Black, for even Fox does not tell the whole truth. The riot was referred to as ‘wilding’, another euphemism for the mass assault and robbery of Fair goers. The report suggested that the rioters numbered only a couple of hundred but I cannot believe that 200 deputies could not control such a small number. Perhaps 500 or 600 might have been more accurate. One of those ejected from the Fair was a 14 year old Black youth who was hit by a vehicle whilst crossing a nearby Freeway. We might ask what a 14 year old was doing taking part in a riot but the death of any youngster is a tragedy for parents – even those who do not adequately supervise their offspring. The MSM is making much of the boy’s death without making anything of the riots, thus reinforcing what we on this website claim, which is that all Mainstream Media is propaganda. 

    The big political news of the week is the spineless surrender by GOP leaders over the debt ceiling. Commentators are carefully avoiding the most glaring aspect which is that the leadership was separated from and abandoned by the rest on a major issue. As I see it the GOP leaders can no longer claim to be leading the Party in either the House or the Senate. In the past, when the UK’s politicians were honorable men, such leaders were said to have lost the confidence of their Party and resigned. Boehner and McConnell have no shame. Rush Limbaugh last week referred to the ‘State controlled media’. Nick Griffin of the UK’s unsuccessful BNP also refers to the ‘State controlled media’. They are both wrong. They should be referring to the ‘State-controlling Media’, a slight change of wording but a huge change in meaning. 

    Weather – In the North East of the USA, global warming continues to dominate. In the UK, the South Easterly storms continue to pound the channel coast of Devon, Dorset and Cornwall causing much damage to sea defenses. Rain and wind combined are reminders that nature has patterns that move in centuries as well as decades. People have short memories. Despite the wild seas, little Starcross, so low on the Exe Estuary, remains unsubmerged by the rising sea levels.

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